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Skype Bandwidth hog fixed with Netlimiter

24 February, 2009 (19:35) | Mindless Blather | No comments

On a T1 with a good webcam, skype will gobble up 60-80% of the whole thing. I have firewall graphs and logs to prove it thanks to smoothwall and this new fun tool named Netlimiter. I cut the bandwidth used by skype to 25Kb/s and it seems to be pretty good quality on a 22″ widescreen.

Linked In and are Evil

24 February, 2009 (08:08) | blogging | No comments

Facebook is ok because I can publish content my pals will see and it saves me a few phone calls. It is worth it to me to publish selected personal information to it and think about what google will pick up. Remember, everything on the internet is forever.

Linked in and Techpitch are evil so far. I know 0 tech people who have gotten a job through either Linked in or the new Techpitch beta. Nobody I know has made contacts that resulted in getting a job through linked in. Is it a society for people who want a warm fuzzy when they don’t have a job? I don’t get it. If somebody asked me to look at their linked in profile instead of a resume with some references I’ll stop looking at them. Everyone sending in a resume in a standard traditional form leaves an even playing field. How long till you have to pay to get certain levels of consideration through a 3rd party?

Now techpitch’s ceo is bugging me on Facebook? Ugh. Yeah I want to put content on your site so that you get money from my creativity instead of me. Brilliant!

So far what I have dredged up about Techpitch: is a unique website that serves as a technology showcase, a multimedia content hub and a modern interactive platform built just for the global business technology community.  (

I have a website that could be a technology showcase and content hub. But I don’t need one. Don’t have time. So go away Techpitch. If you don’t plan on building multimedia content and haven’t done so before, why give one more website all your personal information? One more database out there to get cracked and ruin your life.

Moral of the story- Don’t post anything you are not prepared to have on the internet forever and in somebody else’s database.

Google Adsense revenue

24 February, 2009 (07:00) | Easy Money Making, Mindless Blather | No comments

So far has $16.81 in a google adsense account after being up for over a year. I think that translates to around 50 cents an hour. Maybe I need a different type of content. Movies? hmm.

7-11s getting knocked off by a klingon

4 February, 2009 (14:13) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Saw this on the news today. Funny funny stuff. I hope the next idiot robbing 7-11s has fake plastic feet, a cape and a sword named sting.

Macs get spyware. Surprised? I’m not.

27 January, 2009 (16:44) | Mindless Blather | No comments

It isn’t really a question of IF a mac can get owned but instead it is a big when question. The story I read on Yahoo about some spyware installed on macs through a torrented iWork file show that social engineering works on any OS. Most of the Windows problems I see are from socially engineered exploits. I can’t remember the last time a saw an honest to goodness worm or virus on a computer I’ve been exposed to. Patching fixes that. Stupid users can’t really be patched.

Is it time to get antispyware for your mac? I’m not, and I’m not recommending it quite yet. For now, just don’t be a moron and pirate software you don’t know how to check for badness. Later on when mac gains even more market share it will become a necessity.  For now you can be proud of your security through obscurity. If you want a really secure system run BSD. Don’t expect fluff and consumer happiness.

Microsoft fails to deliver Windows 7 beta… surprised?

13 January, 2009 (18:22) | OS | No comments

I would like to offer M$ a bargain. Call me before you launch something and ask what I think you need to prepare… Offering Windows 7 beta isos at 2.2GB a piece? I’d say you better have a ton of akamai servers out there if you are still refusing to do the logical thing and use bittorrent. You can politicize torrents all you want, but they work and MS doesn’t. Transition to a new product that works better than Vista isn’t starting off so good. One would think after 4 days I waited long enough to try again. Nope.

This is not a setback that will keep me from using windows. I just think it is pretty funny and I’m still all ancy to get a real copy from MS instead of my current torrented version. See? Here is a little screenshot from their silly failure of a download client:

windows 7 beta failure to download

windows 7 beta failure to download

Cloud computing vs ISP bandwidth restrictions?

