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Why Eve online sucks donkeys

3 January, 2010 (15:53) | games

Eve really sucks. It looks ok, I wouldn’t say the graphics are better or as impressive as standing in the middle of Dalaran in WoW. I compare to WoW because it is my favorite game, not because they are that similar. But all games are the same. Collect resources, upgrade skills, fight bigger enemies. There were a few things that caught my attention right away:

1. There is a chat channel for newbies. Clear sign the game isn’t very self explanatory. That chat channel is a steady flood of confused, lost and bewildered new people. BIG red flag. The game leaves a little too much important information out as you get started and you can easily feel stuck and bored.

2. Rude people in chat. Very condescending comments to newbs about reading directions and only intellectuals are capable of playing Eve online. If you don’t get it, apparently you are stupid. The feel of chat is about the worst I have seen in any game. You can stereotype age of players per game all you want, but there are 12 year olds on every game. Everyone I know who plays WoW is 20s to 30s. People in my guild are younger, but play well all the same.

3. The directions you are provided with don’t make much sense. It gives me some blueprint to build some afterburner thing. At first I thought I was going to make the part myself. After some reading using the ingame browser (very cool) people said I should just buy it. Even though I had a bunch of extra mining stuff I had just sold, I didn’t have enough to buy the parts for my quest.  According to my training schedule, it was going to be 4 hours until my prereq skill was done cooking. I can’t build it without some manufacturing skill that gets done about 2 hours from now. So I’m stuck. Can’t build it, can’t buy it. I personally hate the need of a game like Evony or Eve to set an alarm so I know when I need to log in and start up the next action.

Why on earth would they make me wait 4 hours to complete my 3rd quest? Unbelievable. So I asked in the chat. I got bitched out and cursed at for being stupid and making the game less fun because I’m obviously trolling the chat to piss people off??? Very odd.I wonder if Eve put the newbie channel there just to deter new users. One more hurdle to keep the new people out, by constant ridicule.

4. The interface starts off too cluttered. That sure is nice that you can do all this amazing stuff later in the game. Eve needs to learn from WoW and start with a bunch of the buttons missing. Focus players on core skills that must be complete in order to get past say level 10.

5. mouse look. I looked around for a while in the menu, couldn’t figure out mouselook inversion options.

6. The ingame browser is really cool because you don’t have to tab out or stay in windowed mode. The idea behind it though bites. The game sucks so bad that you have to be able to google how to play it every other minute. Eve online doesn’t feel like a game. It is more like a writing a research paper.

After 3 hours of wandering around, reading too much online and in game, and getting blasted by other users for asking polite questions I gave up. I got in to general chat and said I didn’t think this game is for me, I hope you all have fun with it, I’m going back to WoW. I got a few “fuck yous”  right away and then logged out and uninstalled.

Eve online is a game for people who can only see black and white. For the few percent of the world that sees only in black and white it is great. But for the rest of us who see in color, the game makes as much sense as a newspaper that has been through a crosscut shredder. I would have quit after about an hour, but decided I better give it a chance. I will never get that 3-4 hours back. what a waste.

So now the count is World of Warcraft 2, Eve online 0, WW2 online 0. Evony is oddly addicting, LORTO is good. Starcraft2, Halo(s,) Half Life- awesome.I would just recommend steering clear of Eve unless your personality is an elitist snob with too much free time. My latest fun game is World of Tanks. Love that game.

To the people saying why compare to WoW? WoW is a game. I like games. I play games. If they are fun I pay for them. I compare games to games. Things I do on a computer in my free time. Are they the same? Yes, they are a certain level of fun. The end.




Comment from Kev
Time: January 12, 2010, 11:23 pm

Wasn’t too much of a fan of Eve. If you prefer MMOs with nice game mechanics check out 2Moons (it is ranked as one of the best PVP experiences). There is a lot of crap coming out the korean MMO market because it so lucrative, but this is an exception.

Comment from KF34
Time: March 18, 2010, 1:44 pm

A friend of mine asked me to play the game, he offered me 100 million in EVE currency in return I subscribe for the game using his invite, that way he gets 1 month free. So far Ive played about 2 months worth, here is my thoughts on the game. This is pretty much why I didn’t purchase another subscription.

Something I did not like about eve online was real-time skill training, even with implants and full learning skills, you have to wait sometimes days for a skill to complete training, basically I paid just to wait for my skills to finish training, within this time frame there isn’t really much you can do worth while until it completes.

Also another thing that I did not like was suicide ganking, basically in eve online there are system security levels, high security levels are areas where if someone attacks you a “guard” called Concord will come and blow up their ship, but players are now scanning people for their cargo, looking for any valuable item, they then take a cheap ship, insure it and kill you and then their friends come in and steal your stuff.

In regards to eve onlines player community, some of the nicest players are the miners, but this game is infested with griefers, 9 times out of 10 youll meet a real jerk, its nothing like the community here on wow. Also the main thing I did not like about this game was sanctioned purchase of ISK (currency) with real money. Basically in this game, if you have real money you can buy as much ISK (currency) you like, legally, meaning you wont get banned for it.

This game could have been so good if they tweaked it a little, but they decided to cater to griefers. Oh well, back to playing WoW. Im telling, if Blizzard got in control of eve online, it would become one of the best games out there. Thats why im hoping their next MMO is scifi based.

Comment from Opho
Time: April 5, 2010, 10:33 am

Eve-online is difficult because it is about sorting through superfluous layers of complexity that serve as its fantasy of a space ship society. Actually the game is simple and is about moving resources between boxes for processing to market. There are no griefers. Stealing from, protecting from, and setting back, others – is the game. The interest of the game is accomplishing how to survive/compete in anarchy, and you quickly discover, that this requires competition of groups. As in nature, survival (selection) is a group selection game for social species. The larger, more powerful group wins over the smaller and groups join together to form larger groups and so on. There is ramifying detail in complexity to operate your apparatus in and with the group. The top predator group wins. Fun, huh?

Comment from Gavin
Time: April 12, 2010, 4:51 pm

Yeah Eve sucks, I completely agree with this blog entry, and everything Opho said is about a complete a lie as can be told. I played for 2 months and most of the time I played I was actually playing other games while waiting for my skills to finish training. I was wondering why I was dumping any money into my subscription. Then, finally, I got my skills, bought my new ship, and went to low sec to farm pirates. Yeah right, 3 players attacked me and killed me on sight and I lost everything.

Of course Eve apologists will say this game is for “the big boys/adults/intelligent players”. That’s what helps them sleep at night. But in the end, this game sucks, in 7 years it’s only accumulated half a million players, WoW had 11 million almost overnight. End of story.

I’m going out to get some sunshine now. :)

Comment from varus
Time: July 6, 2010, 10:04 am

EVE is good for bored ceo’s who missed a big transaction and are trying to rule the virtual space, or something. It is not suited for children. Therefore, it is not a game. If it were a game, then the children could play it.

Comment from iRF
Time: August 30, 2010, 7:44 pm


Guy dislikes EVE Online because he has the mental capacity of a child and doesn’t like taking time to earn. He likes games such as WoW in which you can become the top level in two days.

Comment from anon
Time: August 31, 2010, 7:56 pm

No idea why OP is comparing EVE to WoW. EVE is a sandbox, WoW is a scripted RPG. Themes are unrelated.
Next time you want to criticize a game, learn to separate it into its pros and cons.

EVE players do however tend to have a more “elitist” attitude and the stereotype for WoW players is “12 year olds kids” or people living in their parents’ basements. Ignoring that, EVE is obviously more complex at start where newcomers are thrown into space with a strange UI and a short tutorial that doesn’t cover everything.

It’s like GTA IV but Nico has to spend 10 months in real life to learn to pick a lock, drive a tank, and pilot a helicopter. If you spend the time in game, you eventually get to the point where you can commandeer vehicles whenever you want.

TL;DR : If you like one night stands, play WoW. If you like dinner, followed by strip poker, then foreplay, then a heated several hours of sex, play EVE.

Comment from anon
Time: October 9, 2010, 11:39 am

LOL, If you like one night stands or strip poker your best bet is NOT playing WoW or EVE.

I found EVE unappealing. I just didn’t feel like learning the complexity. The process of doing so was boring, so I stopped. There might be rewards in it that are a few months away – but that’s too far away and too uncertain.

Comment from anonymous
Time: October 31, 2010, 11:58 am

Completely agree, why should I pay 15 dollars a month to log out and let my skills go up? By the way, If I’m paying to play, I’m paying to play, not let little bars gain increments in my absence.

I love how people claim EVE takes skill…No, kids. EVE takes time. If I bought eve, and setup my skill schedule, and logged in a few days a month to make sure I selected new shit, I’d be top dog in a couple years. Am I willing to drop that much money for no actual in-game time? No.

Comment from Fragz
Time: November 5, 2010, 12:10 pm

The problem you had with eve was trying to go at it alone. Eve is a game that in every way forces people to pair up and play together. It is not designed for you to be able to do it alone. Comparing it to WoW, does kinda show that you are indeed an idiot, though. If you can’t review pros/cons of each and get it all together properly, I have no doubt you can’t play EVE either.

Comment from New Potato
Time: November 5, 2010, 12:55 pm

No question that EVE is pretty complicated, the training regime is tedious and some of the players lack compassion (to say the least). Its also true that as a noob you are thrown-in at the deep end in terms of minimal tutorial help. Personally I found that learning the game mechanics and succeeding at one’s chosen path is very rewarding – but after playing eve for almost a year, I am only now starting to feel moderately competent at pvp, ship fitting and navigating safely in low and no security space. It is not a game for those who wish for quick results, but for me that make the results more fun when earned. I think you do need to be a fairly serious GEEK to succeed at the game though…. lots of details and quantitative concepts to keep track of in all of the possible career paths.

