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Apple could save open source and make a mint at the same time

18 December, 2010 (11:32) | linux, mac | No comments

The new Mac app store could build an awesome business model. Charge individuals to install open source software with an easy to use itunes interface, and fund the open source software projects in return. This seems like a perfect arrangement. DIY people get better funded projects, and normal users get access to difficult to manage open source. (difficult for my mom)

String theory one step closer to being proved as true as winnie the pooh

16 December, 2010 (08:42) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Bria softphone setup on ip5280 system

3 December, 2010 (07:25) | How to | 7 comments

I’m pretty sure ip5280 is the Mary Kay of ip phones, they sell it and give you a little bit of basic instruction. All the industrial might seems to be a company called This particular problem took 15 days, about 20 phone calls or emails. That is right, to set up a soft phone.

First call ip5280, they have to set up shared call presence for your phone. They also seem to have other magic things to set up with the people who seem to be running the show. If it isn’t a separate company, there are some horrible communication issues inside ip5280 that make it appear to be that way.

Download Bria, I got version 3.1.2, the $50 version.

Call support you will need to verify all the following settings:

Go into softphone Account settings, add or edit a profile:

  • Account name: ip5280 (or your company, should just be a label)
  • Protocol SIP
  • Allow this account for Call and IM Presence checked
  • UserID yourphonenumber (plus one additional char)
  • Domain – two available or (nat is for off your network, csp is on yours)
  • Password – they have to give this to you
  • Display name – your name
  • Authorization name – your phone number
  • Domain proxy – check the box for “register with domain and receive calls”
  • Proxy is checked and you have the same two options as above.. off your network use and on use

Supposedly after you use it will figure out what to use on its own after that. So far my soft phone works on my home comcast, 3g ATT, work comcast and work t1.

Quick review of the Bria softphone/ip5280 provider-

The bria softphone is awesome. For $50 it is a cheap corporate solution to provide ip phones with 3 digit extensions, call flow, all the things a business needs over a lame solution like skype or google voice. It does video, not sure if you can do multiple video streams like adobe connect.

IP5280 I’m not so sure about. Sometimes they rush in to help you out with issues. Other times like this softphone, they drop the ball over and over and over. Getting a response is pretty difficult on simple things. I ordered a T1 to 3Mb ethernet upgrade. I have asked many times when it would be installed. The installer showed up yesterday. Qwest sent a tech out who informed me that I’m not getting ethernet, but bonded t1’s. I’m not all that familiar with T1 technology so maybe that is what 3Mb ethernet is supposed to be? Anyhow the tech went on to tell me that we are getting completely ripped off on pricing for this service. We should have gone through qwest instead of a reseller. At the time of purchase we shopped around on the T1, it was a really good deal for our area.

My overall impression of ip5280 is that there is something shady going on. Like I said earlier, I am pretty sure they are just the sales people for another system. Tech support is very careful to make sure they say the right thing when it is time to represent their company name. The onvoip guy had no record of any of my emails to the support email address at ip5280.

If I am wrong and this is all the same company that I talk to, they have some seriously f’d up internal communication issues.

Pidgin SSL certificate error – The certificate for could…

3 December, 2010 (06:31) | How to | 2 comments

This is because Microsoft updated some certificate information and pidgin needs a little update. Just download the newest version of pidgin and install. The new certificate files will be automagically installed for you.

pidgin unable to validate certificate

WoW 4.0 patch fails at 3% on updater, 20% on world.mpq fresh download

16 October, 2010 (15:08) | antivirus/spyware | No comments

Content filtering firewall was my problem. I run an untangle firewall, shut the components down, ran the patches, worked fine. All of this functioned correctly while still running the windows firewall and MS Security Essentials for AV.

World of Warcraft vs Lord of the Rings Online from a LORTO newb perspective

25 September, 2010 (11:39) | games, Mindless Blather | No comments

I have been playing WoW since the game came out what $600 dollars or so ago? Some of what I’m saying here may not be correct because I just haven’t found the right setting or option yet. From a complete noob perspective in Lord of the Rings, here is how it stacks up so far on the first few months:

Things LOTRO shines on:

When you ride from city to city, you can jump off at any time. Can’t jump off a bird in wow. This is so nice when leveling up your mining or heading to a quest in the middle of a flight path.

Max quests is 40 vs 25. I hate this in WoW because sometimes I want to be working on a few quest chains in several zones, then add the seasonal quests. I run out.

Graphics are different, sometimes better. Water looks good, but a river has to go uphill at the last second before becoming a waterfall. If you have a good video card the graphics are awesome. There are huge fields of tall grass and flowers that sway in the breeze, looks good on the tv computer.

There are really cool combo moves we haven’t quite figured out yet. So different classes working together can end up with a combo move coming up where if you all hit the same color, it does something awesome like summon an Ent to stomp your enemy.

The pace of some of the instances is fast and exciting.

