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OpenVPN name resolution to windows Active Directory

13 November, 2009 (19:30) | Mindless Blather

I got my openvpn clients to map to machine names. I was running into a problem with dfs roots. Had to be able to map to \\domain\root  instead of \\serverip\share through my untangle firewall and nat using openvpn.

Open your network connections and look for the TAP adapter. Mine is v9 from the upgrade a few days ago.

Open TCP v4 settings

Advanced button

I added my AD server as the first DNS entry, untangle dns is second

WINS tab – enter your wins server addy, if you don’t have wins, put it on, it is useful still for things like OWA and exchange 2003. Several other MS things don’t work properly without it 9 years after it was supposed to die

Netbios over TCP- enable that

Back on the DNS tab, i told it to append my name. It was trying to append my domain name from my house a few times in troubleshooting. I have vpn working without this setting at a warehouse client of mine. So don’t worry if you dont have a domain to add.

That should be it. I’ll post the bat file I wrote for restarting the openvpn service and pinging when I have a few more minutes to post.

Don’t forget you can go into services and start openvpn as a service. It won’t connect inside your network by default. So it automatically knows when to enable. This is great for doing remote maintenance when users are online. This gets you around user complaints about the openvpn gui having to run as adminstrator on vista and 7 because it is happy as a service.

For the search engines-

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Comment from Ken
Time: August 10, 2013, 6:13 pm

Our users had their home directory pointing to \\ourdomain\DomUsers\Users, which works on site but not remotely via OpenVPN. I changed their home directories to \\\DomUsers\Users and the problem went away. (Similarly for their roaming profiles.)

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