Comment from GG
Time: November 19, 2010, 7:15 pm

Tried it for about a month just could not get into it. Everything the op said is pretty much true. Other then the very elitist and snobbish atittude alot of the players have, (Yet they really have no reason to be an elitist or snob) What really puts me off is how it takes forever for your skills to train. This game is SLOW I know I’m not saying anything that really hasn’t already been said before about this game but my gosh people actually enjoy this? The game is perhaps the most boring MMO I’ve ever played in my life.

Comment from Wooooooo
Time: November 22, 2010, 10:21 pm

EVE = Game for assholes. Lmao!

Comment from seedoubleyou
Time: November 29, 2010, 5:50 pm

You are a lot smarter than me. I took three months to realize the same things. Eve sucks. Eve essentially sets up the promise that if you just train on more skill, get a slightly better ship, have another million ISK you;’ll start to have fun. I’ve been playing for three month, no fun yet.

Comment from Joe Diesel
Time: December 1, 2010, 8:11 pm

I pretty much agree totally with this post. Granted, the comparison to WoW was a bit of a sloppy move if he wanted to convince people who were not fans of Warcraft… but I’ve subscribed for a month, canceled, and resubscribed seven months later, thinking it may one day suddenly get fun. But it hasn’t… and I don’t think it ever well. People keep telling me to PVP., once I get about 5 months’ worth of skills. But you know what? I you can’t just make a shit brick, shove a gold nugget in it, bake it and then call it solid gold. That small gold nugget may be awesome. But that does not mean you can call the fecal product pulled out of the kiln a masterpiece.

Comment from Joe Oil
Time: December 20, 2010, 5:47 am

eve is for retired pensioners who don’t know what to do with their time. Just sum up how much time you waste on docking/undocking/warping/jumping – at least they could add adobe flash support for ingame browser so i can watch pr0n..
In that time ccp wants me to look at 4 unique space cloud backgrounds and listen trance I could play one starcraft 2 match, maybe two, maybe 3, maybe not even bother to play eve till subscription runs out?
hell’ yea, nothing big has changed in eve over last 4 years.

Comment from Joe Petrolium
Time: December 29, 2010, 7:38 am

I first tried EVE when it just came out.. I didn’t get anything at all (at that time I was playing DAoC). Well, after 7 years I tried to give it a shot, cause I was tired of active playing etc and wanted something less steady. One more reason was the person who I play Warhammer Online with, was a veteran EVE player. So anytime I had a question, I had pretty decent explanation and was directed in a right way.
Right now, after a couple of months, I enjoy EVE very much. I don’t go into lowsec areas yet, but once you get your head around interface and game mechanics, you’re pretty much there.
And thank God, EVE doesn’t take all my time for raiding / pvp premades like in other games. You can do it for the sole purpose of relaxing. Whenever you want. And btw.. while you’re on a date with a girlfriend, you don’t have to worry about missing some grinding, your skills are going up while you sleep. I consider it quite awesome.

Well, it’s not as entertaining as watching a “once again recoloured” scenes from WoW, but I love Sci-Fi and if you have decent imagination and dig the genre, then EVE is for you.
And who said it that piloting a battleship will be any easier than swinging brand new epix sword from another “bad and evil guy who wants to conquer the world”?

Judging by my personal experience and considering everything I said above, I can say… I just grown up for more complicated stuff rather than quests with quest helper. And there is much more mystery and darkness in EVE. Which I like a lot. Oh, btw I’m 28 now and im nowhere close to retirement. :) But yes, I’m a bit bored CEO who likes to manage things up and be in control.

Well, this game is not for everyone, but if you’re the guy with good planning skills and not tight on budget to allow few games at once, this game is for you.
Btw, I think any SG Series and BSG Series fan will dig the game very much. Just have to survive the first steps. Besides, CCP makes it easier for new players with every new patch and will implement the station exploration with character like in every other MMO. Check out trailer on DUST 514 which will be a part of EVE universe. I think it’s awesome. 😉

Comment from Nisktonhen
Time: January 18, 2011, 1:19 am

the complexity of EVE and the simplicity of WoW can’t really be compared. WoW is scripted, and walks you along what to do throughout the whole thing. EVE on the other hand is a sandbox, you can do anything you want at any time anywhere. So lets see where that lands us:

WoW = inflexible
EVE = versatile

Nifty eh?

The fact that you guys don’t like the time training while you’re gone? Some people (like me) that actually have a life and can’t grind on a game for 10 hours a day, well we like EVE. I can go about my business doing things such as.. hanging out with friends, absorbing sunlight, breathing fresh air, letting my pupils constrict on a normal basis, oh.. and going to that place called work, the thing that pays for the game.. you may have heard of it but it requires leaving your mom’s basement.

Sure, EVE is complex. Whoopie. The learning curve of EVE is really intense and not for anyone that wants a game that is simple from the start. I like the fact that it’s complex for one reason: it weeds out all the incompetent players. Do you know what we do with such players? send them back to WoW, cause if you don’t have the patience/time/maturity to figure out EVE, we don’t want you. Cruel? maybe. Truth? yes.

I love the concept of EVE. When you figure things out in WoW, you are congratulated, patted on the head, and given a cookie. In EVE, your cookie is taken, eaten, and then you are asked why the heck you brought the cookie in the first place. Yeah, it’s rough.. but it’s a lesson. Makes (or should) you strive to be better.

So, now that I’ve slammed you for smacktalking my game of choice, here’s what I have to say.

EVE is the big boys’ playground; it resembles the real world. That’s why alot of people DO like it. Weigh the risks, weigh the benefits, then make your decisions. It is a very social game. The idea is to start small and work your way up with a group of people that you get along with. PvP combat in EVE is very easy to avoid, and you rarely get the odd suicide player/group. You never need venture into the depths of the unsafe space if you don’t want to. EVE is a game where one player can make all the difference IF they work hard or a group can change the fate of another group. Blob warfare (And by that I mean large groups of players) is only seen in 0.0 which is basically free for all space which players can claim and control as they feel like. Losing everything in EVE is very rare, but yes you can lose very nice ships with nice fittings and that means you have to work at it again to replace what you lost (Weigh the risks, weigh the benefits, then make your decisions, remember?) It’s a pretty slow game with many options. All these options are balanced.

The key to EVE is time. As you devote time in game you gain a value of ISK or items worth that investment of time. For instance when you mine you don’t get money instantly, you get ore. If you find the right people that ore can be worth a large amount else you can refine it and then find people that want the minerals (Which this can all be done via the market so there is no real need to talk to players still, unless you want to. Which I suggest you do). Missions are available for players of all walks of life; combat, mining, courier and research (I may have missed some) and in return for missions you can get money or items. This is in essence a return on your time that was invested. If people didn’t mine then there would be nothing to build ships and items with. If people didn’t mission there would be less player useable ISK and no mission items on the market. And even if you had both of these, without researchers and construction characters there would be very limited things on the market anyways.

So in this sense, one player that works hard can supply a region with items that would otherwise not be available. EVE is alive and despite its SciFi image resembles real life quite well. Demand and supply dictates prices which in a sense controls peoples opinions on what to do in there EVE-Life. ANYTHING you want to do in EVE is possible.. Welcome to the sandbox.

Thus ends my rant, cheers.

Comment from 2-Year EvE Online Player
Time: January 22, 2011, 1:05 am

I’ve played EvE for a couple years now, but in general I’d have to agree with the OP. Every point the OP made is completely valid and true, and that’s coming from someone who enjoys playing EvE.

That being said, I like EvE for several reasons. First, I’ve always been a fan of space-sim games. Second, I enjoy the fact that there’s one server – one universe. Third, EvE looks spectacular. Fourth, I really love that training occurs in real time. I just don’t have the time to grind for hours on end in WoW. I can log in a few times a month, get my PvE and PvP fix, and that’s that. Fifth, I actually like that you can buy in-game currency with money. Argue all you want, but I’d rather spend one hour at work and spend that money to buy 1 Billion ISK which will last for months than have to grind for months in-game…and ISK doesn’t make you a better player or make the game more fun anyway. Usually I have the most fun solo-ing low-sec in a ship worth 40 mil or less. Finally, I really do enjoy the depth of the game. I still learn new things about the game, and that keeps it interesting. I think if you enjoy those things, you should at least give EvE a shot.

Nisktonhen is a perfect example of what the OP says when he means elitist players in EvE, and just about every comment he makes just make the rest of EvE players look bad. People like this guy make EvE shitty.

“EVE on the other hand is a sandbox, you can do anything you want at any time anywhere.”
– Whenever someone says you can do “anything you want at any time anywhere” in a video game, you know they’re so full of shit it’s coming out of their mouth.

“EVE is the big boys’ playground; it resembles the real world.” / “EVE is alive and despite its SciFi image resembles real life quite well.”
– This is another common “EvE elitist” quote on why EvE is so great. EvE doesn’t resemble real life, it’s just complicated like real life is. If griefers and flat-out murderers (you can kill a person’s pod in EvE, effectively killing their character) were given the same punishments as griefers and murderers in the real world, EvE would actually be a much better place and weed out all of the assholes like this guy. How about we ban characters’ accounts for life for murdering another character? Or would that then be too real world for you? Simply put, EvE is great for griefers and scammers because they’re unregulated, EXACTLY UNLIKE the real world.

“EVE is a game where one player can make all the difference IF they work hard”
– I’d like to see one example of one player, all by them self, “making all the difference” in EvE. EvE is 100% a team game. I don’t think people are aware of just how important it is to join a corp and make friends.

“one player that works hard can supply a region with items that would otherwise not be available”
– Not really. Again, it’s very, very rare for one player by them self to be able to do anything significant in EvE.


If you’re the kind of person that can’t take the time to read this post, EvE is probably not for you.

Comment from eveplayer
Time: February 3, 2011, 12:19 pm

I have a few issues with Eve.

