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Simplisafe vs ADT review page 1


First the important housekeeping, who is pulling my strings? I am not paid to review anything like most folks on the reviews you have probably seen. People like Cover Story Media represent the death of the internet, free speech and free idea exchange. I occasionally jot something down here to remember it or share it to one person with the hopes that someone else will happen upon it. I earn well under $100/year on this site from google ads. I don’t mind if you block my google ads using the mvps hosts file, and encourage you to do so. I am not allowed to have an Amazon store because my state charges internet sales tax. My wordpress security tools cost more per year than I make from  Most sites want to justify their existence and end up selling out by becoming paid ads.

Some vague details about me the reviewer. I am a higher end nerd. I started in the US Military doing some electronic intelligence, ECM, ECCM work. I moved on to computers at college, worked there about a decade then found myself at a successful 3 time INC5000 company that is still growing. I built a team to manage HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA, HITECH and PCI data. All of these have requirements for physical security and layered defense strategies. I am well versed in FIPS-140, USGCB and many other silly acronyms that probably are boring you so I’ll move on. I have a terrible writing style that rambles on and on. My sense of humor is very dry and often expects you to come from my nerd culture in order to understand subtle references. I tend to be a bit more private but I’d like to share ideas with anyone.

Opening the box makes me wonder how long till this thing works
Opening the box makes me wonder how long till this thing works

Simplisafe has a very strong product line with cheap service as an alarm system. Let me start by saying I love it, but a tough love causing me to be vocal about requests for change. Simplisafe gives you instant two factor authentication for your home when coupled with a physical keyed lock. The key to two factor authentication is “something you have” and “something you know” input by separate systems. Simplisafe does a fine job here.

$25 a month for the primo package is an absolute bargain compared to what I pay ADT at my office. I am very happy with simplisafe on most fronts but it does have a few weak spots. I’ll go through the weak points first to help wash off the whitewash from their propaganda machine. Simplisafe is up against some tough SEO competition out there like Forefront (or frontpoint or something) and ADT leaving true independents like me with a tough task to make the google results with unpaid information. You need the straight up full story and steps to mitigate issues.  I will compare to ADT because they are similar in many cases. And evil. Remember ADT is evil in my experience. Up front they lie and gouge, later on they charge a lot but it works.

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Comment from Ted
Time: May 20, 2016, 2:53 pm

Are you still using Simpli Safe or have you found a better alternative? If so what is it?
Also, do you think it’s best to have both window and motion sensors in each room? Living in a semi rural area (rural for southern California) our closest neighbor is 100 yards away.. Currently trying to come up with an affordable camera option that will cover 1700 sq ft on a single story with 5 entry points not including windows.

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