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Category: Easy Money Making

Sign your business up for all the social networking you need

22 August, 2011 (14:19) | blogging, Easy Money Making | No comments

Buy account: Wait 2-5 days. Viola –        

Extreme Couponing – Dangerous and mostly illegal

21 May, 2011 (07:22) | antivirus/spyware, Easy Money Making, prediction, security | No comments

Watching the TLC show Extreme Couponing immediately leaves a computer nerd with a skeptical feeling. Coupons today are driven by an incredible data mining corporate machine, it is hard to understand the $/hour cost of couponing and selling your soul vs getting a job. A little googling shows the illegal status of bar code fraud […]

Thinkgeek coupon code because slashdot was down for maintenance

16 April, 2010 (22:43) | Easy Money Making, Mindless Blather | No comments

thinkgeek coupon code

Google Adsense Revenue for Windowsnerd part 2

5 February, 2010 (07:07) | Easy Money Making | No comments

For those who complain about the ads, here is the breakdown- Google adsense revenue last February-  $16.81             (didn’t break 100 so I didn’t get a check, continues below) Google adsense revenue today – $35.71                               […]

The quest for perfect credit reporting/monitoring, Try 1 equifax FAIL

26 September, 2009 (09:19) | Easy Money Making | No comments

My first try is Equifax 3 in 1 monitoring along with  score watch for $25/month. The Equifax solution started off cool, it gave me my score, each account in my history and ok explanations. After 6 months of paying $25/month I will tell you it has $0 in value. The only things that worked are […]

Google Adsense revenue

24 February, 2009 (07:00) | Easy Money Making, Mindless Blather | No comments

So far has $16.81 in a google adsense account after being up for over a year. I think that translates to around 50 cents an hour. Maybe I need a different type of content. Movies? hmm.

Technorati Favorite exchange

5 July, 2008 (04:25) | blogging, Easy Money Making | No comments

Well I guess there is a BS way to increase your technorati rating. Mine is 0. I’m adding a page for a technorati favorite exchange. I saw this idea on HERE at blueskeltonproductions. For a link to my LINK EXCHANGE, click on that.  

Google Page rank 9 or 10 tricks. Easy fast ways to the top of google

25 June, 2008 (06:24) | blogging, Easy Money Making | No comments

Ok the first one is to write really great content that people want to read. Then google will put you at rank 9 or 10. This is the real way to do it. If you write worthwhile quality content, people will come to your site. If not go read “he’s just not that into you” […]

Shameless google ad try #3

11 March, 2008 (19:52) | Easy Money Making | No comments

ignore this part. I’m just playing with the idea of doing a google ad someday. if it works it works. If it doesn’t I’m lazy. Oops.

Shameless google ad

10 March, 2008 (20:14) | Easy Money Making | No comments

Testing out the old google search bar. Maybe ill put this in the top of my page? Use it to open a new window and do your google search outta here! Enter your search terms Submit search form   Web

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