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Simplisafe review page 5 – Feature requests

Feature requests:

I wish Simplisafe forums were powered by a real tool like getsatisfaction or uservoice.

I am getting tired of duplicates, lost feature ideas etc. Simplisafe needs to step up to 2014 with a decent support system. I don’t have much of a preference but I have used both and with good results. The ability to have an inherent tracking system with voting would be amazing. The current system is better than what we could get from any other alarm company but this could really heat things up. The premium plans that allow multiple employees are not that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

Corporate accounts

I want the exact same service and features with one exception for my business. I need to be able to enter about 50 usernames and unique pins with say 2-3 admin users. If you can make that happen, I will replace my ADT system tomorrow at double the price I pay now for my home Simplisafe system. Small amount of code to write, big potential sales with consolidated support to IT Pros.  If someone hits my window from a helicopter to break in my office, I have bigger problems. Not worried about glass breaks there. I can defeat the ADT system we have as easily as I can defeat the simplisafe system, the only difference is the management. The web interface as is would be an incredible upgrade over our serial port based telnet programming for the year old ADT board.

Once again Glass Break sensors

Look back a few pages for my ranting, or just look on the simplisafe forums, there is always an active complainer.

Names for sensors on the keypad?

My ADT system has a crappy yellow door symbol if a sensor is open for say a door. I don’t know if the newer ones are better. Simplisafe is already better here BUT…

On each of my 3 Simplisafe keypads it tells me Sensor XXXXX is not responding and it talks which is very cool. I would love to see a feature where I can plug a name in like Front Door, Motion Living Room. Right now I have a doc on Office365 skydrive with the code for each sensor and where it is. Not that hard, but the geek factor would be huge. Especially if the tower does the robot voice and tries to pronounce “Motion Sensor Lab of Doom and Pepsi Cola.” (Old computer shopper Bill and Alice reference there)

Longer pin codes

As long as the default is 4, support calls should be normal. For us high security types should be able to do what we want. We pay for it if we get it wrong.

Backlit keypad numbers

I don’t mind changing the battery out more if I can see the numbers when I walk in. Usually I don’t want to wake my fish up with the lights to see a keypad.

Success stories documented by real press agencies. The local paper, NBC news.

Testimonials are great if you sell hair tonic. Not so much for something you depend on for life and safety. If there are testimonials, I want to see police badges, real press affiliations and the folks who are happy to have Simplisafe. If it works they are out there. I am not saying Simplisafe doesn’t already do this. I like having Dave Ramsey, stories in CNN, Forbes etc. Just saying, don’t go down the weird road that says gives us 9 stars out of 4. I read some stuff like that on a few competitor sites yesterday, it makes me want to vomit. Or new years eve did that. Not sure.

One more time for trigger alarm after X sensors are triggered in Y time.

Please figure this one out. I would like to be 100% certain that motion is occurring, not a single sensor failure or a 3m command strip losing its grip. You could eliminate a lot of calls with this. Most alarm companies are already indemnified from having to provide service at all, so what are you worried about?

If your dev team isn’t big enough to make promises happen in 2 -3 years…

Fix the problem in your corporate structure. Is it the Executive level? Marketing and sales isn’t disciplined? Dev can’t handle the work load? I would donate money to a kickstarter type campaign to help you out. You should be able to get money really cheap from a bank and not an angel by now. 2014 is a great time for investment in your own company. Rates are low, labor is not that expensive and there is plenty of work to copy and improve on.

Once simplisafe takes care of the basic alarms – how about zigbee/zwave integration?

Again, borrow some money, increase capacity and make it happen. Time to throw the dyno before you get passed by all the other alarm companies. Easier said than done. Risk is always scary but can make or break a company.

Different alarms for different threats. This is a big life safety issue

I need to do more testing. But maybe just a youtube video from simplisafe to show my family or visitors what the sounds are for each. I had to bury the 105db siren in the basement to hope we hear what we are supposed to from smoke and CO sensors in order to make sure we don’t mistake a fire for a home invasion. The response checklist is a bit different as you can imagine.

Dual motion sensors

I would be happy to pay for PIR and microwave in one unit if it cost more. For normal folks, we have infrared. We need dual sensor technology to eliminate things like furnace vents.


Corruption in the industry



feature requests

Corruption in the industry


Comment from JD
Time: March 10, 2015, 9:41 pm

Appreciate the info. Have 2 DSC systems in 2 houses. One Alexor 2 years and old 1616 unit. Considering replacing the 6 year old unit with SS as one of my old contacts failed, figure the rest are not far behind. Have read lots of horror stories about reliability of SS components. Concerned about that as I am away a couple of months at a time. No one to call to fix SS if it craps out. Have you had any components fail?

Comment from Nerd
Time: March 28, 2015, 9:46 am

So far I had a smoke detector fail. Our city/county let us use the SS smoke and CO instead of the hardwired stuff required by international building code now. After our last remodel was finished we figured out the SS system saved us more than it will cost for 5 years because we got to skip the hardwired interconnected smoke detector project.

My thing is redundancy. I have my own system that doesn’t notify an alarm company as a backup. My SS system has overlapping sensors, redundant everything except the base station. Maybe look at a backup from a newer cooler company like

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