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Simplisafe review page 6 – Alarm system web manipulation is rampant by all

I really hate this subject. The internet used to be more about sharing ideas freely. Now it is all about gaming every possible nook and cranny of the internet to make a buck. Nobody can find unbiased information anymore. Yelp makes you pay to keep bad reviews away. It works. PR companies run fake websites for you, hordes of them in order to make sure the consumer sees ads ads ads. Nobody should be able to find a real review for anything in another decade. Someone is always on the take. Amazon reviews are ok but there is a little too much of the buyer being happy with their purchase to help them justify it to themselves.

I am still debating a list to name these companies. I don’t want to get in a fight for a long period of time over something dumb.

Here are the signs:

What does the site make money from? Is it news like or the magazine, not a knockoff?

Is it Sorry if there is one, I think I made that up. Who makes a site to review alarms? What would their monetizing strategy be?

If you are on a site that isn’t a journalist or a blogger who obviously cares about something like general security, home building, something that is a passion, then you are getting led by the pied piper. Does the site keep awarding the same company their top ranking? Do they get a cut every time they refer someone? I suppose I could but in my opinion it is dishonest and I don’t need the money. I don’t intend to do 8 hours of seo work, so this probably won’t make it very far on google.

What about my site? What signs do you have that I am somehow making money off your clicks? My most popular page is where we bash on Eve online for sucking donkeys. 2nd after that is a fix for a windows problem I solved before Microsoft did. Maybe I am just a nerd who keeps some helpful hints here so I don’t have to type the same email over and over? I’ll let you know if I end up with traffic here. Mostly I wrote it for the people I install for so they can read it a few times when researching. A little bit to feel like I contributed back to other reviewers out there. I generally don’t take the time.

Simplisafe does its own fair share of SEO and marketing. They are stuck in the middle of an arms race, if the bad guys do it, they have to in order to compete. Maybe I am just too idealistic about how the internet should work. I had a really hard time finding independent reviews. Many just showed an initial impression which is helpful but not the greatest. If anyone has questions, I’ll check back from time to time and try to answer and clean up the spam in the comments.

I do hope this has been helpful to someone. Overall I love my Simplisafe system. The primary mission has been accomplished, I am providing 2 factor authentication for my home with early automated alerts on many events which could prove to be a disaster.  Simplisafe is a much better option than rolling my own and I wouldn’t deal with ADT at home after being burned so many times at work. I don’t like Comcast despite being a shareholder, the high prices per sensor caused me not to look very long. I firmly believe I have the best TCO of any system in the industry and darn good support. I have 3 different numbers to call for ADT at the office. They all argue with each other over who is responsible. The turnover is impossible to deal with. Kudos to Simplisafe.

I hope I am wrong and there aren’t political issues or unadaptable individuals within the Simplisafe corporate team. Signs are there so I hope they are open to embracing change. My review may seem a bit harsh, but it is meant to be honest as a customer and try to help the vendor to provide additional services I am willing to pay for.  This is a very exciting time with the web of things. I hope to see companies like Simplisafe, Nest, Ecobee and maybe some open source projects take us further toward being the Jetsons. Except for flying cars, that is just stupid.



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Comment from Rick
Time: January 14, 2014, 2:38 pm

Just wanted to thank you for the review!!!
Hands down the most detailed and honest review on the internet!

Comment from Shane
Time: February 9, 2014, 2:38 pm

Hey how are you. I very much appreciate the post. I purchased Vipers Home alarm (because of brand name and wireless).. It was crap. The motion detector worked only 20% of the time. The add-on video camera ($150) never detected movement even when I stood right in front of it. lol. I contacted them vai their viper/home website and the rep that answered said they never even heard of home alarms by viper! LOLOLOLOL hysterical. I bought it from best buy and it is supposed to be new, but geez, I guess they never made a department for it yet and just forwarded the web number to the regular viper car alarm staff without informing them. lol. anyway, I bought it yesterday, and returned it today. I was in between simplisafe and ADT, so your site REALLY helped me in my decision. I definitely agree that the keychain is to be tossed in a safe somewhere. Cant believe they would even make that. but Im actually about to order after I finish this post. and yes, the internet is full of fake reviews. I keep trying to explain that to family members, but they think I’m paranoid. oh well. anyway, thanks again for your post.

Comment from Mike
Time: March 27, 2014, 7:05 pm

Kick ass review

Comment from Dick
Time: March 30, 2014, 10:08 pm

Invaluable. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. Made sense from all the BS floating about.

Comment from Michele Troutman
Time: May 22, 2015, 7:18 am

Great review, it helped me make informed decision-originally heard about company listening to talk radio and figured it was a good thing. When I saw the list of “reviews” I picked yours out of the obvious sappy happy ADT sponsors. Glad I went with my gut and got the scoop from you. Now I am a confidant Simplisafe customer. I had had a couple of break ins (probably kids or just really stupid people) at my vacation property and I’m hoping this will deter whomever it is so I don’t ever have to deal with any nonsense or trouble and have to actually break out the 12 guage. Thanks.

Comment from Casey Miller
Time: September 22, 2015, 3:03 am

Good read and good review. I like how you broke things down and made us really understand what’s going on in the interwebs.

Comment from Alin
Time: October 28, 2015, 6:07 pm

Guys, the remotes can be removed from the system all-together, just like removing a sensor. That’s what I did so the remotes don’t work at all. Those should come with a warning as they’re a terrible idea.

Comment from nospam
Time: January 6, 2016, 7:19 pm

thx for the info on SimpliSafe. I liked the good, bad, and ugly as every system has them. Maybe you’ll provide and update after a couple years?

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