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Magellan GPS – fix for Content Manager has stopped (release) working

2 June, 2011 (18:35) | Hardware Info, How to | 11 comments

First register an account with Magellan If you are running vista or windows 7, download the latest content manager for your magellan gps. Don’t tell the browser to run now, or open. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the installer file Right click the file and select “run as administrator” If you do not […]

Bria softphone setup on ip5280 system

3 December, 2010 (07:25) | How to | 7 comments

I’m pretty sure ip5280 is the Mary Kay of ip phones, they sell it and give you a little bit of basic instruction. All the industrial might seems to be a company called This particular problem took 15 days, about 20 phone calls or emails. That is right, to set up a soft phone. […]

Pidgin SSL certificate error – The certificate for could…

3 December, 2010 (06:31) | How to | 2 comments

This is because Microsoft updated some certificate information and pidgin needs a little update. Just download the newest version of pidgin and install. The new certificate files will be automagically installed for you.

Email to SMS addresses for popular phone companies

15 March, 2010 (08:54) | How to | No comments

For services like pingdom that only allow X sms messages but unlimited email, this is great: replace phone# with your 10 digit number Alltel: ATT: Cingular: Nextel: Powertel: Sprint: SunCom: T-Mobile: US Cellular: Verizon: Virgin Mobile:

You just bought a new computer… now what

21 August, 2009 (19:25) | How to | No comments

I just posted suggestions for what to do when you pull your computer out of the box. If you take a few hours and get backups and antivirus going, you will save heartburn later on. Think about it, you will probably get your next computer when this one dies. Will you be prepared for that? […]

Changing wireless network order of preference

2 June, 2009 (15:29) | How to, wireless | No comments

Windows vista remembers all the wireless networks you have ever been on. Once in a while you should hop in to control panel> network and sharing> Manage Wireless networks. Here you can drag your favorite networks to the top and delete those pesky ones from the bellagio in vegas.

How slow is your clock speed in power saver mode?

1 June, 2009 (13:15) | Hardware Info, How to, Stupid windows tricks | No comments

1st – High performance – 2194 2nd – Power Saver – 1097 3rd – Balanced – 2194 So you can see that the CPU clock speed drops more than 40% in power saver mode on my Dell Precision 6300. So if you have ever wondered why your computer was so slow when it is unplugged, […]

Checking CPU speed from the command line

1 June, 2009 (13:02) | Hardware Info, How to | No comments

wmic cpu get CurrentClockSpeed I was trying to find about the quickest way to look for my CPU speed again. I think i like this little wmi one liner. Processor clock speed should be easier to look up, but MS thinks you want to know the model, stepping number before what it is to a […]

Dell Vostro 1400 blue screens on windows update after clean install

9 May, 2009 (02:18) | Hardware Info, How to, OS | 1 comment

vostro 1400 blue screens windows update, AHCI

quick check for when your user rebooted last

17 April, 2009 (09:22) | How to | No comments

net statistics workstation Works great when you don’t want to trust the words out of your users mouth. Just look at the date and time it last started. not 100% accurate all the time, but I think the fastest check i know right now.

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