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Category: Mindless Blather

String theory one step closer to being proved as true as winnie the pooh

16 December, 2010 (08:42) | Mindless Blather | No comments

World of Warcraft vs Lord of the Rings Online from a LORTO newb perspective

25 September, 2010 (11:39) | games, Mindless Blather | No comments

I have been playing WoW since the game came out what $600 dollars or so ago? Some of what I’m saying here may not be correct because I just haven’t found the right setting or option yet. From a complete noob perspective in Lord of the Rings, here is how it stacks up so far […]


8 June, 2010 (06:35) | Mindless Blather | 1 comment

CRN libel against ipad

27 April, 2010 (10:35) | Mindless Blather, security | 1 comment

I’m not always the biggest fan of some of the things Apple does, but I think the Ipad is pretty darn cool. When CRN posted this story, I was a little offended at their assertion that the ipad is the target of the back door. It is not. Windows is the target. I am no […]

Thinkgeek coupon code because slashdot was down for maintenance

16 April, 2010 (22:43) | Easy Money Making, Mindless Blather | No comments

thinkgeek coupon code

mvps hosts file blocks mapquest directions

13 April, 2010 (19:02) | Mindless Blather | 1 comment

not sure which ad company is causing it. When you calculate directions in mapquest it just spins and spins. Verified on a few machines in a few states so far. I may investigate, probably will just say don’t use mapquest. The argument with users should go like this – We block malware/adware. If Mapquest has […]

OOOOH OOOOOH you have to watch this video

31 January, 2010 (16:17) | Mindless Blather | No comments

OOOPS. I meant this one- How did I miss that there was that new charlie the unicorn video AND one they got paid to do for Hot Topic?

OpenVPN name resolution to windows Active Directory

13 November, 2009 (19:30) | Mindless Blather | 1 comment

I got my openvpn clients to map to machine names. I was running into a problem with dfs roots. Had to be able to map to \\domain\root¬† instead of \\serverip\share¬†through my untangle firewall and nat using openvpn. Open your network connections and look for the TAP adapter. Mine is v9 from the upgrade a few […]

Linux goodness and problems continued

20 October, 2009 (07:14) | Mindless Blather | No comments

My main laptop is an M6300 running Vista Ultimate dual booting to Fedora. It currently has a fried power supply that crackles and a dead battery. Until it gets fixed I’m running on the Ubuntu laptop. Problems keep on keeping on but a few things have worked well: Keepassx – I was able to download […]

Gmail reports still flooding in

24 September, 2009 (08:23) | Mindless Blather | No comments

chat is broken for my users in multiple states. It has been down since we started work around 8am MST

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