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Category: Hardware Info

error: module dahdi is in use by dahdi_voicebus

20 February, 2012 (09:11) | complaining, Hardware Info | No comments

Our brand new out of the box Digium Switchvox 355 hangs on boot: error: module dahdi is in use by dahdi_voicebus. So within 10 minutes of owning the silly thing I got to call support. Luckily we have plantinum support so it should all be free, easy and fixed in 24 hours right? Wrong. The phone […]

Magellan GPS – fix for Content Manager has stopped (release) working

2 June, 2011 (18:35) | Hardware Info, How to | 11 comments

First register an account with Magellan If you are running vista or windows 7, download the latest content manager for your magellan gps. Don’t tell the browser to run now, or open. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the installer file Right click the file and select “run as administrator” If you do not […]

Western Digital media player update

23 August, 2009 (17:30) | Hardware Info | No comments

The new Western Digital media player should be out soon. Looks like a hard drive. You plug a usb drive in to it and then hook it to your tv. It plays all media types for the bargain price of about $100. Not as cool as a Popcorn Hour C200 but way better than an […]

How slow is your clock speed in power saver mode?

1 June, 2009 (13:15) | Hardware Info, How to, Stupid windows tricks | No comments

1st – High performance – 2194 2nd – Power Saver – 1097 3rd – Balanced – 2194 So you can see that the CPU clock speed drops more than 40% in power saver mode on my Dell Precision 6300. So if you have ever wondered why your computer was so slow when it is unplugged, […]

Checking CPU speed from the command line

1 June, 2009 (13:02) | Hardware Info, How to | No comments

wmic cpu get CurrentClockSpeed I was trying to find about the quickest way to look for my CPU speed again. I think i like this little wmi one liner. Processor clock speed should be easier to look up, but MS thinks you want to know the model, stepping number before what it is to a […]

Dell Vostro 1400 blue screens on windows update after clean install

9 May, 2009 (02:18) | Hardware Info, How to, OS | 1 comment

vostro 1400 blue screens windows update, AHCI

DD-WRT on wrt54gl and wrt54g v8.0 works great!

21 April, 2008 (21:05) | Hardware Info | No comments

DD-WRT micro goes on the v.8. The standard generic goes on the gl’s.  So far the only tool I will miss in the micro firmware is the ability to increase radio power. I have the v8 at home and the other 3 at work so I’ll give a review after more experience rolls in.  For […]

Killawatt power measuring wondertool of DOOM. or OH NO MY FRIDGE IS A SINNER

10 March, 2008 (18:39) | Easy Money Making, Hardware Info | No comments

The Vatican just decided that polluting is a sin. So to help out, windowsnerd will give you tools to protect your soul. Take your tv to confession and buy a killawatt!! Spend $17 on this thing then start the fun. Plug your TV in to it. See how much power it is sucking while it […]

Windows xp,vista, 2003, 2003r2 and quad core chip support

8 February, 2008 (22:16) | Hardware Info | No comments

Yes, you can run a dual quad core processor system with XP, Vista, 2003, and 2003r2. (excluding home editions.) Microsoft defines a processor as a single unit despite the number of cores within the CPU package. So go forth and buy your giant dual quad core machine. Just remember you need to run a 64bit […]