#1) A player who logs on a few min a week for a year and updates skill training will easily kill a player who has been playing 8 hr’s a day for a month.
#2) You can spend weeks of game time building a ship and have someone who started in 2007 blow it up with one shot for no reason other than they can.
3) New players are restricted to Mining, the most boring activity every created n a MMORPG. Anything else will j8ust get you killed.
4) Copy Research etc. EVERY slot at every station in the game is reserved WEEKS in advance. YOU WILL NEVER CATCH UP.
5) You have absolutely NO CHANCE of becoming a big player unless you started near the beginning. years ago.
6) New players are treated ad Pests to be killed ignored insulted or laughed at on the chat channels.

Comment from tobad
Time: February 26, 2011, 6:41 pm

The MAIN point of EVE is to :

1) Greaf New players until they quit.
2) Be as big of a jerk as possible on the chat
4) suicide attack people.
5) Make the game as boring as possible.
6) More gr.
7) Still more gr.
8) Make a corp for newbs so you can drag them into unwanted wars
9) more gr.
10) more gr.
11) more gr.
12) more……………………………..
13) Money and time are more important than knowledge or skill
14) even more Gr.
15) SPAM
16) can’t leave corp for 24 hr’s so you CAN’T PLAY AT ALL because if you undock 1273098473208 people will attack you.
17) Harassment is acceptable behavior.
18) Did I mention Greafers?

Eve is great if your a small person with no life and excess $$$ if you want to have FUN go somewhere else.

Comment from slartibartfast
Time: February 27, 2011, 5:57 pm

Eve caters to the lowest denominator. It’s not a “sandbox” but a cesspool. To bad the greifers ruined Eve, it could have been a great game, instead you wind up stuck in a base for weeks(months) as you are constantly wardecced without even a break. The 24 hour delay in leaving a corp(many of them are created with the sole purpose of attracting new players to kill pod and greif until they quit) doesn’t help.

I’m now working with an open source group to make a BETTER and FREE Eve.

Comment from iplaywowandeveandinowhatewow
Time: March 6, 2011, 1:23 pm

eve online retard filter at its best

Comment from iplaywowandeveandnowihatewow
Time: March 6, 2011, 1:26 pm

i love the comments about how you are restriced to mining as a new player and you cant do thing that 1 year vetrans can to me its complete bullshit i have a corp (guild) in eve online and we take in people who have been playing for 1 hour and we tell them what to train and what to do within 2 hours we have then in 0.0 space (pvp zone) helping us as tacklers and making enough money to help them buy ships and skillbooks

Comment from 2-Year EvE Online Player
Time: March 18, 2011, 10:44 am


I’m one of those people that said new players can’t do what vets do…and your response actually proves it.

Sure, you can get a 3 hour player in 0.0 and help YOU PvP (by tackling no less…wow what fun that is…). But that’s it. A new player can’t do what a 2-year vet can do. No way, no how. I will smoke even a 3-month old char all day, every day.

By the way, what 0.0 corp is actively recruiting 1 hour old players? It takes significantly longer than an hour just to get used to the EvE UI, and most 0.0 PvP corps require 2 mil or so skillpoints. You sound full of shit.

Comment from truthmonger
Time: March 20, 2011, 11:51 pm

To Slartibartfast: dude, if by some miracle you actually got enough talented people together and made the “good” EVE-type game, you definitely wouldn’t have to make it free to play. You would have a million users within a week or so of going live with it. People are absolutely *dying* for a decent tactical space game like EVE that isn’t a total joke. Note I say TACTICAL – the vast majority of players have no interest in a dogfight simulator. If you had flaggable PvP or even separate PvP servers, a solid game engine, attractive and compelling content and responsive developers, you and your co-creators could live like rock stars and be heralded as gaming deities. Believe it. Don’t hesitate to approach investors if you get a serious, committed team together. If you ever get anywhere with this project, be sure to let the world know about it!

Comment from Utaldail Krull (dirt nap squad) barkeep
Time: March 21, 2011, 7:22 pm

The comments here are true wow is a game for little kids and eve is big boy. Plain and simple. Listen to all you whiny little girls… I lost my ship, I got griefed waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa. Freaking hilarious, I have played mmo’s since eq. Eve has a serious death penalty…you just dont respawn 5 feet away from the fight with minimal loss. What a little exp debt??? Gimme a damn break. That is why there are so many kids running around wow pwning you. Eve is controlled by players. Wow controlled by AI. We killed the lich king yeAaAaaaaa Now what??? Oh yea there will be a new expansion out next year and we will add a few lvls until then let’s go grief in booty bay fir a while. You little pansies…..come join eve and get in a Corp like EVE university and try again. Eve does suck if you jump off the deep end with a blind fold…..but there are many corps like eve university that will mold you into a player and find you a job with a Corp. Then you will have fun. Give it a shot. I have played for 6 years and have never mined a minute for isk or bought isk. Some of you here misunderstand the game I’m afraid.

Comment from EVE Addict
Time: March 27, 2011, 11:22 pm

EVE is not a bad game, but, the real time training limitation is sort of stupid. Think about it, in 4-6 days, how many different real life skills can you learn? When I was in high school, I had 7 different classes, 5 days a week. So this limit of one skill at a time, seems stupid to me. And why give each account 3 character slots if you can only train one at a time? Seems a bit of a waste also.

With regard to real money trading, yes, CCP is chomping down on the THIRD PARTY RMT, but you can still do it legally, as long as you do it THEIR way. That is buy time codes and sell them on the EVE market.

The thing is, I’ve played this game for over 3 years. And as I look back, I have to ask why. All there is to do in the game is mine stuff, build stuff, or blow up stuff. Oh, and of course, make friends in the game, then stab them in the back, and steal all their stuff.

The really sad part, as much as I hate the game right now, I can’t quite quit playing it. Although, I am spending less and less time in EVE. So maybe I’m getting closer to escaping. I hope. :) So does my wife. 😀

Comment from Zzap
Time: April 3, 2011, 5:35 am

EvE is a bad game made worse by an arrogant community of fantards that convinced themselves that EvE is for hardcore gamers while at the same time proving that they know absolutely dick about the game they play. (See Fragz, IRF, Opho, Utaldail Krull and iplaywow comments)

This is the type of community you get when a game that’s been out for eight years has only managed to attract a meager handful of players, the community starts believing that low numbers makes them superior.

The real truth to EvE is that it’s filled 1.0 players pretending to be 0.0 players on comment sections like this. Very few EvE players manage to make it to 0.0 space, let alone stay there. In fact, the large majority of EvE players have never left CONCORD space.

CCP found a way to drag out a game for as long as possible and still get people to pay for it by adding an absurd skill system. This doesn’t really affect 1.0 players as they can mine until it eventually dings, as such most EvE players don’t have a problem with it.

Old-School EvE players know that CCP is as underhanded as a company can possibly get to it’s community. CCP has been caught time and time again handing out BPO’s and ISK to high ranking corps, giving them an unfair advantage over others.

For years, old-school EvE players have been suspicious of CCP’s activities when it comes to selling ISK and other services on places like Ebay. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense:

1: Create a game in which areas are protected by high level bots disguised as in-game “security”.

2: Create bots that can mine these high security area’s dry in a matter of minutes.

3: ???

4: Profit!

CCP is playing both sides. They don’t stop ISK seller because they -are- ISK sellers. They bag a monthly fee and make a profit from unscrupulous players. The prefect crime all wrapped up under the guise of being proactive.

Most high level corps are a joke. They pat themselves on the back when they take down a up and coming corp that is not only outnumbered and outgunned, but offline as well. BoB was a prime example of a group of gamers giving themselves hand jobs over the most trivial things. Which leads to the second problem:

High level corps, more times than not, are knocked out by a disgruntled member than they are over an epic battle between two corporate juggernauts. One guy with an axe to grind has high level privileges, he logs in and takes the ISK, BPO’s, ships and whatever else they may have and makes a deal with a competing corp.

This competing corp goes in and wipes up whatever is left. This is like kicking the crutches away from a man with one leg then beating the crap out of him, what’s worse is that EvE players get off on this…even going so far as to act like they had something to do with it when they didn’t.

This is the real EvE Online. Players can try to disguise it all they want, it won’t change anything. Old school players like myself aren’t afraid to point out the issues this game has, because unlike the people I listed and have commented here, we’re not blind fanboi’s.

Comment from Drifter
Time: May 12, 2011, 10:42 pm

Eve sucks big time. I played for about 6 moths and had just over 10 million skill points. Just flew to low sec and a player that played EvE for 3+ years, podded me. Essentially no contest, since you can NEVER, EVER catch up to older players. They just have more skills and therefore more firepower. So I took heavy damage for no reason, lost my 100 millions worth of implants, lost my ship, my cargo, woke up at my home station. Luckily I had a ‘clone’ that saved my skill points, but now I have to buy another for millions (since after you’re are podded), you use up your clone. I can only imagine what somebody feels, if he finds out that his clone is not up-to-date. He will loose all skill points and to train from the bottom again! How dumb is that? It’s an immediate game killer. Of course, first thing the ‘older shooter’ told me, that I was stupid going to lowsec and deserved to die. Thanks a lot, I needed that. Now I understand what a ‘Griefer’ is. He gained very little (like 3 million in drops from my ship) but caused about 120 million in damage. I thought games are supposed to be fun?! That idiots can just kill new players and then tell ’em that they were idiots anyhow is not my kind of fun. Thank you very much.

Comment from Goa’Tnigoe
Time: May 14, 2011, 1:25 pm

WoW is a game. EVE Online is a state of being. There are very few EVE pilots compared to the number of WoW players and OP’s post makes it abundantly clear why that is. It really is not for everyone.

