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error: module dahdi is in use by dahdi_voicebus

20 February, 2012 (09:11) | complaining, Hardware Info

Our brand new out of the box Digium Switchvox 355 hangs on boot: error: module dahdi is in use by dahdi_voicebus. So within 10 minutes of owning the silly thing I got to call support. Luckily we have plantinum support so it should all be free, easy and fixed in 24 hours right?


The phone call to resolve this issue took a hair under 29 minutes which I found to be acceptable. The rep was thorough and confident in her solution.  I had to unseat my pri card and fax card, unplug the daughtercard from the PRI card. Put the daughtercard back on. Then reseat again with a few reboots during the process. The support person told me the echo cancellation module is bad. Fair enough, but man that isn’t a part a normal person should be messing with.

I have to pay to ship it back, then they send a replacement or I could leave a credit card number and pay to return the broken component using the box I get the new one in. How ghetto is leaving a credit card number for a cheap part replacement on a $16k product? I should tell Amex to block all purchases from this company just to show that having a credit card on file is worthless to them but a substantial risk to my company. The support call ended by leaving me with a bunch of paperwork to do. Some platinum support. After my support call Friday, my company dealt with a DB server all weekend so I didn’t have time to RMA the part.

Today unraveled all the process of a new digium account. username vs email address, password resets etc, set up my account and got started. I RMA’d the part using their strange form. Digium states that they will overnight parts in all the sales materials contract. The sales people conveniently leave out the one day processing time documented on the RMA page.

I have to pay for whatever shipping option I choose outside of UPS ground. Digium’s support page states that they will ship in a business day, not today. Then you wait the additional shipping time you choose (overnight, 2day, 3day, ground, etc.) I am guessing about the best you can do is 2 days, and the worst case is going to be about a week.

In our case, we report the problem on Friday, their ridiculous setup requires more than a 30 minute phone call to arrange the replacement. We got the Digium account information all set up on the web page, do the RMA form, deal with their strange layouts Monday. It should ship Monday or Tuesday, and with UPS ground I should have my part by what Thursday or Friday? From reading the helpful mouse overs on the support page, I’m not even sure if this part will ship before they get the broken one. So I had the front desk lady ship our broken card right away. Platinum support my ass.

I was under the impression that you are mostly paying for support when you buy an appliance. So far the support from Digium sucks donkeys. When the support sucks, you want root. We have no root access to fix things ourselves. The hardware is cheap. I really wonder if we would be better off running asterisk on a poweredge instead of an old supermicro board in a poorly built server.

We had already planned on buying a second set of hardware to keep on the shelf. I think this is absolutely necessary if you are going to run a digium phone system. It is still cheaper than buying a shortel/avaya/cisco solution but you get what you pay for.

I took pictures of all the innards etc. I’ll get to work on a review once I have some experience. Who knows, maybe the functionality will live up to expectations. So far support falls way short. The hardware might end up ok but it isn’t off to a great start. Overall I’m trying to remain optimistic. If we can make it work, it will save our company tens of thousands.  Of which I will see 0 which makes me wonder, why do a struggle with open source/cheap solutions like this? It is completed on my personal time, not the company time. Maybe it is time to start buying solutions like Cisco/Avaya.




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