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BAA scramble of 2013 update

2 January, 2014 (00:32) | security

Google caved in October and started offering a BAA for google apps but it comes with some catches. You have to turn off sites, groups, and a few other services outside their list in order for them to honor the BAA.My attorney does not like the BAA, I am waiting to find out if he is going to let me post his exact concerns. I have my own, but I am not a lawyer.

Microsoft Office 365 has the strongest BAA, but we do have a few small issues with it. They are non-negotiable so we are stuck with it.

Logmein still has no idea what I am talking about so we are almost done dumping them.

To recap, this is for the HITECH Omnibus passed in Jan last year which is now in effect. If you deal with patient records, you have to have a BAA with anyone who touches them. Backups, antivirus, iTunes syncing, heh good luck with apple, they say no.




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