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Category: networking

World of Tanks firewall exceptions March 2015 (Sophos UTM)

1 March, 2015 (22:12) | How to, Mindless Blather, networking | No comments

Gamers really suck at tracking down firewall ports, I don’t. World of tanks has a bunch of ports needed, it may seem like a lot but they do appear to be using massive resources so a /24 isn’t out of line. Here is a test from the Sophos UTM 9 firewall. Great UTM box for […]

Some great tools for your home machine

4 June, 2014 (13:19) | networking, Stupid windows tricks | No comments

DNS Speed test from Steve Gibson – Run this, figure out which DNS servers are closest and use those. DON’T use your ISP or computer builder’s DNS.                         If you don’t have a password manager, please install lastpass and get to work   […]

Untangle firewall common ports to unblock

16 December, 2009 (07:20) | antivirus/spyware, networking, security | No comments

If you are setting up an Untangle firewall and want to use it at your house or business but might not know common ports to allow, here is a list. I have things a bit tighter at work but at the house I like to have instant messengers etc working. Skype TCP ports 13861, 34954, […]

Magicjack – Stupid infomercial but groundbreaking telecom killer

5 July, 2008 (06:45) | networking, prediction | No comments

MagicJack has this great snake oil salesman. The first minute or so I was watching the infomercial, I was laughing. Then the VOIP light went off in my head and the idea that if someone could make it brainless to install, telephones become a 0 cost ad supported service. Suck on that Comcast! This guy […]