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Random notes that may help someone else, but they are for me.

Priming the pump on a Grimac Grace Espresso machine. Makes noise, no water comes out. Means the pump has air in it, no water to be able to get started. Same idea as a fish tank water pump or a gas pump. You have to do this process:

Fill the reservoir, replace tubes with the hole of each tube at the bottom of the tank

  • Put a coffee cup under the normal spout so you have space for some water to spill out while playing here
  • Leave the lid off the reservoir so you can watch the water level
  • Turn the machine on.
  • Open the steam dial. (i do that with a big mug in it to keep the steam away. Mom says steam burns)
  • Press the coffee switch.
  • You should see the reservoir starting to drain a little. Did you open the dial for steam all the way?
  • Close the steam valve, water should be pouring out of the normal espresso spout now

Ok so if your machine still works, you should have water/psuedoespresso dripping out. Check the water in each of your test cups for white scales. If you have scales, get a new bottle of scale cleaner.

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