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Bria softphone setup on ip5280 system

3 December, 2010 (07:25) | How to

I’m pretty sure ip5280 is the Mary Kay of ip phones, they sell it and give you a little bit of basic instruction. All the industrial might seems to be a company called This particular problem took 15 days, about 20 phone calls or emails. That is right, to set up a soft phone.

First call ip5280, they have to set up shared call presence for your phone. They also seem to have other magic things to set up with the people who seem to be running the show. If it isn’t a separate company, there are some horrible communication issues inside ip5280 that make it appear to be that way.

Download Bria, I got version 3.1.2, the $50 version.

Call support you will need to verify all the following settings:

Go into softphone Account settings, add or edit a profile:

  • Account name: ip5280 (or your company, should just be a label)
  • Protocol SIP
  • Allow this account for Call and IM Presence checked
  • UserID yourphonenumber (plus one additional char)
  • Domain – two available or (nat is for off your network, csp is on yours)
  • Password – they have to give this to you
  • Display name – your name
  • Authorization name – your phone number
  • Domain proxy – check the box for “register with domain and receive calls”
  • Proxy is checked and you have the same two options as above.. off your network use and on use

Supposedly after you use it will figure out what to use on its own after that. So far my soft phone works on my home comcast, 3g ATT, work comcast and work t1.

Quick review of the Bria softphone/ip5280 provider-

The bria softphone is awesome. For $50 it is a cheap corporate solution to provide ip phones with 3 digit extensions, call flow, all the things a business needs over a lame solution like skype or google voice. It does video, not sure if you can do multiple video streams like adobe connect.

IP5280 I’m not so sure about. Sometimes they rush in to help you out with issues. Other times like this softphone, they drop the ball over and over and over. Getting a response is pretty difficult on simple things. I ordered a T1 to 3Mb ethernet upgrade. I have asked many times when it would be installed. The installer showed up yesterday. Qwest sent a tech out who informed me that I’m not getting ethernet, but bonded t1’s. I’m not all that familiar with T1 technology so maybe that is what 3Mb ethernet is supposed to be? Anyhow the tech went on to tell me that we are getting completely ripped off on pricing for this service. We should have gone through qwest instead of a reseller. At the time of purchase we shopped around on the T1, it was a really good deal for our area.

My overall impression of ip5280 is that there is something shady going on. Like I said earlier, I am pretty sure they are just the sales people for another system. Tech support is very careful to make sure they say the right thing when it is time to represent their company name. The onvoip guy had no record of any of my emails to the support email address at ip5280.

If I am wrong and this is all the same company that I talk to, they have some seriously f’d up internal communication issues.




Comment from Jeffrey Pearl
Time: December 23, 2010, 8:14 am

I’m one of the founders of IP5280. Please call me at 303 800 0010. I’m sitting here with my CTO and we want to help clear up your confusion. I’m sorry you had issues. We are working hard in building the best Nationwide IP Communications company for business.

Comment from Jeffrey Pearl
Time: February 12, 2011, 10:07 am

I would still like to chat with you. 303 800 0010

Comment from Nerd
Time: March 23, 2011, 4:41 pm

Mr. Pearl, thank you for the response, I thought about asking you about our problems at Del Fresco’s today but you looked like you were enjoying your meal and the presentation. I thought the steak was quite yummy.

Many of my issues have been resolved. Many have not. The softphone situation became even more bizarre. I had never heard of Counterpath, Bria or Eyebeam before talking to ip5280 techs. On the first few phone calls with ip5280 support I was instructed to use Bria, or an open source program with no support. Now after purchase of many licenses of Bria (the corporate offering from Counterpath) I have been corrected and instructed to use Eyebeam (the lite version.) Now the process has adjusted to where ip5280 issues the softphone software, serial etc so I suspect the kinks are worked out. Pricing has changed, everything changed but it seems to be ok.

Now if only we could have phone calls that don’t drop due to “carrier issues” etc. Or get responses on trouble reports then maybe this outsourced phone idea will work out. For now I would stick with my current recommendation to my friends – don’t contract with this company yet.

Comment from Jeffrey Pearl
Time: March 23, 2011, 6:58 pm

I wish you would have introduced yourself! My offer still stands, call me.

Comment from ITGuy
Time: April 6, 2011, 10:47 pm

Having been through the IP5280 experience, I can tell you it probably won’t get better. They are basically reselling the services of another company. They have lost most of what little talent they had. Email me if you’d like a recommendation of a better alternative. We’ve switched and things have been much better.

Comment from ip5280sucks
Time: November 28, 2012, 2:39 pm

Do not very buy services from IP5280. They sucked before with support and now that they are sold to Megapath, it is even worse. We have had phones suddenly just stop working, and have had to simply find a different solution since they cannot get their stuff together. We have had support tickets go un-resolved for over 3 months. Callbacks from tech support rarely ever happen unless you get a tier 2 or tier 3 engineer involved. Even then, tech issues get dropped.

This company deserves to go under…I am amazed how anyone can run a company like this and keep customers. Our contract is up in 2 months….I feel like a prisoner counting the days until release day!

Comment from Nerd
Time: April 6, 2013, 9:59 pm

We are really happy with our digium system. After the ip5280 nightmare was over, we thought running a phone server must be difficult for some reason. Turns out it is easier than most IT services. Our Digium box is less than half of the cost of an Avaya system with about 4x the features.

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