EVE is the cold, callous bitch who will rip out your heart and laugh at your pain. She will kill you just to watch you die. She makes you cheer because the last fight was a bad one but you managed to get away. She will drop prizes beyond compare and lavish you with wealth. Then she hot drops a super cap fleet and takes all the wealth that you stored in your ship in 15 seconds of hyper violence. EVE doles out presents sparingly and misery with great delight and rich abundance. She causes rage, deep sadness and leaves grown men heartbroken. Such richness of despair as mere pixels can generate EVE shares with great generosity. You may see the prize, you may even touch and hold the prize. If you can keep it it’s yours.

Welcome to EVE.

Or maybe you prefer a speck of Dust, perhaps?

Comment from Shut Up.
Time: July 2, 2011, 2:56 pm

The only thing cold and callous about Eve Online is how it portrays the mentality of a player base whose parental figures probably did not trust with anything remotely sharp, even safety scissors, knowing full well it would only result in someone or something being horribly mutilated by their subordinates God-complex.

Comment from justaneveplayer
Time: July 6, 2011, 1:58 am

so ive been playing eve for about 1yr 7 months with about a year break somewhere in there. and its pretty amazing. yes, it took me 3 trial accounts before i decided to play, yes i thought it was unfair the first time i got scammed (went out to low security with someone i just met) and i wanted to quit. but being scammed teaches you that no matter what, you cant trust someone. its a lesson to be learned in eve, and eve is about one thing, isk. and that might not appeal to many people, and thats ok. we dont want or need 11 million players, we dont need to be “That Game,” we just want to play, and eve is definately the most punishing game i have played. but thats what makes it fun. and its those 0.0 moments that the players love, even if were not the biggest ship in the group, or we dont have the rare sword only one enemy in the game drops but everyone has somehow. in eve, everyone’s character supports the fleet, so the 2 month old noob (honestly, it will be about that long before you can actually help a fleet) is flying a destroyer and acting as a frigate or an interceptor killer that the bigger ships cant hit. or hes warp jamming the main target of the fleet as well as dealing damage to the drones that fly around. and yes, the big corporations probly have spies that will take them down if they climb the ranks high enough. but thats the fun, is the knowlage that someone might be talkin to your rival about selling your corporation station’s passwords, and at the same time, your sending him the passwords because “he earned it.” it makes eve fun, is the power you can get at your fingertips, and bringing down entire 3 thousand player alliances without ever fireing a shot. And i have played wow and didnt like it, eve is totally different. But dont hate the game cause you lost early on. hate the single player taht fired that final shot that blew you up, and then dont rage quit cause you couldn’t figure it out, thats when you plot revenge on him and his corporation and there alliances. the actions and determination of one man could bring down a mega corporation, he makes all the difference, although he might not do it alone, his perseverance is what makes him the cause of it all. I hope yall can stop posting your sob stories of being killed or scammed or cussed out. its part of eve. Dont get mad, get even.

Comment from Harald
Time: July 6, 2011, 9:04 am

Well… If people enjoy something that is worse than pulling teeth, by all means.

Comment from human
Time: August 23, 2011, 7:53 pm

I like how the griefers say it’s just like “real life” to justify killing a corp of new players with a bunch of T3 and T2 ships with players who have 3+ years in.

These people(eve greifers) remind me of a guy I knew who liked to key cars. A few years back someone caught him keying someones(it wasn’t even the cars owner as the police traced it to an 82 year old women) new car and gouged both his eyes out with something not really sharp. His new fun comes from playing with his service dog. In real life the there are consequences. In eve the only consequences are the lack of new players, and the lack of fun for people who aren’t sociopaths.

I left eve because I found it tedious and booring, Logging in every few days to update skill lists isn’t very fun. Random loss of equipment to people you have no hope of competing against on a lvl playing field isn’t exactly a good time.

The good parts of EVE, space theme, complexity and scope are dwarfed by the obnoxious jerks who seem to only be on to cause others grief.

Me, I’ll wait until their is an online space game that doesn’t cater to the lowest denominator. The real world has enough problems, why would I want to cause more for people just trying to relax and play a game.

So if your the type who likes to torture small animals and laughs when an old lady falls, Eve is just the game for you.

Comment from Yoda Layheehoo
Time: August 28, 2011, 9:56 am

All of the negative comments are true. The only way to really succeed in this game is to either join and play with a group of trusted friends or get lucky and find a decent corporation. There are ways to limit the pain. Entering Low-Sec as a cloaked explorer can be both challenging and very rewarding. Utilizing the map statistics and chat features will help you avoid pirates and gate campers.

My biggest complaint is the research issue. I don’t think it’s reasonable to have to wait 30 days to do research especially when the majority of people are using research alts in order to hog the system. The negatives outweigh the positives from a new-player standpoint and paying cash each month just to be griefed or twisted around by the system isn’t very fun unless you have the aptitude to overcome the challenge.

Comment from gary
Time: August 31, 2011, 6:10 pm

I been playing eve on and off for about 4 years. I have read a lot of reviews/comments about this game and a lot of them ties to the real time training system. Let me rant out my 2 cents about this game.
First, real time training system. Ok, let’s face it, the only common equal resource we have is our time. we all only get 24 hours a day. I spent those hours either sleeping, working, running errands or entertaining myself. So clearly that a kid that is in high school will have more time than me because of less work/errands they have to do. but then on the other hand, I use my time to work, and earn money. EVE allows me to train at the same speed with that kid. Moreover, I think people are tying too much with skills vs. level in EVE. Sure that more skills allows you to fit better ship, better modules, do more things, but then those things are in the background, you simply do other things in EVE while letting the skill trained in the background, such as earning isk, which is another “progress indicator” of EVE.
now since we are talking about isk, EVE does allow you to trade real world money to obtain the in game currency (ISK). so back to the example of high school kid vs. me as an working adult. Since our training time is equivelant, the only other variable is ISK. The kid will have more time to actually make ISK in the game while I can pay for the ISK with real money by buying Game Time Card. that put us into the same, somewhat level “progress” in the game. Moreover, the ISK that I obtain by trade real money are actually the ISK that the kid make during his game. The kid has the game time card by playing the game and I get the isk because I am busy with my real life work. I think this is a good system since that allows kids with no income to continue playing, funded by my real life job while I still get something in return (ISK).
second, people complain that EVE is complex and requires too much work / reading. Okay, I may be a bit of a nerd, but not really. The game mechanics is well thought out. Not always the bigger the ship, the more chance you will win. it is not that you go find the most DPS weapon. Just go read up on how Turrets work in EVE and you will understand what I am talking about. In order to achieve such mechanics, a lot of quantitative elements are added, and hence the complexity. Turrets are not just how’s the damage and how fast it shoots, but also, what is the optimal range, falloff range, tracking speed, etc. I came across a guide that someone actually has it graphed out with some mathematical formulas. To me, figuring these stuff out is both interesting and rewarding. the thing is I found in WoW, there is a best setup for different situation, be it tanking, dps focus, healing. While EVE is the same thing, there is certainly a best setup for different situation, the amount of different situation in EVE is definately more than in WoW, your enemies, composition of your fleet, even sometimes location matters. (In order to snipe, you have to have speed to maintain distance while having the range on the weapon, while setting up at a far distance, etc)
EVE is like real life?? well, my comment is that, EVE is harsh on consequences compare to WoW. remember back in the days of Diablo, if you dont’ repair your item, it will get destroyed? what if your item in WoW is destroyable?? but then that won’t be a fair comparison. While in EVE, there are “epic” items like faction modules, or officer modules, most of the item are mostly the same and is readily available on the market. It is not some drop rate = 0.0001% item such as WoW. So in blunt terms, everything is replacable in EVE with ISK. WoW on the other hand, you can still replace the item, but then that will cost you a LOT of gold to find the exact item. However, you don’t lose item in WoW. the only consequences of making stupid choice is really just your time to run back to your corpse and maybe your raiding buddy talking smack about your incompetence.
SO that brought us to the concept of the economy. To maintain a game economy, there is money generating mechanics and money sinking mechanics. To what extend that a game economy is player-driven or Dev-driven? These are the questions to ask. I was really impressed by the economic system in EVE. each item are given their 5 days and 20 days average price, median price, quantity and such. I can literally use my real life economic skill to analyses these data and make ISK just by trading. In WoW, I can probably do the same thing, but that is more like logging on everyday to check the auction house and keep tab on the price. In my opinion, items are always set at a market equilibrium price, the only thing that the Dev can do is exactly what our government is doing, regulating the monetary market, ie. controlling how much ISK is generated and disappearing. While it may seems the same, I do think that trading to make in game money is more difficult in WoW than in EVE.
So onto game play, the main element. I found WoW entertaining when I was actually leveling with my friends together, because we have the same goal, and there is a goal, to level up, so fight bigger monster, to get better items, so we can even fight bigger monster. but then the question is, after you kill the biggest monster… “now what?” “what do you want to do?” “what’s there to do?” In EVE, the only similar thing is missions, finish the harder missions there is to offer, but after that, to answer the question of “now what?” “what do you want to do?” “What’s there to do?”, I can have an answer and not have an answer. There are so many different things to do in EVE other than fighting. Maybe i am ignorance, but of all the guilds in WoW, how many of them are not combat related? Recently I read a post about a new corporation in EVE which specialized in intelligence gathering and selling to corporations. I mean really, this wasn’t a profession set by CCP, but rather, a player has this idea and started it.

In conclusion, I admit that I like EVE more than WoW. but like the old saying, EVE is not for everyone. and if it doesn’t entertain you, it doesn’t mean that EVE is a bad game, it is just not for you. But you must admit that EVE is a more complex game than WoW. And it does require more than looking up the best talents build and gear. It requires you to analyze and reading a lot more.

Comment from Yoda Layheehoo
Time: November 5, 2011, 11:19 pm


I finally quit this game. It was the market bots that did it for me by ruining the trading aspect. I hate conspiracies but I’m about 75% positive that CCP was controlling the markets through manipulation and bots to drive up the cost of plex because their sub base dropped 20% in the last 6 months or so. The harder it is to earn ISK to pay for a plex the more people who have to part with cash.

