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Stupid Windows Trick #15 – Photo Story

7 July, 2008 (09:11) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Want to make the coolest slide shows in the world? Check out this example and then get photo story yourself here. Photo Story 3 lets you build thing that look like the Ken Burns Jazz history show on PBS. move over photos to give them life, narrarate etc. Very cool to impress your friends. Way better than a slide show and ginger ale.

Magicjack – Stupid infomercial but groundbreaking telecom killer

5 July, 2008 (06:45) | networking, prediction | No comments

MagicJack has this great snake oil salesman. The first minute or so I was watching the infomercial, I was laughing. Then the VOIP light went off in my head and the idea that if someone could make it brainless to install, telephones become a 0 cost ad supported service. Suck on that Comcast! This guy can give you a phone line with dial tone in all 50 states.

Even better than ATT this stupid company can get you an area code in 80% of the US. No other US telecom company can do that. Magicjack blog entries etc show that they have had trouble with navigating phone menus. Like “press 2 to speak English.” They have poor call quality sometimes but that is identical to a comcast phone for $25 a month not $20 a year.

I predict MagicJack will get bought out. Someone with a more professional name will come along. They will drive a phone line cost to 0. phones will become an ad interface. Land lines aren’t valuable anymore. Once there is a magicjack converter for wimax, cell phone companies will be next.

Someday I want to just buy an internet pipe of X diameter. Thats it. I decide what to push or pull through.

Technorati Favorite exchange

5 July, 2008 (04:25) | blogging, Easy Money Making | No comments

Well I guess there is a BS way to increase your technorati rating. Mine is 0. I’m adding a page for a technorati favorite exchange. I saw this idea on HERE at blueskeltonproductions. For a link to my LINK EXCHANGE, click on that.


Google Page rank 9 or 10 tricks. Easy fast ways to the top of google

25 June, 2008 (06:24) | blogging, Easy Money Making | No comments

Ok the first one is to write really great content that people want to read. Then google will put you at rank 9 or 10. This is the real way to do it. If you write worthwhile quality content, people will come to your site. If not go read “he’s just not that into you” and replace the “man” reference to “the web.” Then replace “you” with “your web site” If you aren’t ranked high, well your page isn’t that interesting or just sucks.

Second is to cheat and list yourself with every stupid blog directory you can find. Also google “google jacking” and try everything you can. 

Third, you know a LOT about one thing probably. Post in every forum you can about that one thing you know a lot about. Think of something you can create. Like I create solutions to Windows problems that nobody has solved yet.

Thats it. I win! I write for myself and to share with just a few people in my niche. That is the real reason to post things, not because you think you can make a ton of money. If you are here to make money and don’t know some quality we scripting languages you will lose. There are 10s of thousands of better coders who can leach content that you can’t. Sorry.

Leave a comment if you know better ways. I’m always looking for that elusive 11.

Hyperic agent start as a service in windows

10 June, 2008 (07:28) | How to, software | No comments

For anyone wondering how to start up the Hyperic agent in windows as a service – Don’t bother with the whole resource kit install and running the manual process.

go to command line

switch to Hyperic directory

run hq-agent.exe -i

Now open services, and edit to tell it to restart on failure. (it fails a lot)

Now go set up some alarms! Monitoring isn’t worth anything if you don’t have pages set up.

Mac OSX Snow Leopard

9 June, 2008 (20:22) | mac | No comments

So the only new cool thing in the VISTA of Mac OSX is Exchange support. How funny is it that the best and only notable “feature” is support for exchange? Snow Leopard is all bug fixes to cover up the fact that Leopard screwed things up a la vista. It was a big old clusterf$&* that shows every vendor screws up when millions of lines of code are involved. Where are the funny commercials and witty fan sites bashing OSX for this? NOWHERE! Cause they still have less than 5% market share so it doesn’t matter. (yet)

Have to say I like linux. I don’t like an applicance like a mac over a truly open source linux box. But if you want a closed source systems with the market share you better sharpen your windows tools.

System shootout $10k workstation mac vs windows vs linux

27 May, 2008 (17:10) | mac | No comments

Look a cheaper better workstation from a linux or windows machine vs a sorry mac pro. Funny what happens when you compare the same gear to the same gear. This is on 5/27/08. I added a page bitching about while coming up with this short list of the important stuff and leaving out the BS fluff that he adds.



windows (dell t5400)

red hat/ubuntu (dell t5400)






2*3.2GHZ quad core

2*3.2GHZ quad core

2*3.2GHZ quad core






mac raid pro

perc 6

perc 6


2*300GB SAS 15k rpm

2*300GB SAS 15k rpm

2*300GB SAS 15k rpm


Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB

Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB

Quadro FX 5600 1.5GB


20″ cinema display

20 Dell digital

20″ dell digital


dvd dual layer burner

dvd dual layer burner

dvd dual layer burner


3ish button mouse

5 button optical

5 button optical


applecare 3 year

dell 3 year

dell 3 year


Some linux observations

27 May, 2008 (13:08) | linux | 3 comments

I’ve been working with linux a bit and trying to make a list of things that are holding it back from being a windows replacement. I think linux is very cool and a good tool for certain jobs. If any linux peeps happen to stop by, maybe you can get to work. I’d like to see a lot of things work in a GUI. If you are going to try to make your OS compete with a GUIfied OS, you are going to have to make your tools work with a pretty GUI. Some people work better with text, some work better with gui. Different learning styles and data presentation options don’t really make one person “smarter” than the other if the end result is the same job is done.

1. Gui permissions – In fedora and ubuntu, editing permissions on a gui is about impossible. Stupid users can barely handle permissions in the first place, they aren’t going to work it out at the command line.

2. Patches – MS is onto something good with patch tuesdays. I would like to see a standard day of the month for updates that are not critical.

3. resolution in VMs for fedora – I can’t get the resolution bigger in a vmware fedora 8 box to change for the life of me. It shouldn’t be hard. Video always seems to be a problem in linux. Some of the biggest troubleshooting sessions I’ve watched with my linux coworkers is in this area.

4. remote access to a gui – remote desktop solutions in windows are so easy. Catch up!

5. Games – pick up a copy of a linux magazine and look at the latest cool games. This is what draws in the young crowd and starts up the learning. I was just looking at a new game in Linux Format. They are excited about Eschalon Book 1????? Come on.

There is a big chicken and egg problem with all of these but I think the start is with the support in the OS before the demand and use numbers creep up.

Stupid windows trick #14 – desktop icon size in Vista

30 April, 2008 (21:06) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Desktop Icon size

To change it on Vista, rightclick on the desktop and hit view

Now you can choose bigger, and classic for smaller. Isn’t that super duper? Now you can clutter your desktop up with a BILLION little useless icons that you will never use. OR you can have a few icons that are really BIG to make it look like you do work.

Stupid Windows Trick #13

29 April, 2008 (19:33) | Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Group policy stuff has a tendency to work on your local non AD machine. For the full MS Vista list of Group Policy features, DOWNLOAD THIS!!!

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