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Dawn of the Dragons quick link list

If you like the game buy some planet coins. Just do 5 or 10 bucks and get a cool new trinket. Developers need money to support and continue to write code. Free users get the game due to users who pay not because the internet is inherently free.


Most common Dawn of the Dragons links:


My newb guide

The script                          

Echthros loot table   

How autoleveling works

OS and FS listings          Google doc for all raids


DOTD helper script – OLD this one does a lot. conflicts with the one above, it is a fork.

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Thanks to whoever you are that created this google doc. It is pretty awesome. If you are the guy who maintains it, we need to figure out how you can link ads in it to get some $. I cut and pasted my favorite view here, click to see the full thing:

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