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Simplisafe review page 3 – Setup

WP_20140101_12_31_04_ProFor a normal person who has to consult the wife on placement of each device I think my installation times should be normal. We talked about how we walk in the door after snow, then how we will get to the keypads without tracking mud/snow everywhere. We talked about how accessible they are because they have a panic button. Will they be struck accidentally? Will they look bad where they are? Should the key fobs be inside some sort of case so we don’t accidentally call the cops? Is it loud enough that we will be annoyed or pressured while getting the pin entered? All those questions take time. Simplisafe’s time estimate is a little oversimplified.

I called the city/county non emergency number. They were very nice, and told me I will not need any sort of permit in my area to use Simplisafe. They will not charge me or think about charging me for false alarms until they are on a first name basis with me. The megalopolis where my office is charges a $50 fee and has a license application to use monitoring. ADT will collect your money for years, and never mention that they aren’t allowed to send the cops because you didn’t get a license. Simplisafe puts that message in your face as an honest company should.

So after an hour, I have 2 keypads installed, the base station and I just figured out the right way to get a pin done. I have the sms alerts configured for my phone and the wifes, email alerts are set and tested. Emergency contacts are entered. I am not in a race with anyone to prove how fast I can install some tech. I am sure I will get faster but I’d like to test each device. I’ve been burned by sensors with errors before then tracking them down. My company had to deal with local law enforcement as a result of ADT’s equipment. Experience tells me this is not a game you try to win with speed. It is a patience centered, detail oriented process designed to protect my family.

After maybe 2 hours on and off I have 2 entry sensors, 3 water sensors, 2 keypads, and a freeze sensor out. I have to wait for approval on the other parts to get them installed. Entry sensors will go in places a motion sensor can’t see for now. I’m going to be short on entry and motion until we figure out how away vs home mode works in practice.

Batteries – I am surprised to see such a variety of batteries. I’ll add some pictures here. So far there are 3- AA alkaline in the keypads, 2 weird ones in temp/entry sensor. I’ll have to see how many others I can find. Looks like I will need to stock quite a few different types. While annoying, you have to understand that miniaturization is difficult. A large portion of the space in this gear is taken up by battery, radio and antenna. You just can’t shrink it without amplifying cost.

I wrote the stuff above months ago. Now later, I am not happy with the batteries but I’ll make it work. I have had a 3m strip fail. I recommend using only the 3m strips for the first 3 months then screw the things down once you decided they don’t need to move.

The rest of the install was easy. I am very comfortable with buying and adding additional sensors now.

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