WoW is better:

Plugins!!!! The biggest strength of WoW is the vast library of plugins available. If you use the curse gaming client you can download, search, manage all of your plugins in a snap. Things like healbot, bagnon, dpsmeter just aren’t available for LORTO yet. I haven’t studied the API, but so far I don’t think you can do much for LORTO besides skin the UI.

standing in a fire burns you in WoW

Bag space! UGH. I am so used to bagnon in WoW, having one giant bag pop up that I can’t stand the individual bags on LORTO. I don’t know yet if you can upgrade the bag slot numbers. If you can’t it is going to really suck long term.

Even after they opened free players up, the population of WoW is so vast that everything works better. The autodungeon finder, auction house, battlegrounds. Life is a lot easier because  there are always people online outside your guild/kinship to accomplish what you need at the moment.

Autorun works with a mouse button (easily fixed by mapping in LOTRO)

Dragging items from bag to bag, or bag to vendor is awkward, slow, jerky in LORTO

For a 10GB download, the background music sucks. WoW music gets turned off on my machine, but once in a while i flip it back on cause i love running in to Stormwind and looking around. They picked their majestic music well. LORTO music is more accurate for the theme of the game. It sounds like a wandering band of minstrels with old instruments. Others may love this, just personal opinion.

No signs to be found in LORTO, I can’t find a trainer anywhere. Well that is how it started. Once you learn the interface it is easy to find things. I like being able to ask a guard in WoW and have my destination show up red on the map, or use the tool built in to the minimap. Questhelper handicapped my ability to go find things myself, it is a time saver that I would love to see in Lorto.

The map sort of kind of tells you an area. Sometimes it is right. I don’t like the icons they use to explain different points of interest because they aren’t very obvious.

The button interface is just awful. This weird grey wicker looking thing. The buttons make very little sense so far. I’l figure it out as I go.

It seems you have to have a bag open to keep your 3 additional spell bars open. This is easily fixed by going in to the options.

The learning curve for a minstrel is high, and the effects of each action you are capable of are confusing. The buffing doesn’t last very long, and you need to memorize what each one does because they aren’t self explanatory in the name.

Just different, not better or worse either way

jumping down far hurts you in WoW, jumping down breaks your leg and slows you down in LORTO.


I like LORTO a lot. It is different and refreshing to play something that is easy to pick up with WoW skills. I love the graphics and the theme. My concern is that it won’t pick up enough players to drive development. And what happens when they finish the books? Do they have the rights to build new story or will the movie studios shoot them down? For now I’ll keep switching between both.

iphone vs droid – missing the point, you want the best ladder to your cloud

24 June, 2010 (21:17) | OS, security, wireless | No comments

Thats about it. if you are an iwork ilife ifanbois, the only phone for you is an iphone. If you love google apps like me, get a droid. You want the best ladder up to your cloud. Both have more apps than you can shake a stick at. Can you really filter through 80,000 apps available on the google phone? Do you really care if 60% of droid apps are free? No, you want your ladder to your cloud.

Unless you have HIPAA, PHIPA, SOX, CISSP, work for DoD, or just a company who values privacy. Then you get a Blackberry and download the right apps. There should be no such thing as an iphone or droid at a company who has security requirements. Please tell me I’m wrong with citations of how an iphone or droid is fully compliant with FIPS140-2 and is listed on the appropriate NIST site so I can show my attorney. Then I will snuggle up in my happy google cloud or let my coworkers get all happy in their iphone cloud.

I do envy you people who are arguing about megapixels and screen size. Not becuase your petty arguments have merit, just because I want the happy ladder instead of the Escher staircase.

One side note- I still challenge anyone to show me an iphone app with a real business use for me that can’t be replicated by blackberry or droid. So far it doesn’t exist. I think these are all fairly equal platforms and just flavors, not fat vs carbs.


8 June, 2010 (06:35) | Mindless Blather | 1 comment

CRN libel against ipad

27 April, 2010 (10:35) | Mindless Blather, security | 1 comment

I’m not always the biggest fan of some of the things Apple does, but I think the Ipad is pretty darn cool. When CRN posted this story, I was a little offended at their assertion that the ipad is the target of the back door. It is not. Windows is the target. I am no lawyer, but I am guessing this is straight up libel against Apple/ipad.,backdoor-malware-targets-apple-ipad.aspx

Kudos to Kirllos your facebook account is probably pwnd

24 April, 2010 (21:22) | antivirus/spyware, security | No comments

I forgot to publish this from Mexico after my birthday when it hit the press. One guy in Russia named Kirllos owns 1 in 300 facebook accounts and has them for sale. A close source today tells me he has a lead on a guy who is selling more accounts than that, and cheaper than Kirllos.  My only point being, if there are 2 known people who have a 1 in 300 shot at already owning your password, I hope you change it as often as I do. There are a lot more than 2 Eastern European hackers in the world.

The combination of facebook owning your data, and you being excluded from that ownership/permissions editing should be something to ponder.

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