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Black market movie trading getting way too easy, RIAA is going to be pissed

4 May, 2011 (19:09) | Mindless Blather

You can find all sorts of places on the net these days to buy a 2-3TB hard drive with a few thousand episodes of tv show or movies. As storage capacity increases, it will be more difficult for Hollywood to keep up their old model. Movies are going to have to get really cheap if people are able to walk to their buddies house to swap 5TB of movies around. 2TB drives are well under the $100 mark, as the masses realize how much they can store, they will. Hollywood has to find a way to add value to what they are doing. Better interfaces than itunes for access to movies, more content, options, something. Here is a great example of a quick start for a sneakernet instacollection of movies.

How long till Hollywood lawyers bankrupt this fool?




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