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World of Tanks firewall exceptions March 2015 (Sophos UTM)

1 March, 2015 (22:12) | How to, Mindless Blather, networking

Gamers really suck at tracking down firewall ports, I don’t.

World of tanks has a bunch of ports needed, it may seem like a lot but they do appear to be using massive resources so a /24 isn’t out of line.

Here is a test from the Sophos UTM 9 firewall. Great UTM box for home, not sure about for businesses yet. I have WOT running with chat etc, just took it one step/port/ip range at a time.

wot firewall rules




At the moment I can’t figure out how to just list a bunch of comma separated ports, a sequence is separated with a colon :

So I have 2 internal test subnets as the source

services (ports) open-




tcp/udp 1080 (clean this up later)


5222, 5333





Let me know if you discover anything else. I’m cruising along just fine for now but haven’t been through a patch yet.




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