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Salesforce login problems under Internet Explorer (firefox works)

30 January, 2012 (08:28) | How to, software

Salesforce keeps popping up an error on login with the correct password:

You have attempted to access a page that requires a login. If you are already a user of the system, please login below.

Internet Explorer 9 won’t let a user get in but firefox and chrome will. This is a problem because saleforce plugins like MS office integration only work in Internet Explorer.

We think this works, I’ll check back in a week:

Hit the IE gear at the top right and select “Internet Options”

In the window that pops up, click the security tab at the top left

There is a checkbox toward the bottom left. “Enable Protected Mode”

Check the box. If it works please post a comment below. If it doesn’t work, please post a comment below.

We have been through many calls with Salesforce customer support who have proven to be pretty useless. My desktop support has tried to figure this out and my users have called Salesforce directly many times. This morning I found this fix in about 3 minutes after starting in on the problem. So I doubt it is the solution.






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