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Category: Easy Money Making

Killawatt power measuring wondertool of DOOM. or OH NO MY FRIDGE IS A SINNER

10 March, 2008 (18:39) | Easy Money Making, Hardware Info | No comments

The Vatican just decided that polluting is a sin. So to help out, windowsnerd will give you tools to protect your soul. Take your tv to confession and buy a killawatt!! Spend $17 on this thing then start the fun. Plug your TV in to it. See how much power it is sucking while it […]

Shameless google ad try number 1

8 March, 2008 (20:15) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Someday I might ad this stuff in so there is one every 10 articles or something. It might be possible to pay for a fraction of my hosting fee a year.

Bullocks on Prosper!!!

8 February, 2008 (21:07) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Check out this loan calculator- it doesn’t care what you credit rating is. It isn’t really helpful at all for helping you guess what kind of loan you could get. go put in an interest rate and try it out. I do love prosper. Just not that tool. After a whopping 60 days my loans […]

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