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Crazy ass kongregate chat


Post your favorite snippits of kong chat here in the comments.

To those who need it-




than lev 35
christian3112: not that fast
pandalover57: -_- i know
christian3112: am level 33
pandalover57: some one put me ut of my missery
pandalover57: of*
christian3112: I slan 4 dragons
pandalover57: pls stop talking about a game iv never even heard of
pandalover57: hau
christian3112: ….
christian3112: 🙂
pandalover57: why do i live in this black hole wich is life
christian3112: I don’t know
SkyBluRose: idk, why do you?
pandalover57: what ever
pandalover57: like any one cares
christian3112: WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING???????
pandalover57: GOD like you care my god
pandalover57: and stop with the all caps!
MarAttacker2000: i like puppies
MarAttacker2000: and pandas
pandalover57: and i hate pandas
pandalover57: its just an username
MarAttacker2000: well i suppose i like lactose intolerant narcoleptic lemurs a little too
legoman123453: Nice
pandalover57: what
MarAttacker2000: that is a good username
pandalover57: me?
MarAttacker2000: yep
pandalover57: ok?i dont even like it
pandalover57: i whanted *XXanimalsprirtXX*
MarAttacker2000: animal spit is sometimes kinda smelly though
pandalover57: ?spirit
pandalover57: like the gost
pandalover57: thingg
pandalover57: thing*
MarAttacker2000: so like a pika ghost or more of a leopluradon?
pandalover57: OH GOD
pandalover57: NO
MarAttacker2000: however one spells liopleurodon
pandalover57: *XXANIMALGOSTXX*!!!!!
pandalover57: xXAnimalgosTXx is what i mean
MarAttacker2000: maybe YYpumapoltergiestYY is available
pandalover57: what
pandalover57: what are you talking about
MarAttacker2000: pumas have great spirits guided by green crystal energy. that would fit nicely in the animal
spirit group.
MarAttacker2000: I believe so. Please don’t let the others know I am a God. I am more of a demigod like Loki
pandalover57: -.- god is not real
pandalover57: -_-*
pandalover57: *.*
Uttergerth0: 0_0
MarAttacker2000: I think it is because I saw a statue one time when I was in Luxembourg that looked similar
MarAttacker2000: maybe it was a dog statue come to think of it…
pandalover57: what
pandalover57: WHAT?
MarAttacker2000: I get the two confused
pandalover57: im not religesh
MarAttacker2000: I think you must be, hence the desire for names like 00anteaterApparition00 and
pandalover57: i dont understand a word you are saying
pandalover57: AND DONT EXPLAIN IT!
MarAttacker2000: Well you see it all started back in the great beaver migration of ’57. you see back then the men
were men and the women pushed wicker carts full of berries to t..
pandalover57: OK IM MUTEING YOU!
pandalover57: MUTED!
pandalover57: finely
pandalover57: peace
pandalover57: my life is ready
pandalover57: yes
pandalover57: OH NO
pandalover57: ok back
pandalover57: yay
christian3112: …
pandalover57: what
pandalover57: oh no
legoman123453: The shit is wrong with you?

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