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Western Digital media player update

23 August, 2009 (17:30) | Hardware Info | No comments

The new Western Digital media player should be out soon. Looks like a hard drive. You plug a usb drive in to it and then hook it to your tv. It plays all media types for the bargain price of about $100. Not as cool as a Popcorn Hour C200 but way better than an apple iTV. gold spammers invading WoW with trail of corpses

22 August, 2009 (12:06) | games | 8 comments

WoWScrnShot_082209_122202 seems to have found a way to create a billboard in WoW. . Now they spawn a bunch of warlock level 1’s with random names and killthemselves spelling a nice ad. I’m amazed that this works to generate revenue. This company has been screenshotted on realms all over WoW. They are everywhere.

I hope Blizzard goes the way of Eve online and does a few more rounds of cutting off the gold farmers. I’m getting really tired of the whole thing. Please don’t go to and purchase gold. Please don’t go to their website and give them hits. If you want to know information about them, do it with a whois search or google.

PURCHASING ITEMS FROM VIOLATES YOUR EULA. I hope your account is banned.

You just bought a new computer… now what

21 August, 2009 (19:25) | How to | No comments

I just posted suggestions for what to do when you pull your computer out of the box. If you take a few hours and get backups and antivirus going, you will save heartburn later on. Think about it, you will probably get your next computer when this one dies. Will you be prepared for that?

Time to get antivirus for your Mac

25 July, 2009 (14:17) | antivirus/spyware, mac | No comments

Yup, people ask me if they need it, I’m saying get it now. Time to provide the antivirus vendors with a little cash to develop your AV just before you need it more. Which is later this week to next year.

Basic linux commands

14 July, 2009 (08:04) | linux, OS | No comments

cat /etc/redhat-release – check the version of Red Hat running on your machine

Terminal services console mode

10 June, 2009 (16:10) | Mindless Blather | No comments

To connect to the console of a windows box:

start> run> mstsc.exe /console /V servername

Changing wireless network order of preference

2 June, 2009 (15:29) | How to, wireless | No comments

Windows vista remembers all the wireless networks you have ever been on. Once in a while you should hop in to control panel> network and sharing> Manage Wireless networks. Here you can drag your favorite networks to the top and delete those pesky ones from the bellagio in vegas. wireless-network-preference

How slow is your clock speed in power saver mode?

1 June, 2009 (13:15) | Hardware Info, How to, Stupid windows tricks | No comments

1st – High performance – 2194
2nd – Power Saver – 1097
3rd – Balanced – 2194

So you can see that the CPU clock speed drops more than 40% in power saver mode on my Dell Precision 6300.


So if you have ever wondered why your computer was so slow when it is unplugged, go check your power settings.

Checking CPU speed from the command line

1 June, 2009 (13:02) | Hardware Info, How to | No comments

wmic cpu get CurrentClockSpeed

I was trying to find about the quickest way to look for my CPU speed again. I think i like this little wmi one liner. Processor clock speed should be easier to look up, but MS thinks you want to know the model, stepping number before what it is to a normal person. 🙂

DD-WRT Anchorfree hotspot does not work and should be removed

9 May, 2009 (03:09) | Mindless Blather | 1 comment

There is only so much space in your firmware for crap. Anchorfree’s hotspot software seems like a good idea. but it isn’t. It didnt work in v24, v24sp1 and it sure doesn’t work in v24sp2, it reboots my 2 test aps. I have 4 different models of wireless ap I use with DD-WRT. I love it , I pay the guy money. Just saying, if it doesn’t work, fix it.

I tried calling Anchorfree tech support at 866-494-4123. The number has been disconnected. I also tried calling their CA number – 408-744-1002. I ended up forwarded to a voicemail of a very unfriendly voicemail message. I left my name, described the pizza place I was trying to get set up and asked for a ring back. That was last week. I give up on using anchorfree and suggest the DD-WRT folks yank it before any more people have to suffer through trying to get it to work.

Anchorfree’s client install works like a dream. Great free proxy service. And if you feel evil, you can easily use it and block the injected banner ads using the mvps hosts file.

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