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Category: linux

Dell kbox exploit is out in the wild and probably being hammered on

12 March, 2014 (00:26) | antivirus/spyware, linux, security | No comments

It looks like the Dell Kace folks could use a talking to from the Dell Secureworks folks. My recommendation (changed 3-12 after taking the time to look at the source code) 1. Disable ports 80 and 443 in a manner you choose 2. Instruct users to submit tickets using email and respond with email […]

Why Macs are not designed for business use

30 June, 2012 (16:01) | linux, mac, security | No comments

Macs are great machines if you are a rich trendy person who was so brilliantly targeted by Steve Jobs. Not so good for normal people trying to keep up with the Joneses. Also not good for business at all.  This list is just a reminder for myself  when people are complaining as to why we […]

Why Apple has difficulty in the corporate world

2 April, 2011 (10:10) | linux, mac, OS, security | No comments

I’m tired of absolute statements like being accused of hating iEverything. I like an ipad for surfing the web on the couch, ipad for listening to music and supporting clueless users on a mac. They can’t figure out how the hell to fire up vi, how are they going to break it? That is great […]

Apple could save open source and make a mint at the same time

18 December, 2010 (11:32) | linux, mac | No comments

The new Mac app store could build an awesome business model. Charge individuals to install open source software with an easy to use itunes interface, and fund the open source software projects in return. This seems like a perfect arrangement. DIY people get better funded projects, and normal users get access to difficult to manage […]

Set ossec to monitor mysql logs on red hat (not log ossec in mysql)

18 September, 2009 (14:19) | linux, security | No comments

How to configure ossec to monitor mysql logs… not putting your logs into mysql.

Basic linux commands

14 July, 2009 (08:04) | linux, OS | No comments

cat /etc/redhat-release – check the version of Red Hat running on your machine

Some linux observations

27 May, 2008 (13:08) | linux | 3 comments

I’ve been working with linux a bit and trying to make a list of things that are holding it back from being a windows replacement. I think linux is very cool and a good tool for certain jobs. If any linux peeps happen to stop by, maybe you can get to work. I’d like to […]