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Category: Monitoring

Who is What are they doing here?

2 January, 2014 (16:02) | antivirus/spyware, blogging, Monitoring, security | 2 comments

A few friends with wordpress pages have asked about this company lately. You might have seen something like this on your jetpack stats I keep running in to the theme of SEO and brand management companies this week. I suspect they are┬ápart of one or a tool used by one. Overall I’m not worried […]

Microsoft Management Summit begins today in Vegas. Already spotted a hooker.

7 April, 2013 (22:39) | Monitoring, OS | No comments

Well we are out at the Four Seasons hotel waiting for the MMS to start. Got registered today, the swag was ok. Nice laptop bag compared to normal, a pen, notebook, not much else. I have to give the little lady some raver light to wear at the party on Thursday. The sessions tonight looked […]

How to find credit card numbers and social security numbers on an employee workstation

8 July, 2012 (18:49) | How to, Monitoring, security, software | No comments

Cornell developed their spider program a while ago. You can search for anything on a machine using regular expressions with this tool. It takes a bloody long time to search an entire hard drive so hopefully you have the user locked down to write access in My docs or the equal on linux/osx. This tool […]

Finally! Spiceworks adds a client Agent

28 June, 2012 (15:20) | Monitoring | No comments

Many people came here to flame me for citing a lack of agent on Spiceworks. Apparently they saw the light 4 years later. It has finally matured into a really good little product. Still not quite enterprise material but if you have a small business full of mac/win machines it is THE best free tool […]

Spiceworld 2011 streaming live today

20 October, 2011 (07:01) | Monitoring, Remote Management, security, software | 1 comment check it out, they have a lot of great stuff added.

Comcast uptime problems and Pingdom to the rescue

11 April, 2010 (18:43) | Monitoring | No comments

I have a client who is having problems with Comcast and intermittent outages. We have both talked to comcast over the last few years to discuss the issue and come to no resolution or attempt at real troubleshooting. Tuesday a tech is finally coming out. I will have pingdom stats this time to show how […]

Spiceworks 2.1

12 March, 2008 (14:43) | Monitoring | 1 comment

Ok so I gave up on it a little while ago. Next week I have a dual quad core box arriving with enough muscle to try out Spiceworks 2.1 in its spare unused awesomeness. I will run through my list of objections again because Spiceworks will be the ideal systems management tool if I can […]

Why I gave up on Spiceworks

7 February, 2008 (03:26) | Monitoring | 37 comments

Feb 7 2008: Spiceworks has a few superduper flaws that I am not willing to spend (more) time resolving. I got to the point where I have a powershell script of an insane size to prepare a computer to actually be seen by spiceworks. I would be nice and post that info in their forums […]