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Mac tablet prediction – wild crazy one including OS11

10 January, 2010 (20:45) | mac, prediction

Ok so this one is out there. Apple is on top of its game. Macland has to know that Chrome will destroy the teeny userbase OSx has within the next 2 years. Most people use the web. Thats it. Web apps. My mom, my cousin, most of my employees. They all use the web. At the university we tracked applications across 1400 lab computers. Even 3-7 years ago it was 99% web browser. More netbooks will be sold at the ATT/Verizon store. They will become disposable.

Why is it taking so long for the Apple tablet to come out? It is getting beat over and over again. The Nvidia tablet, Dell slate, old school dell xt, oqo gear. Apple does things for good reasons.They are waiting for a a perfect storm of ideas. Small light touchscreen tech is maturing this year. Battery life is better with atoms and SSDs. And-

I’m guessing the Apple tablet is running a thinned down OSX. Probably named OS 11. It will be super lightweight, just some wireless drivers, graphics, small fast storage. Exactly what the standard cookie cutter Chrome OS machine will be later this year. All the manufacturers are ramping up on the touch screen slate. Apple will be fashionably late as usual (like on the current lack of security patches,) and dazzle us with some overpriced gadget. As always, I won’t buy one because I can’t afford the lack of bang for bucks. But if someone gives me a toy that cool I’ll be ever so happy.

Where does this leave me? Errr ummmm… Yipes. MS has been working on their own cloud for a long time. I wonder if it will arrive in time before the google hurricane.

So there is my crazy prediction for 2010. Apple iSlate or whatever is running a ChromeOS style OS, on near netbook hardware, and sold at Verizon with cell service. If they don’t have a light OS, goodbye Apple, and welcome google vs MS for the next cold war.




Comment from DRei22
Time: January 21, 2010, 11:48 am

The only problem I have with what your saying is that Apple will somehow fail because of ChromeOS? PC’s have never been lower in price than they are now, yet, people still by Mac’s faithfully year after year. I am no Mac fan boy or owner by any means (except my iPhone) but I don’t see Apple losing anything because of ChromeOS. Apple has had products flop before (think Newton and AppleTV) so if the iSlate flops, it just flops and on to the next technology for Apple. Besides a 5% market share for Apple vs a 90% market share by MS has been hardly a war. If MS ever had a threat they need to watch their back end products aka Exchange and Server 20**. *nix based server products are creeping in with a vengeance.

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