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Month: August, 2009

Windows Updates can learn a lot from Linux

25 August, 2009 (09:57) | OS, security | No comments

Windows patch management needs to be a little more like Linux

Entertaining CNN tech story… weird

25 August, 2009 (07:36) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Top ten stars that will get you a virus. And not by being a fan at their hotel.

Western Digital media player update

23 August, 2009 (17:30) | Hardware Info | No comments

The new Western Digital media player should be out soon. Looks like a hard drive. You plug a usb drive in to it and then hook it to your tv. It plays all media types for the bargain price of about $100. Not as cool as a Popcorn Hour C200 but way better than an […] gold spammers invading WoW with trail of corpses

22 August, 2009 (12:06) | games | 8 comments seems to have found a way to create a billboard in WoW

You just bought a new computer… now what

21 August, 2009 (19:25) | How to | No comments

I just posted suggestions for what to do when you pull your computer out of the box. If you take a few hours and get backups and antivirus going, you will save heartburn later on. Think about it, you will probably get your next computer when this one dies. Will you be prepared for that? […]