Yawn – on to bigger and better things…

Comment from recycled meme
Time: December 19, 2011, 6:06 am

CCP really created a winner here. That is, if you enjoy paying a prostitute to kick you in the balls. Players from other MMO’s that enjoy the “crafting” side of things are in for a real treat, this would be mining/Industry in EVE. Mining in EVE is reserved for the lowliest of “pubbies” and “scrubs” because your minerals mean squat in the grand scheme of things. Every player that mines in EVE could stop and it would have zero impact at all. CCP, in their infinite wisdom, decided that their buddies that want to PVP only shouldn’t have to be burdened with this chore and instead allowed them to gun mine. Meaning basically that they shoot NPC’s and get minerals, so many minerals that, in fact, 85% of the minerals in the market come from this activity.(Although it’s probably higher than that) Despite that though, some people actually enjoy it. If that weren’t enough to deter you, players look down upon you and gank you repeatedly, scream on the official forum for CCP to further nerf and/or further reduce your already miniscule income and host player events with prizes for the most kills. Sounds horrible, right?

It gets better, these same players will go out of their way to prevent you from playing the game because you’re not playing their way. Meaning, if you aren’t PVP’ing and paying them tribute/taxes you’re not welcome in their game. Better still? CCP, the developer of this masterpiece, allows it. How could this get any better, you ask? You pay a subscription. lol

On the flip side: If you’re into PVP, hate pubbies and scrubs(a.k.a. carebears) and think they should be griefed out of MMO’s entirely, all with developer support, this is your MMO! There are several corps(read guilds) and a couple coalitions in EVE that would be all too happy to recruit you. They can help with isk(in-game currency), ships and modules(read purples and phat lewt) and pretty much everything you need to get you up and running. Since you’ll be starting out with nothing, they offer out of game services through RMT to help with all of your purchases so have that credit card handy when you join. Hey, these guys gotta eat and have mortgages to pay too, afterall.

If you aren’t downloading the client by now, wait there’s more! Did I mention there’s an official forum? Here you can metagame to your hearts content! What would all of this mean if you couldn’t troll, whine to CCP that people won’t undock in their indy soes you can teech em to proper peeveepee, chest beat and generally turd poast? I left the best part for last though. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying through your alliances RMT sites or being reduced to making isk via pubbie/scrub methods, you don’t have to!

That’s right, you can download a handy dandy bot program to do it for you! Don’t worry though, CCP won’t actually do anything and even if they did, they’re pretty lenient anyway. Since there are so few people playing this little niche MMO, they’ve opted to let it slide because they can’t afford to lose subscriptions. Well, not the hardcore PVP’ers subs anyway. Sure, some of the remaining scrubs might complain a bit from time to time but that noise will be quickly snuffed out by the awesome community and eventually CCP. They’ll gladly bend over and go out of their way to cater to your play-style, so don’t worry.

More of the same is the rule of the day and CCP, fittingly named Crowd Control Productions, will certainly control that pesky carebear crowd and keep them from ruining your game! I believe the term they like to use is HTFU! This doesn’t apply to you though, so no worries there. Yes, EVE Online is truly a game you have to experience for yourself to believe it. Anyway, some of you got off easy figuring it out after only a month or two. Some of us wasted years on this. lol

Comment from Don
Time: December 19, 2011, 8:14 pm

I didn’t find EVE all that difficult to learn, but you are thrown in off the deep end, so to speak. It’s not a game you just jump into and start having fun. Like any MMO, it’s about putting in time, not skill or intelligence for the most part.

I did find the other players to have a false sense of superiority with a real “you must be 12 years old if you can’t figure something out” attitude. With EVE being a sandbox, I’m not sure what it says about society; either people are generally mean, and will take every opportunity to destroy someone else and take everything from them, or EVE just attracts these types of people because there are no rules to prevent them from acting this way. I really hope it’s the latter.

Comment from recycled meme
Time: December 20, 2011, 7:15 am

It’s the latter, no doubt. Most of the attitude from the players come from the fact that they are well off and bored. They don’t actually need to make isk because they can drop anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks a month buying whatever they need. This was shown in those client lists that were hacked and posted over the summer from a well known RMT site. So basically if you engage in isk making activites, you’re clearly poor and aren’t fit to play their game since you can’t/aren’t doing it their way. That’s the real reason behind them waging war on “carebears”.

They’ll call you that, coward, pubbie or anything else that they think will encite rage and/or tears but class warfare is what it boils down to. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually poor or not, that’s just how they see view you. It’s a game created by a bunch of elitist drunken nerds with victim complexes for elitist drunken nerds with victim complexes. Watch a few fanfest videos where they interview some of these guys from the big alliances, like the douchebag from dirtnap squad, I see one of their ilk turd poasted here. Also see the HTFU video for references to CCP’s attitude.

Sure it was edgy and funny at the time but it wore off and the big picture came into view. Well that and the fact the CCP got caught doing favors for these guys and not just once. So having said all that, it’s no wonder player retention is so low and that’s just the way they, and apparently CCP, like it. It gives them that strange sense of superiority because only badasses can cut it in EVE. Maybe someday these guys will make peace with themselves and forgive the bullies and the hot cheerleader for mocking them in highschool. I doubt it.

Comment from HotSix
Time: January 11, 2012, 10:58 pm

I’m playing EVE Online for 6 months now just to notice that EVE Online is dying – makes no sense for a new player to start playing it at all. Let me explain why…
I’ve started playing EVE because of its open PvP and the skill training idea (you can learn them while you are offline). I like rough MMOs (played Lineage 1 for 10 years – that’s an asian grinder with even harsher death penalties than in EVE btw). EVE is not PvP – is a gankfest at best. In EVE you can gank noobs without any penalty all day long. The only “penalty” you have to face is that you can’t move into high secure areas but that doesn’t matter at all because there is nothing you want – the good, profitable and fun areas are all in low security areas – only noobs have to stay in high-sec. Low sec is owned by long time corps – want to join one of those? HAHA! Get 5 million skill points first (that’s a good year of skill training ^^). Basically you can’t do anything in high-sec (bad mission rewards, bad mining, no planetary mining, etc.)
Groups of gankers camping most important gates 24 hours per day – you warp in – 1 sec later your ship and you are dust – and there is NOTHING you can do about it.
EVE Online is focused on players who already play it for some years and those get less and less – so by time when you finally have your required skills, it’s most likely that you’ll float around in empty space. If CCP doesn’t change the game then it’s only a matter of 1-2 years before EVE Online will be dead.
If you have nothing else to do and like being cannon fodder then you may consider playing EVE otherwise you are better off with putting your finger into your nose digging for some more valuable stuff than you may find in EVE’s high-sec ^^

Comment from Uday Hussein
Time: April 6, 2012, 6:24 pm

Totally agree. This game SUCKS! It is soo complicated. And by complicated, I don’t mean intellectually challenging – I mean unnecessarily cluttered, redundant interfaces, confusing menus, and poor game design. Recompiling my Linux kernel by hand is easier and more fun. I am pretty sure they do this intentionally to milk you out of money; having you spend hours figuring out how to use the game instead of playing. Good strategy when there isn’t much content. It is just painful to play. If you enjoy this game you really have social problems. Pretty eye candy and that’s about it.

Comment from Seedy
Time: April 7, 2012, 3:42 pm

EVE isn’t a ‘sandpit’, it’s a litterbox.

It’s important in that it attracts the very lowest, most sociopathic filth and gives them a place to crawl out from under their rocks and be vile. It keeps them away from the other MMOs and makes sure they do as little damage elsewhere as is possible.

I hope it stays around for that reason, I really do.

Comment from EvEisGreat
Time: April 17, 2012, 10:06 am

Eve is a great game.

Its an amayzing, a true sandbox MMO, some cool things about EvE:

Eve is a Sandbox:
Eve is a single-shard game where every single player has an opportunity to interact with every other player. There is no segregation according to time zone, language, or play style. If you have a problem with someone in this game, there is nowhere to run. You can scamper off to 0.0 to avoid an opponent, but if he is competent he will pursue you. You can join an NPC corp and be immune from wardecs, but you dare not undock in anything expensive and fragile for fear of suicide ganks. If you’ve pissed off some aggressive player, you have to deal with him, either by fighting back or by making hunting you more trouble than his anger is worth.

In Eve, Your Decisions Matter:
The “Butterfly Effect” promotional video presents the story of a rifter saving a mining barge from pirates and then joining miner’s alliance in a fleet fight that very day. While hilariously unlikely, the idea of a world where what you do has impacts far beyond your personal avatar is indeed another of Eve’s distinctions in a genre dominated by MMOs full of predictable, scripted, endlessly looping events. In Eve, you are the content for other players, and the other players are the content for you. The things that happened in your little corner of space today impact the game for everyone, forever.

In Eve, Your Actions Have Consequences:
In World of Warcraft, the consequences of failure in PvP involve little more than a quick trip from your respawn point back to where you were when you died horribly. Usually this means less than five minutes of time lost. In Eve, failure in PvP can mean anything from the loss of a disposable ship to the destruction of the basket into which you’ve placed all your eggs, so to speak. This means that if you’re foolish, you can transform in moments from a badass flying a state-of-the-art ship capable of incredible force projection to a pauper who can barely afford to fit a cruiser.

In Eve, Knowledge is Survival:
Knowledge is more than power in Eve: Without a thirst for it, the gameplay experience becomes worse than mediocre. The five-year-old character in a multi-billion ISK faction-fitted marauder will fall every time he engages a six-month-old character who has 100 million ISK to spend on the right tool for the job. This works both for the ninja and against him: Witness my billion-plus ISK JerkTengu being slaughtered by a handful of cheap battleships. With knowledge of what you’re facing, any ship can be killed.

