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Category: security

Change remote desktop port for Windows 2008r2 and below

7 February, 2012 (16:51) | How to, security | No comments

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber modify the value, switch to decimal unless you want to be fancy and figure it out in hex. restart the computer or if you are lazy like me, restart the remote desktop service then reconnnect.

Automatically patch your mom’s computer with Secunia PSI

20 January, 2012 (18:16) | security, Stupid windows tricks | No comments

I use Dell Kbox for patch management, which I can’t afford for home at ~$3k a year. For home Secunia PSI is great. It scans the machine once a week and installs all the patches it can. Adobe products, java, 7zip etc seem to work really well. When you first install it there will be […]

Remove spiceworks ads

18 November, 2011 (19:22) | antivirus/spyware, How to, security | No comments

A few people over the last few years have asked me why spiceworks doesnt show ads when I show them my interface. The hosts file from will block spiceworks ads. I don’t recommend doing this in order to block their ads. It is how they make money to build the product. If you use […]

Spiceworld 2011 streaming live today

20 October, 2011 (07:01) | Monitoring, Remote Management, security, software | 1 comment check it out, they have a lot of great stuff added.

Extreme Couponing – Dangerous and mostly illegal

21 May, 2011 (07:22) | antivirus/spyware, Easy Money Making, prediction, security | No comments

Watching the TLC show Extreme Couponing immediately leaves a computer nerd with a skeptical feeling. Coupons today are driven by an incredible data mining corporate machine, it is hard to understand the $/hour cost of couponing and selling your soul vs getting a job. A little googling shows the illegal status of bar code fraud […]

Why Apple has difficulty in the corporate world

2 April, 2011 (10:10) | linux, mac, OS, security | No comments

I’m tired of absolute statements like being accused of hating iEverything. I like an ipad for surfing the web on the couch, ipad for listening to music and supporting clueless users on a mac. They can’t figure out how the hell to fire up vi, how are they going to break it? That is great […]

iphone vs droid – missing the point, you want the best ladder to your cloud

24 June, 2010 (21:17) | OS, security, wireless | No comments

iphone vs droid – missing the point, you want the best ladder to your cloud

CRN libel against ipad

27 April, 2010 (10:35) | Mindless Blather, security | 1 comment

I’m not always the biggest fan of some of the things Apple does, but I think the Ipad is pretty darn cool. When CRN posted this story, I was a little offended at their assertion that the ipad is the target of the back door. It is not. Windows is the target. I am no […]

Kudos to Kirllos your facebook account is probably pwnd

24 April, 2010 (21:22) | antivirus/spyware, security | No comments

I forgot to publish this from Mexico after my birthday when it hit the press. One guy in Russia named Kirllos owns 1 in 300 facebook accounts and has them for sale. A close source today tells me he has a lead on a guy who is selling more accounts than that, and cheaper than […]

Windows and OSSEC ipsec blocks

17 February, 2010 (19:33) | OS, security | No comments

Today I started toying with the idea of using OSSEC active response in Windows. My goal is to block a whole IP, you can do port or traffic type as you wish, if anyone wants that let me know. ┬áThe first piece of work to share: netsh ipsec static add policy description=”ossec block list” netsh […]

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