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Comcast uptime problems and Pingdom to the rescue

11 April, 2010 (18:43) | Monitoring

Uptime for Comcast Broomfield: Last 30 days

I have a client who is having problems with Comcast and intermittent outages. We have both talked to comcast over the last few years to discuss the issue and come to no resolution or attempt at real troubleshooting. Tuesday a tech is finally coming out.

I will have pingdom stats this time to show how often the connection drops. Pingdom checks the firewall at the residence. It is possible for pingdom stats to be off in a few rare cases where the firewall is down. Currently that would occur because the power has been out or the hardware failed. Should give a pretty accurate show of Comcast uptime in a residence. I will update the stats if the hardware fails or power drops.

To troubleshoot the intermittent internet issue:

1. Ran pings from in the house to a bunch of addresses. In windows ping -t, fire up another command prompt, ping -t,, etc. In linux just ping.
2. Swapped access points, copying config from ddwrt and moving to the other
3. New installation of DDWRT
4. Grounded cable splitters
5. Swapped cable splitters and coax
6. Called comcast, had them add a mac address for my newest cable modem. Seems on newer cheap ones you can’t copy the MAC. This guy was extremely helpful. Told me the Up link had some poor signal strength. At the time of the call. Only the cable modem was plugged in. This tells me there is a signal strength problem outside the house.
7. Tried with the Untangle UTM appliance inline and without.
None of these steps over a very long period of time has solved the issue, and now all hardware has been replaced.

Time will tell. And you will be able to monitor this locations performance as well as others on my Monitoring page very soon.

Be nice to the troubleshooting guy. I was nice to this one today and he was very very helpful. Crazy to have a native english speaker at 5 on a Sunday in the US. Maybe my comcast stock is worth holding on to. (disclaimer there… I own about $1000 worth of comcast stock. It pays pathetic dividends, I don’t recommend it.)



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