Not only must one understand ship fittings and damage types, but the mechanics of combat aggression, gate jumping, and station docking/undocking must be understood if one is to escape a life as a pod-pilot punching bag. Most lowsec pirates can tell you about the first time they died to sentry guns before they fully understood criminal flags. Most nullsec players can tell you about the first time they encoutered a warp disruption bubble. I bet that nine out of ten of my mission gank victims will tell you that it’s the first time they’d dealt with the PvP aggression timer. Most will never make the same mistake again. Knowledge of little gotchas like these are the real power in Eve, not fancy ships or piles of ISK.

In Eve, There are No Takesie-Backsies:
In most MMOs, the fact that time is a one-way street and you can’t revert to the last save point isn’t all that big a deal. The worst case is that your party wipes in a dungeon, and you get to start back where you died to try again. In Eve, because your actions have consequences both for you and your friends, mistakes are permanent and whether the price is high or low, it must be paid.

Without These Distinctions, Eve is Just Another Crappy MMO:
If you take away the sandbox, the significance and consequences of player actions, the importance of intelligence, and the finality of events, what does Eve start to look like? WoW? I haven’t looked into the new Star Trek MMO, but I imagine that there would be parallels, and by all acounts Star Trek Online sucks.

Is EVE Online worth it?

EVE Online The Butterfly Effect Trailer [HD]

Comment from JohnR
Time: April 26, 2012, 9:27 pm

Glad I found this thread. I was on the point of trying Eve but now think I’m going to pass on it. For one thing I did see some posts here from a few pro-Eve players that did strike me as being snobbish, elitist, and condescending. Most importantly though, I’d already heard disquieting rumors about Eve encouraging sociopathic behavior, veteran players preying on noobs, and corruption within CCP, and these things were corroborated by many posts in this thread. In fact one person on another forum wrote that new players who write favorably of the game have most likely not yet had their heads handed to them by some mean-spirited veteran.

It’s a pity though. I’m an MMO noob, but my initial euphoria with the genre has definitely soured. I loved SWTOR early on, but after three weeks got bored with the grind and quit. I’ve now been playing Star Trek Online and although it has much to recommend it (especially the fun ship combat), you reach your max level rather quickly and there’s no meaningful end-game goal, so will probably tire of it soon as well. From the research I’ve done though, I think I’d be better off passing on Eve and going back to the safer ;o) world of single player games when Sid Meier’s ‘Gods and Kings’ Civ5 update comes out it June.

Comment from JohnR
Time: April 28, 2012, 3:11 am

Against my better judgement and the things I said in my previous post I tried EVE anyway, and OMG! It was the most painful four hours of gaming I’ve ever experienced! Possibly the worst UI ever, an extremely confusing tutorial, and as Windowsnerd noted, probably the most rude, condescending, and unhelpful player community I’ve ever seen. Also, I was barely in my ship five minutes when I got hit up by someone trying to talk me in to some kind of recruiting scam. As a lesser complaint, I found it odd that they give you a lot of options for customizing your player character, but yet all anyone ever sees is a small postage stamp pic of you. What’s up with that? Oh, and before I forget, the game had a very annoying music score as well. Anyway, by the time I gave up I was feeling nauseous and ill, with the worst migraine headache I’ve had in years. Needless to say, all the negative things people have said about Eve here and in other web forums were definitely born out by brief my experience with the game.

Comment from Pnubs
Time: April 29, 2012, 5:02 pm

I’ve played EVE Online for over a year. I’ve been in a few corps and one big null-sec Alliance. Here’s what you need to know about EVE if you are considering playing it.
1. Don’t. Really. Don’t do it. It’s not a fun GAME. It is a fun environment for some personality types to have a sense of camaraderie with other people who share similar personality types in the midst of a virtual “sandbox” that closely resembles an American high school.
2. There are cliques (corps) and even bigger cliques (Alliances) based on different interests and just like in high school the jocks (pirates and gankers) beat up the geeks (industrialists, miners, etc.) The only way to avoid all of this nonsense is to be a mission runner in an NPC corp (one of the one’s you start off with). The problem is this part of the game is boring, because the game is designed to be social.
3. The main problem you will encounter with EVE is that because it is a “sandbox” the activities that you are able to engage in are influenced and in many cases dictated by other players. Some think that this is the best thing about the game. It’s not. Even if you are in a corp or in an alliance, because of the constant threat of “SPAIS!” (intercorp/alliance espionage) nobody trusts anyone, which makes developing the sort of social relationships that make a social sandbox game interesting and fun very difficult to do. So you have cliques inside the corps and cliques inside the alliances and they all crap on each other. The reason CCP emphasizes the big nullsec fleet battles (which aren’t really all that impressive to be a part of, they are long, slow, laggy, and generally have some drunk prick pretending to play Risk as Fleet Commander) is that they make good press and create the “promise” of EVE that nobody ever gets to. What ends up happening is they log in to chat with their mates and make each other feel like superior human beings by all of the griefing and scamming.

Comment from poorsucker
Time: April 29, 2012, 9:06 pm

Wish I saw this sooner. It is 11pm Sunday. After 2.5 days straight I hate this game more than backyard monsters and Zork. I am sortof depressed now and for the first time in years I think this is the end of gaming. It might be cold out but I’m going for a walk. Tomorrow too. Come be rude to my face outside. Eve is just awful. A good old boys club from hell.

Comment from fnord
Time: May 8, 2012, 11:05 am

You like to get it in the ass and still ask for more? Join Bully Online – pay to become our content.

Comment from Lenny
Time: May 14, 2012, 2:21 am

Ive played EVE for 4 years, and its tanking. I just like coming home and doing my own thing, I dont need a second job. Which is what Eve has always felt like. Ive delved deep into the layers of complexity thinking there was a way to actually make the game currency, or derive some kind of satisfaction, but the answer is NO. The Deeper you dig you will find there is no end to the complex BS, and it never becomes fruitful. As far as suicide Gankers go, they are more prevalent now and the fact they can fit a cheap throw away ship with cheap guns and kill a ship that took months to be able to afford, makes it even crappier….and there is no penalty the security status thing is a joke. The penalty is they withhold boring missions that no one wants to do anyway.
Ive lost 29 ships many were very expensive, all in high security space. Ive never Killed anyone nor do I ever want to kill anyone…..I just want to live in space and do my own thing, alone or with friends. Ive actually petitioned CCP and explained why Im getting tired of this game, and offered some solutions. I was referred to a extinct blog and told that “they (the guy at CCP) didnt mind suicide ganking.” Which is fine but they can do it without me paying for the honor.

Comment from Eve
Time: June 17, 2012, 11:18 pm

I can only agree with the authors comments. Eve is aggravating to say the least. It’s unbalanced and people like to see you hurt. I played years ago, quit for the same reasons. I thought I try the ‘new’ Eve, hoping that it has changed. Oh well, after 2 weeks of 12h plus playing per day, I lost my ship and got podded by a 4+ year old player with a ship that was light years ahead of mine. And it happened in the 0.9 hi security area where you are ‘supposedly protected’. Ya right. I lost my ship, modules, all implants and my starter implant that I paid for with the subscription. All amounted to about 100 million ISK the in-game currency. The starter implant was for sale for 500 million in contracts. laughable. Eve is unbalanced crap and that’s exactly why they still have only 25000 to 40000 players online and are not growing at all. Add to that the insults you get in chat and from your own corp members and it becomes a nightmare for sure. It takes a special character to play Eve that I don’t have and you need to give up your day job to get ISK fast. Then after you have the ISK you worked for 2 weeks to get, you loose it in no time at all. My opponent was even so nice to let me die for almost an hour. Well, he could have done it in about 2 seconds, but was no fun for him. He needed the thrill of seeing me going down very slowly. He really enjoyed it too. He told me I was an idiot noob (new player) that deserved to die. I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Eve also has a Petition system – if you are stuck or things disappear, you actually might get the items back. Ha, 4 petitions were simply deleted after a week of wait. So don’t expect ANY help whatsoever. The advise you get in help channel is utterly useless and insulting too. Do the missions, read this, Google that. And then there is the stuff you don’t know: Old players have access to in game agents that can locate you at any time. You of course, don’t have access to those agents for a year. You can balance the ships and do fights but people gang up on you. One keeps you nailed down while 2,3 or 4 more player kill you – even with small ships. It makes unplayable for new players. Complicated game mechanics are not even understood by seasoned players and CCP the makers of the game constantly change (balance) things around. What works now might not work tomorrow. So what’s good about it? Graphics are nice, but after 2 weeks you have seen them. Always the same. STAY AWAY FROM EVE!

Comment from Pnubs
Time: June 23, 2012, 11:27 am

Another thing to consider is the fact that essentially EVE Online is a scam perpetrated by CCP on stupid gamers. Consider this. You don’t have to actually PLAY the game to advance in it. You can pay CCP a monthly subscription, only log in long enough to train skills on the ONE toon out of the three in your account that can be training at any time. This creates two consequences. One, if you want to advance more than one character at a time, you need to give CCP money for another account. Secondly, the only thing that you gain for actually doing things in the game is the game’s currency, “ISK”. So, you can pay CCP to not play their game. Great for them, as it keeps server resource use to a minimum. Another thing is that the economy in the game is kept artificially high by the “real loss” concept when it comes to ships and modules. This is nothing more than CCP rigging the game to make you spend more money. Let’s say that after you train up the skills to buy a nice Battleship, you look on the market and decide you’re going to buy one. You can go out and grind for the ISK by doing mining, missions, or whatever. Care to guess how long it would take you running missions or mining to grind up the money to buy that Battleship? There’s a base price for the item set by CCP, which fluctuates depending on the market conditions for the ship. The base price for everything else is set too, and its deliberately rigged to make getting the ISK for that ship a long and boring proposition. Ta-da! Enter PLEX. You can give CCP even MORE money that you can trade into ISK by purchasing game time codes and selling them on the market. Quick and easy! And you can go buy a couple of those Battleships right away! Just make sure you insure them (more ISK) so that WHEN they get blown up you get anywhere from 25-60% of the ships ISK value back. If you were to play this game the way CCP implies is the most fun way to play it, what you would be doing is getting together with your friends and logging in and spending far more than the monthly subscription using PLEX to fund null-sec sov campaigns over imaginary space. That is, of course, if you aren’t a metagamer. If anything, EVE profoundly rewards metagaming, which most ordinary people would call “cheating” or “exploiting”. Most recently, a few guys in Goonswarm Federation used an exploit in the Inferno patch to turn billions of ISK that they had used hoarding minerals that were artificially inflated in price because of Hulkageddon (an ingame anti-mining vessels assault event that the Goons were driving, with PLEX, of course) into trillions of ISK by exploiting a game mechanic involving the Factional Warfare revamp. These guys must work at Goldman Sachs in real life, if not CCP. CCP screws their players, their players screw CCP. Do you want to play a game to be entertained, or do you want to play a game to be manipulated out of your cash? Ask yourself. Then get as far away from EVE and CCP as possible.

