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Google Adsense Revenue for Windowsnerd part 2

5 February, 2010 (07:07) | Easy Money Making

For those who complain about the ads, here is the breakdown-

Google adsense revenue last February-  $16.81             (didn’t break 100 so I didn’t get a check, continues below)

Google adsense revenue today – $35.71                                (i won’t get a check till it hits $100)

I have not received a penny for running this web page. Or any other page I have. I spend a few hundred dollars a year on domain names and hosting. I think it is fair to say I share my ideas for free, I am very far from recovering the thousands I have spent over the years in hosting fees. So far I have a promise from google to give me $35 if I make it to $100 before it expires. After 6 years I might make a little money back. Anyhow I caught some crap a little while back for putting ads up. Does it really bother you that much? Go get a hosts file from and block it.

I’m not going to ask anyone for money, just like to give a small amount back. I get a lot of my answers off the web. Hopefully I come up with something that helps someone else out.

Lol check out the tag- easy money making. nothing easy about building a web page full of semi specialized junk and trying to break even.



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