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HP Slate 500 first impressions

21 March, 2011 (09:29) | Mindless Blather

Just got my first HP slate 500 for my office. This is going to be interesting finding out how it works with our medical SAAS model. Ipad is the worst thing you could possibly do to a HIPAA/PHIPA bound organization, but it is very good for viewing data. My main goal with the HP Slate is to find out if it is going to be a good tool for both viewing data as well as minimal input. I will also be testing it with tools that we use to comply with many of the HIPAA/NIST FIPS-140-2 requirements. Active Directory integration to meet password requirements, disk encryption etc.

Out of the box:

1. The case sucks. If I compare things to Ipad, it is because they are close to the same size, and our customers compare them. I know it is apples to oranges, home use vs business. Anyhow they are about the same size, and the ipad standard case is much better. This HP one feels flimsy and does not fit on the device very well. If anyone sees cases/slings for carrying them, shoot me some links in the comments. My target customer is on their feet, in and out of hospital rooms all day.

2. Keyboard input will take some getting used to. Same with an Ipad for me. I don’t type well on a screen. For customers this will be an issue with either device.

3. HP comes with a stylus. I am already writing just fine, but I have experience back to the palm/hp200/hp Jornada 430. I’ve also been working on the tablet XP, vista and 7 OS’ for quite a while.

4. Win 7 pro looks good. Internect connection fired right up on the wireless. Everything is working well.

5. IE needs a fullscreen button to hit with your finger. Maybe someone wrote something already? Let me know.

6. Right click in IE needs the following:

  • fullscreen
  • Go to url:
  • exit
  • lock rotation (so if I want it to stay portrait while working even though I am physically setting it down etc)

7. Joined my Windows 2008 R2 Active directory just like any other Windows 7 Pro machine. It did not bring up a keyboard or stylus interface right away when I clicked in the text boxes to type in the domain name to join. That was a little odd, but I am already getting used to using the keyboard button on the side of the slate to pop it up when I need it.

8. HA! No need to sync with another computer for itunes. Or anything. It is it’s own computer which I intend to manage for now with a Dell Kbox 1000.

9. My screen is broken. There is a small dent or something under the glass on the lcd about an inch down from the camera if you hold it portrait mode. If there is a blue background, you can see about a 1/4 by 1/8th inch distortion area and the line where it is cracked. Nice work HP quality control. I’ll be starting a trouble ticket and asking for a replacement soon.

I know ipad lovers are going to find this and want to tear me apart. Please, if you want to help, email apple and tell them to get FIPS-140-2 certified. For anything. Apple does not have a single entry on the FIPS-140-2 list of approved algorithms, devices etc. This means you can NOT use an Iphone, Ipad, Ianything for access to patient data.




Comment from Alex
Time: April 19, 2011, 4:23 pm

I happen to know someone who bought two. After waiting for a long time, in less than two months both of them have their screen cracked. Started as a very tiny line and kept increasing.

Have you tried to contact HP? If so what did they tell you?

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