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Kongregate easy points

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Kongregate is the best free games site out there. No spyware, no malware, they make their money because a few people spend money in game. You can play free forever.

#1 lesson in getting the easy Kongregate points – BADGE MASTER – this “game” at kongregate will show you all the badges out there that you can get.










Kongregate in general-
Always rate the games. You get a point every time you click the star to rate a game. Don’t waste your time just rating a game, clicking to the next. Do it as you go along playing. I’m up to level 33 now just playing once in a great while.

Most games are easier to beat if you concentrate on one type of attack or specialize a specific unit as fast as possible.

Always upgrade things that help a group or your minions. group upgrades stack up faster.

Do the math. Figure out what does the most damage over a period of time. Think dps.

Invite friends for free points

Investing money always helps you win. All the way back to BRE. Compound interest is the most powerful force you can learn to use. Both in games and your own investments for retirement. I owe my retirement account to learning about compound interest from playing BRE on modems in high school and investing in some Vanguard funds with lawn mowing money.


Ok so start with fun games. Here is the link to my favorite games on Kongregate. These will be the most fun and therefore the easiest. If you choose to play backyard monsters or dawn of the dragons, play them at the same time. you have to wait around a lot. dont just sit there and watch, play the other game while waiting.


Icy Gifts – 25 points

All about level 7. This one is really easy. Click the screen, stuff blows up, hit next. Get yourself to Level7. Then replay.. Upgrade your gift magnet first, then click radius, then just keep on upgrading. Replay until you are full of points, then go at least 500 past. You will need the points for tesla targets and wave rise which are not unlocked yet. Fun game to do really fast. Glad I thought of replaying level 7. See how fast you can clear level 7 five times. Its fun and you can do it really fast. Try over vs click carefully. The faster you go, the easier it is.

Morningstar – 45 points

Point and click game – sorta fun to just run through then when you get stuck slowly go through the tips here.

Balloon invasion – 51 points

Point the mouse a little above halfway on the left side where the balloons come in. Rig up something to hold your mouse button down. Always upgrade your cannon. Add a few extra flak cannons to help out. Just keep on upgrading flak cannons. The little jet things help against the big blimps. When you get to a spot where you need more money, go back to an easier level, redo it and use the money for upgrading. Eventually also start adding to your building strength and rebuild. Let it sit for a day and you get points. I wouldn’t bother on the bigger badge. Remember the rating star for +1

B29 assault – 16 points

This game is just fun. Rate it for +1, get all the upgrades and dont die. The spread shot works awesome for me. Wait until the floating powerups change to the spreadshot. Also keep the side shooting missle things out. Rate it for +1

Caravaneer – 16 points – not recommended

Travel to 3 places, write down prices for buy and sell. Make a few runs with some good trades and soon enough you win. I finished the whole game, took too long, I wouldn’t recommend it. Rate it for +1

Feudalism – 51 points

Don’t upgrade your strength or dex. this game is all about your minions. Max your const and int to help your players. Art of war and patirotism help too. Don’t upgrade your weapon skills. You want to find the land that has the guys with two gold axes and buy a whole bunch. Once you have them just stomp from town to town. Takes a while but you will crush them.

The endless Zombie rampage: +16

Powerups! Start bloodlust as soon as you can. Start getting more max xp fast. work up to the shotguns quick and then get the minigun. Shouldn’t take long before you have it all. Don’t forget to heal every time. Both you and the base. This one is wayyy easier with bloodlust and the added xp gains. max that out. Score the game for +1

Warlord: Call to arms – 21 points

Start as undead. Start a game, get something heavy to put on the spacebar. Select the halbred guy and hit space. This will keep a constant line going. Every once in a while you will have to go unhold space and hit Q to launch a wave then put your weight back on SPACE. Do all the harder levels first. The % difficulty increases as you go. This just makes the game go faster.
Only upgrade halbred, armor and speed if you want the whole process to take less time. DON”T buy extra units. Rate the game. +1 point there.

Cheating – all points

Orbital Decay – 65 points

  1. start game,hard mode
  2. open your windows clock,
  3. change it to an hour ahead. done.
  4. click through and start a new game, then you will see all the badges. Why?

This game is fun on easy mode. It sucks bad if you have normal computer vs the fastest thing ever and try hard. You can’t win on most machines because it sets up it’s timing on real time instead of frames. Well that is great on the developers computer, but think about this- my computer takes 2x longer to render the same number of frames. So if the waves are supposed to come every 60 seconds, it takes 60 seconds of real time. A fast machine would render and draw 2x more shots on the screen than mine in between those waves. A really fast machine could do 8x. If you DO want to beat this for real like I did on Hard mode, set your resolution to like 800*600, game settings – set the game to low quality. this will get you more shots per wave.

Get off  my lawn

This game is stupid. Same old strategies, upgrade torque, click mouse button to spin every time it charged. Took me 17 minutes to finish the game.


This page shows you how to cheat with a bunch of tools for editing files. But really what is the point? The fun games really are fun. Finding a way to bend the rules is more fun and still takes a little effort.


Comment from Free Kongregate Kreds
Time: April 10, 2012, 8:30 am

What great way to get easy points. There’s an add-on that I use for firefox that’s called “Kongregate Sidebar” that tells you all of the easy badges to get, and all of them are easy points. Great post though to get people started.

Comment from Rc
Time: July 18, 2012, 3:40 am

You forgot the Sonny cheat, to get all badges;

Start a new game. In the first battle, skip all turnes so you will die. After you died you will see all worlds flash. If the valley one comes up, quickly click the red circle. You will get all 4 badges right away.

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