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Spiceworks 2.1

12 March, 2008 (14:43) | Monitoring | 1 comment

Ok so I gave up on it a little while ago. Next week I have a dual quad core box arriving with enough muscle to try out Spiceworks 2.1 in its spare unused awesomeness. I will run through my list of objections again because Spiceworks will be the ideal systems management tool if I can address all of those issues. Today I got a response back in about 5 minutes on a question about UAC. Go customer service there!

My main issue is turning off UAC to make it work. Apparently that is only for the discovery phase. With my recent hamachi fun and editing of host files I think I can put together a good walk through on how to run Spiceworks and have it monitor all your machines even if they leave your subnet. Anyone want to work on this with me?

I won’t get working for a few weeks. I’m going to run jetstress and a few other toys to optimize the disk on my new 2900. Any guesses on what will be the best? 10* 15krpm disks. My guess is a mirror for the OS and 2 raid10s. I’ll show you how to use diskpart to tweak performance out of the disk before you even format them.

MS Exchange 2003 needs WINS!

11 March, 2008 (20:30) | OS, software | No comments

wins and exchangeAnother argument about this today. This is a giant weak spot in a clustered redundant Exchange 2003 environment. WINS is super easy to run and really easy to replicate. Here is an MS article updated 5 months ago to show you why you should do it. If you run a big environment you are asking for unnecessary helpdesk calls because you were too lazy. Set up 3 machines you were going to throw away, set up traffic rules to only allow traffic to your WSUS server, 3 WINS boxes and DNS. This shouldn’t take more than a single day of work.

My TAM agreed that this was necessary. We talked to several M$ engineers that said it was necessary. I don’t understand how people can be so lazy when it comes to preventing a stupid failure of pieces of functionality. Oh and here is your WINS maintenance guide so you don’t have to google it all by yourself.

Stupid Windows Trick #5

11 March, 2008 (20:00) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Control [ or ] in MS Word

Fire up word, try holding control and tap one of the two bracket keys. Watch the text size. Starts at 12 and goes up or down? It goes up and down! Really! It does I swear. Look closer at the text size.

Ok so the coolest thing- make a quick sign that says “leave my donuts alone!!!” Select “leave my donuts alone” and hit control ] till it fits the whole page Hit [ if it got too big. Now print that out, tape it to your donut box and see what happens.

Hopefully they still disappear cause otherwise you are gonna get fat.

Shameless google ad try #3

11 March, 2008 (19:52) | Easy Money Making | No comments

ignore this part. I’m just playing with the idea of doing a google ad someday. if it works it works. If it doesn’t I’m lazy. Oops.

Shameless google ad

10 March, 2008 (20:14) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Testing out the old google search bar. Maybe ill put this in the top of my page? Use it to open a new window and do your google search outta here!



Stupid Windows Trick #4

10 March, 2008 (19:41) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

menu bar

ALT in windows explorer- Do you hate the vista interface changes? Want to know where your old folder options went instead of poking around forever? HIT ALT!! this brings your menu bar back.  Open a my computer instance and start hitting alt over and over. Weee! new (but old) choices.

Killawatt power measuring wondertool of DOOM. or OH NO MY FRIDGE IS A SINNER

10 March, 2008 (18:39) | Easy Money Making, Hardware Info | No comments

kill a wattThe Vatican just decided that polluting is a sin. So to help out, windowsnerd will give you tools to protect your soul.

Take your tv to confession and buy a killawatt!! Spend $17 on this thing then start the fun. Plug your TV in to it. See how much power it is sucking while it is off? That is crazy AND makes the Pope sad. Now you have a few options to atone for your sins:

-go to confession

-Pick up some x10 gear and create a wireless power network that shuts all the offenders off while you are away.

-Hook major offenders up to cheap surge strips and turn things off that aren’t in use.

-Buy more efficient appliances

-Use that pesky light switch that controls a wall outlet for no good reason(until now) Leave the house? Flip the switch and kill power to the toaster, tv, and a few lamps. No reason to power the computer monitor or the automatic cat whacker if you aren’t around to see them work.

There is a way better one called Watt’s up pro. It will do a bunch of samples and connect to a pc. It costs $115.

Log me in web links are sweet

9 March, 2008 (22:09) | Remote Management, software | No comments

log me inThis log me in free software kicks total butt for remote desktop control. . The best thing I’ve found so far – build a web link and email it to someone for installation. They don’t need an account or anything. You just go to your logmein console on their website, hit advanced over on the left and you get a link for creating a link.

Now you just email that to your pal or coworker. They click a few times for next yes, finish etc and booyah! you can see their machine in your console.

I like windows remote assistance if I’m in a location where there are real IP addresses. Once you start hitting locations with double NAT on both sides it won’t ever find the machine. At the new job I’m at about %30 success for windows remote assistance invites vs 100% for logmein. The advantage of the windows client is that it is lightning fast compared to vnc, log me in etc.

Stupid Windows trick #3

9 March, 2008 (20:22) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

quicklaunch shortcuts

Windows key + a number.

All your quick launch programs are already shortcuts with windows + the number of the position they are in.

Shameless google ad try number 1

8 March, 2008 (20:15) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Someday I might ad this stuff in so there is one every 10 articles or something. It might be possible to pay for a fraction of my hosting fee a year.

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