8 January, 2009 (12:30) | Mindless Blather | No comments

Ok, gdrive never really materialzed. Windows skydrive is charging along with 25gb of free storage. Mozy backups are increasing. If growth in bandwith heavy services and apps keeps growing, will we be able to keep my cable provider off my back? I can’t exceed my quota right now by filling skydrive once a month, and mozy does differential backups so that won’t fill it. What happens when I start streaming netflix movies and doing everything on the web? I hope to see some sort of nerd showdown in the future between netflix and comcast. 🙂

Process Monitor for broken programs

14 December, 2008 (10:53) | Mindless Blather | 1 comment

Many windows admin guys use Process Monitor or Filemon and Regmon. It is like ford vs old ford at my old job. Some guys can’t deal with building filters and like getting less data while using filemon and regmon. Some of them also can’t deal with anything that doesn’t have a carburetor or a “Sun” sticker on the front.

ANYHOW, Process Monitor is the best tool ever for windows admins when a program doesn’t work. I’ve used this a lot to help people find file permission errors, help vendors find faulty modules of their programs etc. So here is an example… Custom program for a distribution company I support on the side. It sends data from a form off to a fax program sitting on a server. The tech support guy wants to log in to the domain controller for some reason instead of telling me what to change there. I told him I thought it looked like some client permission problems. He was trying to shotgun it bad by giving the users group Domain Admin permissions. For some reason I said no.  Here comes Filemon for that one. I start up the distribution program, hit control E on filemon, run the fax button, hit control E to stop. And viola! That tells me there are all sorts of write operations failing to c:\users\blahblah. So I change those around on the client machine instead of adding all users to Domain admin as tech support guy had suggested.

Another example – Autodesk used to have all their apps set up to run as Admin or Power user. I couldn’t give smarty smart little engineering students power user. So I used to run filemon and regmon to track down every little access in autocad and viz and land desktop etc. I had all Autodesk apps running as a user across about 500 machines. Pretty fun when the Autodesk rep came for a demo day. They  thought I had magic powers thanks to filemon and regmon.

This sort of thing comes up all the time. Today I was trying to help the good people at Curse gaming. I ran this trace and figured out they are having some sort of strange problem with “Fast IO disallowed” Now I get to learn about that and help them fix it. 🙂

Spiceworld 2008- fun times in Austin

3 December, 2008 (17:24) | Mindless Blather | No comments

I haven’t posted anything in a while. Too dang busy with nerding. I took the little lady down to Austin to visit the people at Spiceworld 2008. I’ve seen a lot of potential in what they are doing so I decided to throw down the money to fly over and offer some input in person. I think after 3.5 the stability and feature list is going to make Spiceworks a killer little app. I love it for helpdesk. Still don’t use the inventory much but I do use alerts for the computers it does see.

I was very happy to see that most of the attendees had the same problems I had. It was really interesting to see the communication gap between Spiceworks staff (programmers) and us (admins.) Their main argument for not having a client in one of the presentations – they didn’t want us to have to install a program and then keep it updated. I had a really great time telling the CIO of Spiceworks- My job is to install programs and keep them updated.


More later

dwm.exe causing problems?

9 November, 2008 (15:25) | Mindless Blather | 3 comments

“Desktop Window Manager has stopped working and will be closed.”

Get that much? Usually it is because of a graphics card driver meltdown. In cases like mine at work, I like to disable DWM when possible. Users do not “need” the fancy aero interface. I want their machines to run faster and happier without the DWM hog.

Hit the magic windows button (start)

In the start search window type in Services and hit enter

When the services window comes up, scrolll down or type des to have it automagically take you to:

Desktop Window Manager Session Manager

Double click that

In the dropdown for startup type, change it to disabled.

Hit apply then ok.

Reboot. look at your ram and proc utilization now. Happy huh?

IF you couldn’t run services.msc, you may need permission from a network admin. Or you can right click on it and hit run as administrator if you are the admin. 🙂

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