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Lastpass is down. 8/12/2014

12 August, 2014 (09:17) | complaining, security

As of now, 9ish AM MST, 3 PM GMT, lastpass is still down for many users. Not all, I am in and working fine. Most my my company is not.

Lastpass has not published my comment in the forums which is a little disappointing. It was very professional and offered some data points for them to look at. Right now I am not impressed with how they are handling the outage. No email to customers, twitter isn’t very helpful. Twitter comments like “this is a small percentage of users” sound like a lie, who knows maybe that small percentage includes mostly all of my company and friends/family?


I am sure we will all learn a bit after this outage is done.


Ha, 7 hours for them to respond with what is going on:

Re: Lastpass login issues 8/12/2014?

Unread postby chantieLP » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:11 am

Hi all,

One of our data centers went down at 3:57 am Eastern Time this morning (Tuesday August 12th). We immediately started taking action to migrate the service to run entirely on a different data center – in the meantime, a percentage of our userbase did experience connection errors with the LastPass service. We have been engaged with our provider the entire time and have been working with them to resolve the issues. We have done everything we can to minimize impact and are working to get the redundant data center up as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Please login offline for now to access your accounts.



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