Comment from Guardian
Time: July 1, 2012, 10:58 am

EVE is absolutely the worst of the worst games I have ever played in my 28 years. EVE is not even a game, let alone MMORPG. EVE is an economical simulator with some ugly graphics and clumsy in-ship mechanisms thrown on the top of it.
– griefing, scamming, stealing, decieving and abusing other players is not only legit but also encouraged by the staff

Basic facts about why you shouldnt join EVE:
– youre screwed up from day 1 compared to any older player. Skill training is real-time based, you will NEVER EVER keep up with the older players. You will only be better than newbies even worse than you (due to newbie hostile enviroment, there are almost no newbies at all).
– PvP is strictly group-based, meaning that you cant solo PvP (technically you can, but you will die). Bigger gank groups wins.
– PvP 1v1, if youre lucky to get it, is decided from the start. Older player with better ship/equipment wins. The whole PvP is literally clicking on 3-4 icons and waiting for 5 minutes for someone to die. You can zoom in to see some prehistorical efects though.
– EVE is extremely time consuming – you will spent most of your game time travelling from point A to point B, which also happens to be extremely dull activity. If youre not travelling, you will be grinding the same 30 missions into eternity – or mining (clicking 1 icon and going afk for 20 minutes).
– EVE is extremely elitist – those few nerds who endured the game ugliness (about 30-40k players online at peaks, which is like 0,000nothing compared to WoW or Rift) will keep reminding you how much you suck at all times

Comment from hell
Time: July 8, 2012, 2:42 pm

if you are waiting 5 minutes for someone to die you are doing it wrong. had to say that first. 😀

EvE is the perfect social experiment, and if you would realize that and take advantage of it you don’t even need to pay a sub fee, you can’t do that in WoW.

EvE = Everyone vs. Everyone. i love it

Comment from I’d like that part of my life back, please.
Time: July 8, 2012, 3:48 pm

Well, I went back to try it again, because CCP offered a 2-months-for-the-price-of-one deal for inactive (read: quit previously) accounts. They’ve made a few cosmetic upgrades, but basically the game STILL sucks buckets, unless you’re one of the foaming at the mouth PvP players, or ‘power gamers’ as they like to call themselves. It’s painfully obvious that CCP built the game just for that tyoe of player, and more power to ’em; but please keep that crap out of any game I happen to be in. I like LOTRO’s approach to it, where people who WANT to do PvP (or PvMP) have a particular part of the game world (not effectively all of it, like EvE) set aside for them, and that’s it.

The game has an amazingly steep learning curve, and if you want to try it, you’d do well to forget about accomplishing anything without joining up with some established players, and also don’t be in a hurry.

The other beef I have had with CCP is their selective application of their own house rules. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I’ve run across mining ships that I *knew* were being run on macros, which according to the rules is a Big No No… I have reported a mess of them, and I can’t recall one single time an account got banned – like it says in the rules would happen. Why, you ask? Guess the 14.95 a month sub fee buys you a lot of immunity from the rules, apparently. Money talks.

Comment from Hardass
Time: August 28, 2012, 5:33 am

How retarded are you ? compaing EVE to WOW is like comparing Chalk with Cheese you muppet.

There is no end game in EVE and if your bored with one profession you can easily start anew one with out having to lern it all again alot of the skill will probable help you in the long run.

My son is 10 i created him a PVE charector and let him get on hes been at it now for 7 months and is loving it hes his own little boss in his own little corp never once asked dad for help did it all by himself ok he made mistakes but he learnt all the same.

Now you said you found it difficult to comunicate in the chat channels where my little lad has his own group of friend they all help each other out and hes loving ever min of it.

Now if my 10 year old son can grasp a pretty hard game to get in to why cant you sorrry Op but your either ignorant and too used to the pink fluffy world of WOW or just too FKN dumb to play a game like EVE ONLINE

Comment from Tried n True
Time: September 5, 2012, 2:36 pm

The fact that EvE is a Sandbox doesn’t really mean much. LIke a sandbox its not really fun, there isn’t a lot to it and it gets boring fast. I tried playing eve for a month and its frustrating when you start training a skill and it will tell you that it completes in 30 hours.

The concept of this game is interesting and if it was at all similar to the Escape Velocity games, it would awesome but its not. The game focuses on too many aspects of tedium, buying every bullet you fire and waiting days to learn something. Once you do get to a point where you have a good selection of skills and a good ship then the game does change pace a little bit but for the most part you will spend hours doing the same few things to make money. Making money only gets you so far and probably the reason everyone griefs is because they are bored and its one of the only forms of entertainment left in the game.

The most basic idea behind any game is that it should be fun and that you would want to keep playing it. Not graphics or DLC but the level of enjoyment acquired from playing it. WoW is only similar to EvE in that it is an online game you need to subscribe to. The reason people like WoW better than EvE is only because they enjoy playing WoW more than EvE. I’ve been contemplating going back to EvE but I think there are better ways for me to spend my time and money then sitting at my computer for hours a day just getting fatter.

Comment from The Ether
Time: September 10, 2012, 4:05 pm

Eve is seemingly solely inhabited by frothing morons with raging inferiority complexes – just see some of the posts disagreeing with the article here from people unable to tell the difference between something that is difficult, and something that is merely incredibly tedious. The only player v. player action you will get 99% of the time is from people who would never go into a fight without knowing for certain they could win. Which means hoards of them, or preying on the newbies. No fun at all, and combined with the craptastitc point-and-click mode of play, also totally without skill. PvE is just go here, shoot that, rinse, repeat. The meta gaming too is a massive problem – why on earth they allow mutliple alts per user is beyond me; I guess to swell their reports to share-holders or something. All in all, a massive, huge let-down from something that showed so much promise. After 2 weeks, bye bye eve, and bye bye obnoxious ‘tards. I can’t help but feel that I will not be missing out on anything whatsoever.

Comment from Zzap
Time: December 24, 2012, 2:36 am

In response to EvEisGreat:

EvE is not a great game: The dwindling population and numerous EvE forum posts about these falling numbers is proof that CCP is, yet again, fudging numbers and that people are leaving.

If the game is ‘amazing’ as you claim, then why can’t CCP break the 500,000 mark?

EvE is not a sandbox game: “Every single player has an opportunity to interact with every other player” does not equate to a sandbox. Of course EvE is single shard. They don’t have the population to warrant any more than that! Why would they bother with more when they can’t hit the 50k player mark?

Your overall decision(s) do not matter: A lone 1.0 carebear has no impact on EvE. Most 0.0 players have no impact on EvE beyond griefing and forcing players out of game. I was in the Great Northern War with Fade Union, it laster for eight months and nobody remembers it because nothing of worth was accomplished.

The Butterfly Effect video is nothing more than a CCP tactic to show a faux spin on the game wrold. You said it yourself, it’s extremely unlikely that would ever happen….which you summed up the overall population attitude quite nicely.

Actions have consequences: No kidding, it’s a PvP game. A full PvP game should have consequences. Why praise a game for doing what it’s supposed to do? It’s a moot point, at best.

Knowledge is not power/survival: Unlimited funds and the best equipment is power/survival. A noob ISK buyer with the best of the best equipment and ship with a good character build can wipe the floor with most so-called vets and be invited into a strong corp faster than a person who actually earns it.

There are No Takesie-Backsies: Just like Actions have consequences. A moot point, at best.

Without These Distinctions, Eve is Just Another Crappy MMO: EvE is another crappy MMO regardless of whatever ever points you brought up. It has a terrible community, a oudated point-and-click interface, dev favoritism, low population, ISK buyers/sellers, bots, griefers, and carebears.

How is this any different than any MMO out there?

It’s like i said in my previous post: EvE is a bad game made worse by an arrogant community of fantards that convinced themselves that EvE is for hardcore gamers while at the same time proving that they know absolutely dick about the game they play.

You want to make excuses or try to convince yourself or others that Eve is different and amazing/ Fine. Just don’t expect people who played the game longer than you have or gamers who aren’t deluded fanboi’s to take the bait. Tey aren’t biting.

