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Untangle firewall common ports to unblock

16 December, 2009 (07:20) | antivirus/spyware, networking, security

If you are setting up an Untangle firewall and want to use it at your house or business but might not know common ports to allow, here is a list. I have things a bit tighter at work but at the house I like to have instant messengers etc working.

Skype TCP ports 13861, 34954, 42045

Apple remote admin stuff – tcp 5354

typical email – tcp  25, 143, 465, 587, 993, 995 (use these at your own risk. Some you need for gmail etc, but if you open 25 outbound you may be spamming if a machine is owned)

 web – tcp 80, 443

openvpn – tcp 1194

ssh – tcp  22

ftp -tcp 21

Instant messengers – tcp 1863, 5050, 5190, 5222, 5223

Remote desktop – do some port forwarding so it comes in on like 10020 and goes in to 3389. Dont open 3389 to the outside.

How do you find more?

Open a command prompt

type in netstat -no and hit enter

you will see a list of the open source and destination addresses. Compare this list to the auto refresh block list in your untangle firewall. Look for the PID. Compare that to a task manager PID and see what process is using it. Make sure you know what you are allowing when it is blocked.



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