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A few nifty security tools for home

17 February, 2013 (18:29) | antivirus/spyware, security This site will look your email address up and compare it to a list of known hacked accounts. You can ask it to keep on scanning for free on a personal account. This company teamed up with lastpass to do nightly scans.

Lastpass for passwords! Nobody should remember or write down passwords these days.

Separate email accounts – Build an email account for “account management” No spam, no personal email, etc. Just resetting passwords. make sure that password is darn strong on your email account.  I recommend MS or Google with the google authenticator.

WordPress- Bulletproof Security, WP Security – Both have similar approaches. If you run wordpress, you should spend a weekend getting to know each.

Don’t forget your hosts file from when you install windows 8. This currently blocks commercials in hulu, most ads etc.




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