Since you posted links to EvE vids, allow me to do the same

The real EvE community. This hapens far more than the community will admit. why pay for this:

The video the EvE players hate:

Comment from My Thoughts on Eve
Time: February 1, 2013, 10:42 pm

They say that “Eve is for the big boys” and that “this is real life.” This is complete bullshit. Eve is like Lord of the Flies in space, with pre-adolescent school boys degenerating into savagery. This isn’t real life, because this much damage and chaos would cripple any real economy. Such behavior in real life would ensure the mutual destruction of most members of society, and the chaotic degeneration of human civilization. There are no consequences for this behavior, unlike real life, but instead positive reinforcement provided by CCP and the uniquely flawed game design of Eve Online.
This is a game that appeals to the sociopath who was abused, molested, or bullied as a child, and who developed a liking to torturing and killing small, defenseless animals. Watching the misfortune of another living being is central to their amusement, as it provides them with feelings of superiority and the cathartic release of repressed aggression. This superiority; reflected by their narcissism, elitism, condescension, and ad hominem attacks, is essentially the unconscious mirror image of their internal child, which has never emotionally matured but continues to overcompensate for a debilitating and self-depreciating inferiority complex. As the sociopathic Eve player continues to play in their sociopathic sandbox, their mental health further declines into a state of delusion, with the developing notion that “Eve is real life” and that this behavior is the societal norm. In reality, this notion is a mere manifestation of their distorted theory of mind and perception of reality, most of which developed in an environment full of neglect, abuse, distrust, invalidation, helplessness, and imposed inferiority.

Comment from zero
Time: February 16, 2013, 1:52 am

Go to one eve convention, they are the most vile, pathetic, dead ugly people… very nice in person as they are scared of confrontation IRL.

In game thay are bullies and protagonists… funny how anonymity works!

Comment from Razorback
Time: May 6, 2013, 2:30 am

I’ve been playing EVE for about 2 months now. Its harsh, unrelenting and unforgiving. It’s also fun. And there are NO shortage of players or corps willing to help noobs. There is also no shortage of sociopaths who seem to get off on vile chat comments while blowing your noob ship to pieces.

Griefing is fine, it’s part of life in the EVE universe. Its challenging and gives one a sense of achievement to build one’s skills to the point where you can do it too if you wish. I don’t find griefing new players much fun, and I don’t do it, neither do a lot of other players. If you don’t like the vileness you can choose to join a corp where vileness is banned. Simple.

I think a lot of criticism of EVE and the sociopaths who play it (true) is from those who are looking for instant gratification (WoW fanbois). WoW was great for a month but then it got incredibly tedious. EVE has held my attention longer than any other game.

And yes I bought ingame credits, because I can, and it hasn’t spoiled the experience because it doesn’t make that much difference. Experienced players still smoke my ass on a regular basis with their cheaper ships. Buying ISK does not allow for an incredible advantage, unlike other games (WoW).

And I do think its for the more intelligent player. Scripted adventures in WoW are dull, even duller than mining in EVE which says quite a lot.

Comment from HAck
Time: May 26, 2013, 10:54 am

If you read this person’s comment and laugh, Eve is for you: “Eve sucks big time. I played for about 6 moths and had just over 10 million skill points. Just flew to low sec and a player that played EvE for 3+ years, podded me. Essentially no contest, since you can NEVER, EVER catch up to older players. They just have more skills and therefore more firepower. So I took heavy damage for no reason, lost my 100 millions worth of implants, lost my ship, my cargo, woke up at my home station. Luckily I had a ‘clone’ that saved my skill points, but now I have to buy another for millions (since after you’re are podded), you use up your clone. I can only imagine what somebody feels, if he finds out that his clone is not up-to-date. He will loose all skill points and to train from the bottom again! How dumb is that? It’s an immediate game killer. Of course, first thing the ‘older shooter’ told me, that I was stupid going to lowsec and deserved to die. Thanks a lot, I needed that. Now I understand what a ‘Griefer’ is. He gained very little (like 3 million in drops from my ship) but caused about 120 million in damage. I thought games are supposed to be fun?! That idiots can just kill new players and then tell ‘em that they were idiots anyhow is not my kind of fun. Thank you very much.” It sounds like Jr ran into Sr… In those six months you were playing did you join a corp? If you dont make friends in EvE you are doomed. Think real life… could you survive on your own? Sure… but it would be alot harder to get by.

Comment from EveBlows
Time: June 17, 2013, 2:21 pm

To all you people who say EVE is like real life, you are idiots. If real life were like EVE you would need several armored vehicles and a few dozen trusted friends with heavy machine guns to go to the corner store for a gallon of milk. And to say EVE requires all this skill and intelligence are equally stupid, where does these attributes come in is it when you pay money to CCP to train your skills for years while in the meantime you don’t even need to log in for more than a few minutes a week? Or perhaps when you pay more money to CCP for in game money so you can get all the best equipment again without actually having to do anything in game? Or maybe its that Ctrl. click on a name on the overview list and then an additional click on your weapon icon before watching while all that money you payed out does its job ensuring the poor sap actually trying to play the game dies. I played EVE for a few months before the tedium of exploding every time I went through a gate in low-sec because some asshole was on the other side spamming smartbombs waiting for someone to jump in just became too much.

Comment from Zaeru
Time: July 2, 2013, 11:29 am

4) Copy Research etc. EVERY slot at every station in the game is reserved WEEKS in advance. YOU WILL NEVER CATCH UP.

Not these days. Enough players have left the game that there are plenty of hisec slots open now. The market shows it too – not nearly as many things for sale as just a couple of years ago. Hardly anyone in local, not many ships out. Yet, mysteriously, 48,000+ people logged in showing at the launcher. Methinks they are including DUST users to hide the fact that attrition has really taken it’s toll.

Comment from Market Master
Time: July 18, 2013, 4:13 pm

The worst part about Eve, is that they don’t protect their players. When someone in game tries to kill someone in real life, CCP says it’s worth 30 day suspension.

That is a deal-breaker:

Comment from EVE Player
Time: August 8, 2013, 10:47 pm

Personally, I’ve never played WoW, and I’ve played EVE for about two years and took one long break, for about six months.

EVE is all about your buddies, and if you find the right guys, the game will be fun. It isn’t half as much as a solo game as a team player game. If you found the right people to work with you (e.g. people who won’t scam you) then EVE can be great fun. When I first started, I tried to be a solo mission runner, and that didn’t work out; I never really partnered up with anyone else… Who can I blame? I was only 11… Well now I’m 13 and I found a good corporation, good alliance, and I enjoy the game, paying with the 90 day subscription. I’ve pretty much loved every aspect of it.

Sure, losing your 200 mil ISK ship can suck, but it’s a risk to take it out in the first place. I find it exhilarating to be flying such a ship, and losing it is all part of the fun. All this depth about how the game works and how everything fits together intrigues me. Someone always has to be on the winning side, you can’t always be on the losing side, unless you give up.

There are newbie friendly corps out there, like EVE-UNI and Red v. Blue. They’ll help with introducing PVP and are pleasant to work with. CCP integrated Rookie Help there because EVE is such a complex game that can be hard for a tutorial to cover. Every time I’ve asked a question in Help, someone has always answered it. You don’t have to pay attention from haters, just learn from it.

About low-sec and null-sec, I’ve been there, I knew the risks, and I took it and lost. And I lost a lot of ships. I don’t care, that’s what you go into low-sec and null-sec for: higher reward. With risk comes reward. There are a lot of experienced players out there, but there are also a lot of new people out in EVE, too. I’ve killed some old vets as much as I’ve killed new players. It’s all very situational. You can be just as good as a veteran player in one area, and you may even out-SP them. They may have 20 mil in spaceship command, but only 1 mil in Gunnery. You could have 6 mil in Gunnery and 4 mil in spaceship command. You still could be flying the same ship and winning.

And BTW, CCP is really starting to fix their UI in these past expansion, they’re touching up on Factional Warfare, Exploration, re-balancing ships in their “tiercide”, and Wars… all the stuff that needed fixing.

EVE is not for everyone, some people just don’t want to deal with what EVE has to offer and that’s fine. I can’t stand some games and other people can’t stand other games, I’m fine with that. It sounds like you guys had some pretty bad experiences in the game. Personally, I’ve had an awesome time solo (yes solo) and with buddies.

TL;DR: EVE can be fun so long you try to have fun (and meet some pretty cool people). Some people may not like the complexities, and others will. Also, EVE is a very team-based game.

Have fun in space!

Comment from Zzap
Time: September 10, 2013, 12:24 am

@ Eve Player

That’s the rub. I didn’t have a bad time. I was with one of the strongest corp fighting in one of the biggest battles EvE ever had. And I came out with only two lost ships.

I’ve already posted my grievances back in 2011 so I’ll not bother again. long story short; What you will eventually come to discover is CCP is full of shit and you’re paying them to be shitty to you.

Comment from GM
Time: April 7, 2014, 11:19 am

Two months seems to be the magic number when you realize that the game is just using you to suck the blood out of you. The game developers just want more little fishies so that the big fishies can eat. I’m 46 and have been playing PC games for many years – this is not a sandbox mode game. If you want to be played like a fool then go ahead. BTW – not everyone is a jerk or trying to scam you. But how do you know? You cant trust anybody.

Comment from xx
Time: December 3, 2014, 4:46 pm

Eve is a capitalism simulator. Not a game. It just so happens to take place in space. If you like advanced economics and trig, plus have a soft spot for spreadsheets, you’ll love eve. If your into actual gaming and also have things in real life like a job or a wife or any other real world responsibilities and don’t live in your mom’s basement, you probably won’t like eve.

Comment from Eve Ex
Time: February 21, 2015, 8:22 pm

I quit EvE because of the elitist pricks in it. Also CCP actively allows scams, and there’s a general “No-rules” air about it. That literally just fosters theft, lying, and douchery. No two ways about it. There’s no such thing as “safe” space, so even a high sec/mission running experience is impacted by the douchery of others.
All-in-all, if you like raging because you’re minding your own business, then get hotdropped, ganked, and salvaged after being podded and losing skill points (Yeah, your skills get damaged) , then EvE is the game for you.

Comment from Hodor
Time: March 30, 2015, 7:29 am

EvE is a game for maladjusted sociopaths. If you’re unfortunate enough to play it for any prolonged period, you may find yourself surprised when you reemerge into the real world and discover that few of the people you meet are interested in kicking you in the balls and pissing on your face while you’re laying prone.

Comment from Meh
Time: June 22, 2015, 6:57 pm

EVE mod for X3 is best 😛

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