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Custom Search is bullshit

If you don’t feel like reading, here are the keys to comparing mav vs windows vs linux:

  • Pcs are always cheaper and faster than macs if you shop well.
  • Linux or Windows is always better than OSX depending on the tool you need.
  • The fastest OS is the one you know best. claims to be unbiased in some places but has a page detailing its bias too. In reality is VERY biased and unfair in their side by side comparisons. I challenge them to post their “$2900” mac, then let a windows or linux guy do the same for a pc with the right OS. $500 should be added to the mac to even up the video card, warranty and a few other loose ends. Their typical BS involves screwing with the price the following ways:

1. Conceding video performance and jacking up the price of the Dell by putting a screamer of a video card in the Dell. Simply using the same video card in these comparisons would shed a lot of light on the subject. In this case a $30 card(mac) vs a $200 (old) card in the Dell.

2. Ignoring the customization options of a pc – it is $19 to add a firewire card if you need one. You could also add a memorystick reader and a betamax vcr. *snicker snicker* then you could add another bonus on the PC… it has a betamax! Seriously… firewire? Thats like adding an HDdvd. You lost. Give up.

3. Choosing the most expensive upgrades at dell vs the cheapest at Mac… Memory is cheaper at dell. So are processor upgrades and disk. Check out the SAS disk offerings. $200 more at mac for a SAS 300 today.

4. Ignoring Applecare… This is total BS. You have to buy the same warranty to compare apples to ‘apples’ add $250 to the price of their $2900 shootout to get Applecare equal to the 3 year dell warranty. He always skips the applecare. So did my boss at the last place I worked. They spent about $1000 a box more on macs than the pcs. Funny thing is that the numbers showed 99% browser utilization vs any other program across the 1400 boxes. Did that $1000 on 700 machines gain us anything? Well a big budget.

5. Charles chooses to weight things that are pure user preference like prettyness. Many people think the apple tower is old and dull. Sorry. You can’t really add points to user specific preference and remain unbiased or useful.

6. Charles adds in stupid upgrades like a floppy drive to drive up the price of the dell then makes fun of it. You can see this in many of the older system shootouts. Shouldn’t he add something useful if he is trying to compare price and features and performance?

My comments on their 07 $2900 machine:
Mac benefits listed, details below the numbered list:

1. $2900
2. weight (mac wins!) how many times are you going to lift it though? It is 50lbs.
3. easy access of components
4. mouse
5. firewire ports
6. video ram
7. dvi ports
8. integrated speaker?
9. NIC
10. OS
11. APPS- this is total BS, you can get the same or equivelant on both platforms so I’ll ignore
12. viruses trojans worms (mac wins!)
13. software support
14. customer service

1. First off the price is BS. You have to compare the same video card and the same warranty. However the PC price should include Vista bus 64bit or xp 64bit

3. Easy access of components? Have they ever opened a current Dell? It takes the same amount of time, the same ease of use… Lets talk to a maintenance shop about how much of a pain it is to take out a Mac CPU… IT SUCKS! So does removal of the motherboard etc. Macs are known for being the biggest pain in the ass to work on in any maintenance shop.

4. mouse – an upgraded mouse at dell costs $19. add that to your total and you still come in under the cost of a mac.

5. firewire ports- if you for some strange reason need firewire, add the $19 card at dell. you are still cheaper.

6. video ram – they compared a mac gaming card to a workstation class graphics card. So either do both workstation cards of the same model or gaming cards of the same model.

7. dvi ports – see 6

8. the integrated speaker or cheap ones on a dell are between $5 and $2x. Still cheaper than the mac

9. NIC – dual port on a desktop? WHY? ok so lets say you do have a redundant environment, 2 switches, 2 independant internet connections, 2 UPSs, 2 separate power feeds, a generator +1, air conditioners, and all that… You have an IT guy who can build a workstation that beats the shit out of a mac and runs windows or linux. He also mentions jumbo frames. Has he opened the adapter properties and enabled it on the Dell? Well you can. Does he even know how on his switch? I doubt it. This is a Mac extra that should not be included. It drives the price up for everyone who buys one and hardly anyone will ever use it. If you are using a desktop (precision or mac pro) for a server, you are wrong. Dual power supplies and redundant disk before nics.

10. OS – personal preference. You can run 0SX in a vm if your really want to. but why. Consider when you run vista in parallels- $60 parallels license and then $278 for vista business license +shipping or tax. Now you have $350 more for your mac price to run the Windows apps you could just run in um WINDOWS?

11. Apps – he loads up the mac apps as always better and as part of the OS. Lets get real here. You can run safari or firefox on both. See my list of free apps and you can find all the standards. Anyone remember MS getting sued for including apps and creating monopolies? Anyone remember Adobe pulling their products off Mac for a while because Mac builds and bundles their own? What about apache? Why run it in the first place? It should be on a VM for testing or out on a server.

12. Viruses, trojans, worms… I give that one to Mac. I like the security there. A patched box on the each is pretty safe though. And once more users are on mac it will be susceptible to the same stupid problems where a user installs spyware because they always hit YES at the UAC… or login, password, ok in the mac case.

13. software support for 90 days – you can get the same from dell and still come in under the price. I would like to point out on the Mac side that you can take your machine to the Mac store and have them help you with problems. This is invaluable and an AWESOME bonus on the mac side.

14. customer service – mac is always pretty good on this. Dell is not the best PC support company. You can manipulate this one with any number of sources on customer service ratings but in my opinion Apple is better than Dell.

End result- Like I always say. Mac is like driving a Volvo vs a Ford. You get a pretty safe machine, it is pretty. It gets you into a cool “club” with rabid users that defend their platform to the death. On the PC side, you can always get a cheaper, faster, better supported machine. There are more aftermarket parts. There are a billion more people in your club with windows. You will always know more people who can get under the hood of window$ a little easier. You probably have a friend or family member who can help you. That is the true value of a windows box. Your personal level of support and the price/performance.

Linux machines are always going to be better than macs for a smart user. Enough said there. You can’t dispute that without foaming crap out of your mouth.

I want a new mac. I think they look cool and a new mac would look better than my ibook and imac. In a small business, I wouldn’t ever support mac unless forced to because of the costs associated with maintaining 2 platforms. When my company is bigger I will but we will pay through the nose. Our last macbook pros cost about $1000 more than the Dell precision laptop we bought that is about the same. If I can get a luxury item at work like a mac, I will. It is pretty and shiny. My accountant would kill me if I let users have whatever they want but still use Windows apps to get work done.

Mac benefits they forgot:

You can make a few bucks recycling the case of a mac pro

Shooting an aluminum case is more fun on the mac.

You look like the prius owners on south park when you own a mac

The best benefit of all – Winblows and Dell are pushed to keep up by facing fierce competition from brilliant designers and great marketing. That means consistently better, cheaper, faster machines for the masses.


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