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Month: April, 2008

Stupid windows trick #14 – desktop icon size in Vista

30 April, 2008 (21:06) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Desktop Icon size To change it on Vista, rightclick on the desktop and hit view Now you can choose bigger, and classic for smaller. Isn’t that super duper? Now you can clutter your desktop up with a BILLION little useless icons that you will never use. OR you can have a few icons that are […]

Stupid Windows Trick #13

29 April, 2008 (19:33) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Group policy stuff has a tendency to work on your local non AD machine. For the full MS Vista list of Group Policy features, DOWNLOAD THIS!!!

Stupid windows trick #12

25 April, 2008 (20:04) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Check your own machine name and user name Vista- Start >in the  start search box type COMMAND PROMPT At the command prompt type WHOAMI and hit return . It outputs computer\user

DD-WRT on wrt54gl and wrt54g v8.0 works great!

21 April, 2008 (21:05) | Hardware Info | No comments

DD-WRT micro goes on the v.8. The standard generic goes on the gl’s.  So far the only tool I will miss in the micro firmware is the ability to increase radio power. I have the v8 at home and the other 3 at work so I’ll give a review after more experience rolls in.  For […]

Bluehost vs WordPress

18 April, 2008 (10:38) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Bluehost makes a ton of cash from wordpress linked sales for web hosting. Go check out where wordpress is hosted and do some digging on their extraordinary cut per sale. Anyhow if Bluehost is making so much money on WordPress, how come they never get the updates out fast with magical fantastico deluxe? Its been […]


14 April, 2008 (17:11) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Bluehost does a pretty good job with my forums and web sites. The one annoying thing is the time it takes them to update applications. WordPress 2.5 has been out for 16 days and bluehost still doesn’t have a an upgrade built. Ugh! I love the bluehost backups, control panel, stats, and all the other […]

The Magic Candle 3

13 April, 2008 (22:11) | games | No comments

I was talking with a friend about this game we played on his 286sx 16 with like 8MB of ram. We would sit there and play an hour a piece for weeks. Then we finally got to the end and the game broke. No candle thingy. They had a duplicate item id programmed in so we […]

Stupid Windows Trick #11

13 April, 2008 (17:54) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Restart explorer the quick easy way Hit start, then in a blank area (like in the pic on the black area below) hold control shift and right click. Choose exit explorer To start it again, use tip #10, control shift escape Then File>new task type in EXPLORER and hit enter. explorer will reload

Windows Admin Lessons have started

12 April, 2008 (19:54) | How to, windows admin lessons | No comments

I’ve started lessons on how to be a good windows admin. I’ll start with traffic management. This is probably THE most important thing in being a windows admin besides patch management. Even if your machine isn’t patched, if you have tight traffic rules the bad stuff won’t bite. My example is a file server. A […]

Stupid Windows Trick #10

12 April, 2008 (17:50) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Task manager shortcut in Vista Control + Alt +Esc Now you can kill off that bad process

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