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Linux notes and suggestions

I’d like to add notes about linux as I learn it. I think too many linux people are so stuck inside their box they just don’t understand how the rest of the world works. (normal users that is) It makes it hard for them to accomodate others instead of bashing them for being stupid. Bashing. Hehe. that was funny. Sounds better than tching.

Ok so I’ll start with a few pages:

Linux Fixes to draw in new users (for example explain free memory better in top, free and ps) Linux fanboys need to understand that widespread acceptance doesn’t come without tweaks to support the average Joe. If you were a car guy you could tell me your custom Shelby Cobra is the only car anyone should drive till you are blue in the face. It can’t do what the family minivan can and has no value to the masses.

Problems with Linux in general:

grub explosions – easy to fix for me but not for normals.

kernel panics – no blue screens eh? lol

Application crashes – I have a lot of application crashes. Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOs, PCbsd all experience more crashed apps than Windows 7

ASCII chars – I like to use things like alt 0167. On my notebooks it works fine in windows. This Ubuntu laptop- fail.
Video card/network card support SUCKS. I’ve wasted more of my life fighting linux and drivers than I ever have on the evil windows problems with drivers.

More to come… So far it isn’t really that bad. I still don’t understand memory in linux. Compiling is kinda fun. Config files seem to make more sense. No registry is cool I guess, but it is sort of the same in the end. It is just a big config file that will get messy. As I learn more linux, and keep hearing, “you can’t do that in windows!” I keep finding that yes you can do most things in windows. The difference is that the jerks who know how in windows charge you for it. And as far as security goes, you can patch in both, you can find holes that are rootable in both. You can add security layers to both. I guess I don’t see the big deal. Find the best tool for the individual job and move on.


Comment from Meh
Time: June 23, 2015, 2:35 am

Depends there are two camps of Linux, Linux as lead by Linus and GNU + Linux as lead by the bearded goat Stallman. In my long winding quest to find the best camp I landed on the GNU side of the fence, Linux mainstream seems to be held together by Ubuntu and Fedora the silliest distros to grace Linux in general. Their refusal to “SHARE” has lead Linux into dangerous waters. They are the Microsoft of the free world and I generally tell people to stay clear of both these distros.

On another topic what concerns me most regardless of camp is the GPL license itself whether we are talking GPL 2 or GPL 3, at the end of the day the problem is the same the GPL as much as we would like to believe it is really not that free or open. Further more, what really bothers me is that the GPL acts as both a license and a tool to controlling people. You are free to change the Linux kernel for example but powerless to control your own additions to the kernel. In that manor it actually is not very different from closed source software. There is still some entity or someone controlling the scene.

This is where I think BSD and BSD license in general are best, the license applies to application not method of delivery. If Apple got away with OSX I think that the BSD as a platform is the clear cut winner based purely on that logic. Also BSD software/drivers are not compatible with Linux but the reverse is not true, which gives Unix the edge. Then we have to look open source software developers who started off using GPL license only to drop it for the BSD license later down the road, I mean just by that alone what does it say about adoption in general.

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