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There were a few different types of target at appleseed.   REDCOATS: We started with a “redcoat” target in prone. You should zero your rifle at 25yards or 25meters before you show up because they use this to test your progress. I had been shooting at 160yards the weekend before and brought myself back up a few minutes before shooting mr redcoat. Anyhow the redcoat is shot in the morning then the last target of the day. I am not sure if this is a good representation of your progress. It measures two things, better position/standard skills and the specific skill of adjusting sights. Nobody “cleans” the target the first time because nobody is sighted in. So is it your sights or is it your skills at the beginning? You don’t know because the appleseed process does not establish a baseline for both data sets.

Anyhow it is really cool to see everyone improve. I need to ask Oneshot Onehole what the stats were for the weekend. Below are my 4 in order.

Reading the target, you can see how much I was struggling between the new idea of shooting through a scope, glasses and a few people on either side of me dropping rounds on my target. By the 3rd line I thought I had been shooting to the left. Someone else was hitting my target left. So you can see i pulled my shots right with a little kentucky windage. Then figured out what was going on and nailed the bottom target:

doing better end of saturday

Sunday morning, starting to relax and remember my skills

Sun eve- oops someone put 4 extra bullets on my pals target, maybe that is why he shot mine once.

The last one you can see I was ready to go and screwing with my friends target giving him bullseyes. He took one pot shot at mine to give me a miss. Thanks. Almost a good looking target, I guess I started it.


Grid targets We shot some 1/4inch graph paper targets, not really enough for most people to figure out how to adjust their sights. I already knew how, I’m sure most jarheads know how, but to the civilian first timer who is “slurping through a firehose,” I can see why appleseed is so hard. I would have liked to see a few more shots on a grid and some help from person to person on how to adjust sights.


Took me a bit to figure out the pattern of appleseed target checks and move my scope


AQT targets –

Well I was pretty skeptical on the usefulness of these scaled down army targets. I suppose I still am. But they are a great confidence building tool when you tell someone if you can shoot these, you can hit at 500m, it makes sense. Sort of.  It was still fun. Putting lead holes through paper and hearing it go bang makes me happy. It turned out to be pretty easy to get their magic score. One target I shot the 2nd row with 2 targets the wrong way. It is supposed to be 5 and 5. I hit it with 2 on the left and 8 on the right. Even with the dropped 15 points I was way over rifleman. So I think most jarheads shouldn’t have a problem with this. Click this pic for the big version. I think this one is the 239 score. ill dig out the 241 and the others soon.

2nd AQT target.


300-500Meter targets:

Even with a bit over 10mph wind kicking up when we started shooting far, I was hitting black after 1 adjustment to my scope I brought it up and right and started to rock but then we were done. I wish we had time to adjust one more time.  Most people were completely missing and not having fun. Appleseed is for learning but it is also for fun, they know when to say when.

We drove cars out to check targets. 12 years later I think I’m back in the zone after this appleseed thing reminded me of some pretty small but important skills. I think I could easily score Expert yet again if I could go to a USMC range.

started low left for 1st shots, click to zoom to see the 2nd mag in black.


pretty day out there even with the wind in Byers, click to see the big version and where we are shooting from:

out behind 300m


Thats about it for the targets. I kept all of them except the one the instructors grabbed. I think they might have thought it was funny cause i dropped all the points shooting the wrong side of my target and still scoring rifleman.


some keywords for the search engines – appleseed byers CO October 15th-16th 2011 .22 ruger 10/22

Appleseed review top

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