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Hair stylist – Cheapest (easy) way to set up a wordpress blog in q1 2016

19 March, 2016 (14:53) | How to | No comments

Just added –¬†Building a personal blog for a hair stylist¬†explaining how to build a cheap easy wordpress blog to share your photos, life and connect with your clients better. I would recommend finding a nerd to help you. If you have one, great, the tools to make it cheaper and better are there. Let me […]

World of Tanks firewall exceptions March 2015 (Sophos UTM)

1 March, 2015 (22:12) | How to, Mindless Blather, networking | No comments

Gamers really suck at tracking down firewall ports, I don’t. World of tanks has a bunch of ports needed, it may seem like a lot but they do appear to be using massive resources so a /24 isn’t out of line. Here is a test from the Sophos UTM 9 firewall. Great UTM box for […]

The best summary of facebook games I have read in a while

14 June, 2013 (07:31) | games, How to | No comments

This comes to us from an old friend who is one of the best linux admins I have ever met. Very smart guy, his analysis of the typical flash game model is right on and a little entertaining to read: summary of all click games given so you don’t have to play

How to find credit card numbers and social security numbers on an employee workstation

8 July, 2012 (18:49) | How to, Monitoring, security, software | No comments

Cornell developed their spider program a while ago. You can search for anything on a machine using regular expressions with this tool. It takes a bloody long time to search an entire hard drive so hopefully you have the user locked down to write access in My docs or the equal on linux/osx. This tool […]

Use your old remote with an XBMC machine

16 April, 2012 (10:17) | How to, Remote Management, Stupid windows tricks | No comments

Need a remote? Just buy this usb dongle and use one of the 20 you have.

Change remote desktop port for Windows 2008r2 and below

7 February, 2012 (16:51) | How to, security | No comments

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp\PortNumber modify the value, switch to decimal unless you want to be fancy and figure it out in hex. restart the computer or if you are lazy like me, restart the remote desktop service then reconnnect.

Salesforce login problems under Internet Explorer (firefox works)

30 January, 2012 (08:28) | How to, software | No comments

Salesforce keeps popping up an error on login with the correct password: You have attempted to access a page that requires a login. If you are already a user of the system, please login below. Internet Explorer 9 won’t let a user get in but firefox and chrome will. This is a problem because […]

Surprise, HR Block Free tax prep is not free.

24 January, 2012 (06:08) | How to | No comments

I just read a few complaints on a consumer watchdog website about H&R Block. Grow up people! If you are old enough to file taxes you should have some basic consumer skills on your own by now. They seem to believe putting a * next to a word and making you read the fine print […]

Remove spiceworks ads

18 November, 2011 (19:22) | antivirus/spyware, How to, security | No comments

A few people over the last few years have asked me why spiceworks doesnt show ads when I show them my interface. The hosts file from will block spiceworks ads. I don’t recommend doing this in order to block their ads. It is how they make money to build the product. If you use […]

Finally a great alternative to Powerpoint

22 August, 2011 (14:14) | How to, software | No comments Very cool vector graphics presentations. This should be able to outdo powerpoint any time you need something flashy.                

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