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Remove spiceworks ads

18 November, 2011 (19:22) | antivirus/spyware, How to, security

A few people over the last few years have asked me why spiceworks doesnt show ads when I show them my interface. The hosts file from will block spiceworks ads.

I don’t recommend doing this in order to block their ads. It is how they make money to build the product. If you use it for work, this is like cutting off your toe so you don’t have to look at it.

I would recommend putting the hosts file from on every machine in your organization for a jillion security reasons. You need to dog food it and run it on your computer. Just sayin, a side effect is that Spiceworks ads will be blocked if you keep it updated.

If you use Spiceworks for your business and choose not to pay the ads, think about it for a minute. I pay between $3-4k per year on a Dell kbox I used to replace Spiceworks. Are you going to pay the same when you bankrupt their model? Maybe just send them a check for saving you some time. I’m telling you the people there are really cool. Helping Austin stay weird. I might have disagreements with how they run their software, which is fine and why I moved on to a different product. But I think the nerd world needs the Spiceworks staff and community more than they realize.



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