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Horrible password policies – Dell Kace #1

10 November, 2014 (12:59) | security

We are trying to figure out how to change our Kace community passwords. Dell/Kace is the last one keeping us down on a little lastpass score competition. Kace will reset your password by asking for your email address and sending a new one to you via email. Thus far we can’t find another way to do it. We don’t see an option to choose our own password.

To make matters worse, it appears their password choosing tool is obsessed with the word “boxer.” Here are a few of my past passwords:





1411boxer12725 (looks like they were stronger in 2011)


Needless to say, my lastpass score is severely handicapped by this one weak ass website. Funny that a shitty bank like chase is beating Dell at password security.



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