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Keepass installation walkthrough

Keepass is the greatest password safe ever. Here is a step by step walk through on installation. It is a little tricky for new users. Once you get used to it, there is only one password to ever remember. Just the password to keepass! WARNING – there is no recovery for the keepass main password.

Click any of the thumbnails to see more detail of the step you are on:

1. Download the newest version, remember where you saved it and launch.

2. If installation warns you that Keepass is running, close it down in the tray next to the clockkeepass exit. (this happens if you are upgrading)

3. Choose the language select language

4. Click next at the welcome screen welcome screen

5. Click accept and next through the license license agreement

6. Leave the default location and hit next keepass select default location

7.Let it build a start menu folder and hit next keepass start menu folders

8.Let it build some shortcuts and hit next keepass shortcuts on desktop etc

9. Review the settings and hit next keepass settings

10. Tell Keepass to launch after you hit finish. Don’t go off shopping for plugins just yet. keepass finish

Now keepass launches for the first time. Let’s go over the initial startup and operation

1. When you start it, nothing is displayed. This is ok. look for the new page icon on the top left (and click it!) keepass new file

2. This is where we set the master key. Think about this, should you have a strong key to protect every other password in your life? YES!!!! Write a sentence. Something long, put some numbers or something in it. Anything!

2b. Ok here is the explanation of the picture:

  • Yellow highlight – your password goes here
  • Blue circled dots – hit that, now you can see your password. Remember this
  • Ignore the red X stuff until you know enough that you don’t read pages like this
  • Click ok, it is circled in black.

keepass set your password

3. Repeat your password when prompted. if you didn’t get it right try it again. Make sure you remember it.

4. Hooray! It is installed. Now how do I make a password entry? Over in the field on the right that is blank, right click and hit Add Entry. (or hit control Y if you are lazy)keepass add entry

5. Add all the details about a password. REMEMBER the blue dots next to the password. That shows you the text instead of dots.

keeepass add entry form filled out

6. Now you can use some cool stuff. Right click on your new password and this menu comes up-try copy user name to clipboard and then go paste it somewhere:

keepass how to copy files

That is most of keepass! Save when you exit. Here are helpful options I like to set up to make it more friendly for now:

1. Hit Tools>Options> UNcheck lock workspace when minimizing main window(this gets annoying really fast)keepass lock ws

2. Go to the Memory tab. Change the clipboard auto clear time to 40 seconds. keepass memory time

3. Click Advanced keepass advanced settings

  • Check Start Keepass at windows startup
  • Under the start and exit section >Automatically save database on exit and workspace locking
  • limit to one instance of keepass (so you don’t save an old version over new entries)
  • Check for update at keepass startup advanced2

Now click OK.

Keepass is installed and working! good job. Now go get your piece of paper with all your passwords and put them in keepass. If you don’t have Mozy to back up your files yet, go get it!!! I’ll do a mozy walkthrough next. If your passwords are stored in their encrypted Utah bunker, you can’t ever lose a password again! If your computer blows up, you can use the mozy web page to restore your files. They are HIPAA compliant and everything.

Ha! right after I finished this I found flash videos about keepass here:


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