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iphone vs droid – missing the point, you want the best ladder to your cloud

24 June, 2010 (21:17) | OS, security, wireless

Thats about it. if you are an iwork ilife ifanbois, the only phone for you is an iphone. If you love google apps like me, get a droid. You want the best ladder up to your cloud. Both have more apps than you can shake a stick at. Can you really filter through 80,000 apps available on the google phone? Do you really care if 60% of droid apps are free? No, you want your ladder to your cloud.

Unless you have HIPAA, PHIPA, SOX, CISSP, work for DoD, or just a company who values privacy. Then you get a Blackberry and download the right apps. There should be no such thing as an iphone or droid at a company who has security requirements. Please tell me I’m wrong with citations of how an iphone or droid is fully compliant with FIPS140-2 and is listed on the appropriate NIST site so I can show my attorney. Then I will snuggle up in my happy google cloud or let my coworkers get all happy in their iphone cloud.

I do envy you people who are arguing about megapixels and screen size. Not becuase your petty arguments have merit, just because I want the happy ladder instead of the Escher staircase.

One side note- I still challenge anyone to show me an iphone app with a real business use for me that can’t be replicated by blackberry or droid. So far it doesn’t exist. I think these are all fairly equal platforms and just flavors, not fat vs carbs.



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