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Month: August, 2008

Robocopy GUI

18 August, 2008 (19:09) | How to, software | No comments

For people who need a gui to help with all of those pesky command line arguments, there is a gui version from the good people at MS. Grab that little sucker and then look up the wikipedia article on robocopy to refresh your memory on what the switches mean.

The best windows copy utility – robocopy

17 August, 2008 (19:39) | How to, software | No comments

Need to merge two files and keep only newer files? robocopy c:\folder1 c:\folder2 /E /XO Copy files between two servers and maintain permissions robocopy c:\folder1 \\server\sharename\destination /E /sec Robocopy is sweet because you can use it to sync folders, copy permissions, copy encrypted files, pretty much every file copy operation you can think of. Just […]

Nerd toy of DOOOOOM! Nerf machine gun

8 August, 2008 (00:35) | Mindless Blather | 2 comments

Hooray! I finally got my nerf machine gun. Not quite as cool as Rachel, my SAW, but less lethal in an office battle. Should have testing done on my coworkers tomorrow and I’ll start designing mod plans this weekend. Weeeeeee!!!! I hope 20 spare darts will last for at least a week.