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Apple spyware numbers through the roof (for a mac)

18 May, 2011 (15:23) | Mindless Blather

So first read this:

Ed got it right 13 days ago. Mac trojan on a large scale popped up in a big way. The problem with this particular one stems from the press it is already getting. If more news agencies catch on, more dumb users will start to panic. As they start to panic or remember the story about needing antivirus, they will be more likely to fall for the antivirus scam. This problem could grow quite a bit over the next few weeks if mac doesn’t do something clever.

For the fanbois, check out other sites if you don’t believe. Like the apple support forums. There are thousands of page views and hundreds of threads about this problem already.

Just pay attention to the numbers. As mac usage increases, threats increase. Lets hope linux stays small so my servers are safe. No OS is safe, all have rootable exploits. Numbers of Google OS phones up =

Ok so why not linux? Well because as a desktop it sucks. Normal people can’t run a linux desktop. The people who do won’t fall for these simple attacks. Their desktops and servers are targeted based on their valuable data. Databases full of credit card numbers, sony playstation logins etc. No need for a stupid spyware install when you can root a database with a buffer overflow on an open port.

To the loyal macheads, I wish you luck in your frantic race to download antivirus and hope that there are mature security solutions to protect your mom who you smugly told to buy a mac. The good news is that logmein works on windows and mac so you can take care of this remotely once she gets it. Pretty easy fix. No nasty rootkits yet.

Imagine a fanboy speaking on this timeline about the greatest mac feature:

2005 Macs don’t ever get hacked!

Today Macs don’t get hacked much! Especially compared to Windows!

2015 Macs are really shiny and blingy!

2020 Macs were cool when I was in college!

Overall macs are just computers. Get some antivirus, stay patched, you will be fine.

Here is a link to free av for mac at sophos:

Kaspersky for mac –

Symantec for mac –

Several sources are calling for apple to funnel people to the apps store so that they only get known good downloads. Bad idea:



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