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Newb guide

  • SAVE YOUR PC. you will want to use it for expeditions later on. You get a pc every 5 levels and you will level fast
  • Watch the buttons that pop up, they will try to trick you into clicking to spend your PC vs gold
  • getting started playing watch the raids in chat – click every raid you can, hit for one point. this uses stamina. go up a page here if you haven’t gotten the script yet.
  • Get in a guild, join their raids asap, this uses honor
  • Do the quests use your energy
  • Keep an eye on your 3 resources there, and time it so you are close to empty when you are about to level so you don’t waste it.
  • Gold is useless in this game. Just invest in land and keep the $ coming in. You need gold for 2 things, refilling health and buying the few items required for quests
  • on the profile page watch the LSI number. You want this at 7. So start by always doing 2 points of stam and 1 of energy. You don’t need the other stats, they come from gear.
  • Go to the pvp page. Equip your guy with the best gear you have to get the Power number in the top left to the highest you can. Keep up on this.
  • Go to the Coloseum page. You need to follow people. if you are on Kong, click a bunch of peoples names in chat and hit follow. Refresh the game and then they will show up in your army. Just follow every username you see. Then try with trial and error to put each of these people into 3 of your Colo team slots. The highest bonus you can get is 29%. Get as close as you can, ask in chat who will give 29. Smarter to ask in guild chat so others dont catch on. Most players don’t know how to set this up.
  • Don’t spend your AP until you max it for the grab bag. You get way better stuff. Just don’t plan on spending it.
  • When you start to get bigger, learn about Fair Share and Optimal Share. FS and OS. You need to be able to hit that hard to get the better loot items
  • Until you are big enough just tag every raid for one point and collect all the loot you can
  • Go to your legion page if you are raiding, you need to get different formations, put in generals and troops. This boosts your raid damage a lot.


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